Social media marketing is a great opportunity for any business in the digital age. However, the numerous platforms make this social media portfolio quickly confusing. Social media tools can simplify the syllabus for you and optimize your marketing. But this offer is just as wide here.

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So that you can filter out the right tools for each of your needs, we have created a basis for each of you.

What makes sense do social media tools have?

Social media tools should this Social media marketing simplify. To save time, you can automate processes and schedule posts. In this way, workflows are made more effective and efficient. If you also use summary tools, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of your content and continuously optimize your marketing beyond this warehouse.

1) Social media management tools

For the best of an optimal work sequence are Social media management tools very helpful. With these tools you can reply to news faster, plan posts in advance and then parse their performance. Ideally, you can even keep an eye on all of your accounts from one platform.

Below you will find our basic set of helpful social media management tools.

1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers powerful management for every business, small and large. With the tool you can maintain your customer relationships, manage internal processes and evaluate your campaigns.

For the best of use, you can order a free protest. You then have the option of entering a package according to your needs. The standard package is available from US $ 99 a month.

2. HubSpot Social Inbox

HubSpot gives you one All-in-one solution at. Which powerful software can you use to optimize your entire inbound marketing: Social media is only part of it, while an important part. Contributions for each of the different social platforms can be created, planned and published manually here. You'll also get suggestions for each best posting time and see who has interacted with your posts.

Plan your Instagram post with HubSpot

In addition, you and your contributors can be notified via email when potential customers mention your company or a certain keyword in addition to social media. In addition, you receive activity reports that allow conclusions to be drawn about the performance of your various campaigns and channels: You can compare them with one another and use this integrated CRM to find out how many guests, leads and customers your activities generate on social media. 

Analyze social media traffic and contacts

3. Hootsuite

The Hootsuite tool also offers numerous management functions. Contributions can be planned, information analyzed and internal processes handled. This means that the majority of conventional platforms are supported with over 35 social networks. Post planning cannot be automated for every Twitter.

Depending on the budget and the desired functions, you can enter different packages. Hootsuite offers a free version. In addition, packages between EUR 25 and EUR 599 per month are available.

4. Buffer

Buffer is especially useful for every greenhorn. The functions as well as the supported platforms are manageable: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Pinterest can be managed above Buffer. The main focus of the tool is the planning of contributions. Depending on the selected package, the summary above this tool is also possible.

Buffer offers a free version and several packages. Values start at $ 15 a month. The largest package is available for every $ 99 monthly fee.

5. Social Oomph

Social Oomph offers necessary functions for a small price. Above this tool you can manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr. In addition, RSS feeds, blogs and plurks can be integrated.


In addition to a free plan, Social Oomph offers packages between $ 15 and $ 55 per month.

6. Agorapulse

Agorapulse offers numerous functions for every social media management: from the planning of posts, above social media monitoring and looking at reports to summarize your content.

Social Media Tools_Agorapulse

This tool also offers a social inbox, above which you can manage and reply to incoming news from the social networks in a central location.

Agorapulse offers a 30-day free trial period. You can then choose between different packages that range in price from 79 euros per month to 159 euros per month.

2) Social media summary tools

Social media analysis act mainly to mark strategies and campaigns on the various platforms. For example, you can compare the interactions with different campaigns. You can also look into and compare your reach across the different platforms. It is also possible to measure yourself against competitors and find out the best times for each social media post.

7. Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma was mainly developed to summarize Facebook pages. In the meantime, the combination of Twitter and YouTube accounts can also be done using this tool.

Dock - dock

Which price for each of the tableware is between 0 euros and 350 euros per month. Additional tools, such as monitoring, can also be booked.

8. Keyhole

Keyhole can be used to analyze Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. The summary is presented with clear graphics, making this linking of information easy to handle for every greenhorn.

You can try Keyhole for free. You can then enter a package between 29 euros and 999 euros per month.

9. Quintly

Quintly advertises with over 350 metrics for the exact recording of your information. What a big advantage of the tool is that you can view Insights in one place. The flexible dashboard now shows you, among other things, information about your performance across the various platforms, so that you can compare them without a lot of annoying clicking and scrolling. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and YouTube are supported.

You can test this tool free of charge for a fortnight. Then the values start for 129 euros per month. The largest package is available at a price of 479 euros per month.

3) Market Research: With these tools you can profit from the syllabus

Find out which topics, apart from social media, are of most interest to users today. With the help of these market research tools, you can identify relevant content and trends and get inspiration.

10. BuzzSumo

This content marketing tool mainly provides support for finding relevant content. You can search for topics with high relevance in social networks here, as BuzzSumo often finds shared content for certain keywords. So you can find out in no time which users are most inquisitive. This tool also offers a rivalry summary and a summary of your Facebook campaigns.

BuzzSumo can be tested for free for a week. You can then register BuzzSumo for a price between $ 79 and $ 499 per month.

11. Tweepsmap

Tweepsmap is a tool specializing in Twitter. Topics that are “trending” and that are popular today by name can be identified and analyzed up to the city level. These detailed location-based analyzes can now help you post relevant content at the right time. You will also be suggested the best time for each of your posts so that nothing stands in the way of increasing your engagement rate and reach. 

There is a free version as well as several subscriptions that bring advanced features in the sphere of influence of social listening and the summary for each. 

12. Feedly

Feedly is a news feed reader application that gathers current content for each of you and presents it in one or more thematic feeds. This tool relieves you of the time-consuming search for news and exciting articles. For example, content from major publication portals, blogs, YouTube channels, Google Alerts, tweets and RSS feeds are recorded. In this way you can effortlessly combine ideas, see which one is in the conversation easily divisible by two and be inspired by new content. 


Feedly offers a free and a pro version for $ 5 per month or $ 45 per year each. 

Plus: tools for creating images

It is widely known that photos and videos are on social networks especially many interactions achieve. For the best of a successful social media marketing, the drawing creation from there is of great numbers. You can create appealing images and graphics with the following tools:

13. Piktochart

With Piktochart you can turn complex information into appealing infographics. To do this, you can select a template and bend images, graphics, videos and fonts.

The tool offers a free version. Which price for each of the Pro version varies with which number of which users. As a sole user, you pay $ 24 a month. The maximum number is 25 users and costs $ 337 per month.

14. Word Swag

Word Swag offers the ability to create images on the go as well. To do this, you can easily select a photo provided and one of the numerous stored quotes. The drawing and text are now combined to create your own personal graphic. In this way, you can design a new membership fee for each of your social media channels in the shortest possible time.

The app is out iOS and Android accessible for 4.99 euros each.

15. Canva

There are many templates that you can use and personalize with Canva. Canva provides numerous formats, photos, casts and fonts for this purpose. Which created membership fee can be bluntly shared above this tool or saved as an animated video.


Canva offers both a free and a pro version for $ 9.95 a month each.

Many content marketing tools already contain the most important social media tools. In combination with a tool for image creation, these tools can be sufficient to carry out a convincing marketing campaign beyond social media. However, if you only have a small budget available, you can achieve good results with whichever composition of individual rug tools.

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Originally published May 7, 2021, updated 10 May 2021

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