Live chats allow you to continue to flank visitors on the customer journey while they surf your website. Questions can be answered on the spot. That raised the customer satisfaction and also leads to an increasing conversion tariff. But which tool offers the optimal range of functions?

In this fee you will learn 15 powerful ones WordPress chat plugins Have contact who can also help you to communicate with your customers in a targeted manner. 

Forms, pop-ups, chatbots and live chat on your WordPress site: install the free WordPress plugin now!

The advantages: Plugins with WordPress chat procedure

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS systems and is the reason why the lion's share of those websites exist. Plugins are the ideal problem solution to expand the functionality of your WordPress website. The tools can be installed without much pomp and open up many additional options. 

the Chat procedure Upward websites are becoming more and more popular as customer support by water, because both in B2C and in the same sense in business-to-business, customers often want to include contact with the company right up there on the website. Live chats assign a particularly high level of interactivity here.

For the attention of the website visitors, the chat windows represent a low usage barrier, while your employees can trivially include the dialog or implement a chatbot as a pre-qualifying element in the customer dialog. This is advisable in many cases, because standard inquiries can be processed automatically with the help of chatbot technologies, which relieves the customer support team. Only more complex inquiries get through to your tableware staff, which saves your resources. 

But an implemented chat does not only offer advantages up to that operational level: the “invoice verification” criterion is also taken into account by this technology. Dashboards With evaluations above, the most important metrics give you, among other things, development above, customer satisfaction and the quality of your chat support.  

The best WordPress live chat plugins

Below you will find 15 WordPress pluginswith which you can organize the chat procedure on your website in a very trivial way - sometimes even free of charge. 

1. HubSpot WordPress plugin

That one HubSpot WordPress plugin contains a integrated chat procedure. In addition, you get forms, pop music-ups, a CRM and contact management, reports as well as functions for each of your e-mail message marketing and the automation of marketing campaigns.

The plugin enables you to implement a chatbot on your WordPress website and benefit from the advantages mentioned: You can use standard questions processed automatically and this customer support team can subsume up to complex customer inquiries.

chatbot and livechat plugin hubspotShould that Chatbot If you do not get any further, that website visitor can be forwarded to a human contact person. To do this, simply install the HubSpot WordPress plugin. Best of all, it's free!

2. LiveChat

Well-known brands like Ikea, Atlassian and Henkel are banking on this LiveChat plugin. As the name suggests, this plugin offers the possibility of Communicate with website visitors in real time. The plugin includes a user-friendly interface. Desktop alerts are a cautious test of incoming chat messages. 

LiveChat also offers the option of generating automatic Paroli bid. Evaluations of user behavior and the conversion tariff can also be viewed in order to optimize customer management at all times. 

In terms of price, this tool starts in a starter package for US $ 16 a month. The team package is $ 33 a month and this long-term business order costs $ 50 a month. For individual solutions, prices of the enterprise package can be requested. 

3. Zendesk Chat

Gratitude to one's own WordPress plugin can the Zendesk software very easy to install. The tool not only convinces with its professional look, but also with exciting functions. 

With the Zendesk dashboard, you can Edit multiple chat messages synchronouslyn. The layout of the plugin can be tailored and individualized using templates. That analytics sphere also helps you to understand your guests even better and to keep a close eye on the customer journey. Is this Customer service team in the evening, can a Offline form Grab the visitor's contact details so that the application can be answered at a later date. 

The plugin can be downloaded for free; however, the provider adjusts the prices depending on the scope of use. 

4. Olark

That provider Olark also offers an extensive Live chat plugin for WordPress at. You will receive chat reports and can send a automatic reception put in order. Likewise Sketch and text filen can be sent above the Olark chat. That offlinecontact form ensures that website visitors can contact you at any time. 

There is currently no human-like robot or iOS app. In terms of price, however, this tool is relatively cheap: Together with a playing time of two years, you pay 12 US dollars per month per team member. 

5. Pure chat

Together with the WordPress plugin Pure Chat are unlimited number of chats possible. The chat fields can be formatted individually - colors, graphics and images can be tailored to your own corporate plan. The dashboard offers an intuitive overview and shows not only the chats but also reports with the most important evaluations. 

The plugin can initially be tested for 30 days free of charge. This tool then starts in the growth package from $ 39 per person. For the hands of each additional user, additional price rises. Currently is Pure chat not available upwards Teutonically. 


ZOHO offers a variety of tools for every marketing and sales. Intrinsically on the CRM platform, ZOHO provides chat in the same way that website visitors use the statistics can almost assign in CRM

The tool can first be tested free of charge. Then this begins Basic package (with three users) for 17 euros a month. The professional package costs 53 euros (for every five users) and this enterprise long-term order (with up to 10 accounts) costs 116 euros per month. 

7. Live Chat Unlimited

That one Live Chat Unlimited plugin can be purchased for program code Canyon for a one-time fee of 75 dollars each - a standing order is not inevitable. You receive the file for each of these tools and can do this Simply upload and install the WordPress plugin

Live Chat Unlimited has one integrated contact form, this can be used by visitors when that customer support is offline. With the plugin, 100 users can chat synchronously, as a result, for example, 10 employees and 90 visitors - so this is a plugin specifically for every small to medium-sized company Proven in B2C and business-to-business spheres. Thanks to the open source code, adjustments are not an issue. Keep in mind, however, that this requires IT performance. 

Use the WordPress chat plugin for free 

In addition to the paid versions, there are also a large number of WordPress chat plugins that can be used free of charge. In the Free versions of all basic functions are included. If your requirements or that website traffic increase, you can (for most plugins) switch to another package at a later point in time. 

Forms, pop-ups, chatbots and live chat on your WordPress site: install the free WordPress plugin now!

8. Tawk.To Live Chat

One of the most famous WordPress live chat plugins Tawk.to. The commitment of over 4 million employees from a wide variety of companies is not virginal in order to win over their customers Real-time tableware to offer. Tawk.to can not only be used above the desktop, but also offers an iOS, human-like robot, Windows and Mac OSX app in the same way. 

To use Tawk.to, all you have to do is install this plugin and assign a free user account. That dashboard offers the possibility result in multiple chats in syncwithout losing the syllabus. In addition, the colors of the chat window can be customized and selected from above 45 different languages. 

9. Tidio Live Chat

That one Tidio live chat can be quite trivial to the top of your WordPress website - and even free of charge. In the free variant, you can set up up to three agents who can look after an unlimited number of visitors. If you would like to set up more accounts for each employee, you should upgrade to the premium version (from 18 euros per sniffer). Before you make up your mind, you can Tidio-Premium testing week-wide. 

Automatic news broadcast as well as a Desktop, human-like robot and iOS app are included in the range of functions. You also have the option of adapting this chat window to the look of your company. There are already only three templates available for each chat layout. 

10. Userlike

Without programming knowledge and The Userlike LiveChat plug-in is installed within a few minutes. That one Tool hosted in Germany represents a simple WordPress chat plugin are available, with which welcome messages, individual design adjustments and cobalt chatting are possible. 

It also offers Userlike the ability to assemble teams for any specific customer request. This allows the interested person to decide which team member they would like to speak to. By a Sticky chat logic a person is assigned to the operator with whom they have already been in contact. 

Userlike can be used free of charge in the free version. This long-term order already contains only the core functions and the Userlike logo remains visible in the chat window. The long-term team order is 90 euros a month, corporate for 290 euros and the full range of functions (with chatbot) costs 720 euros a month. 

11. 3CX Live Chat

That one WordPress plugin 3CX Live Chat is available in a free version. You get unlimited agent access, an individually configurable chat box and Real-time analytics data. In addition, with the 3CX Live chat in the same sense the possibility of Video and audio chats to entail. 

Not only can 3CX be used for any live chat on your website, but visitors can call this tool upstairs in the same way. Together with 3CX, it is an IP telephone system. There is an annual payment of 285 euros for the complete tableware in the pro-packet. 

12. Live Chat by Formilla

The free version of Formilla allows one agent and up to 30 chats per month. That one free WordPress plugin thus offers for any small business or start-up a great problem solution. If that website traffic increases, you can upgrade to the premium version for every $ 15 a month. 

Formilla's live chat works on all mobile devices as well as in the desktop version. The premium version also has real-time analyzes of those visitors up its sleeve. The chat boxes can also be individually tailored. When the agents are offline, website visitors can enter a Email message contact form or communicate with an AI chatbot. 

13. Drift

drift is a marketing platform that is particularly well suited to Generate leads and to open up the perfect customer journey for customers. A Live chat is also integrated in the tool. All basic functions are included in the free version. The prices for each of the Premium, Advanced and Enterprise can be experienced upwards when applying. 

A powerful chat, plan adjustments and a AI chatbot be in possession of the premium functionality. That tool is qua in the same sense Plugin for WordPress accessible. The last update of the plugin was already two years ago. 

14. JivoChat

That one JivoChat WordPress plugin is available in the free basic version via customizable chat in 20 languages. As long as up to 5 operators can result in the chat. JivoChat However, not only does it offer live chat for each customer communication, but in the same sense Phone, email message, and social media support this tool can be managed above. 

Inquiries from visitors can be forwarded to other team members in the same way. This is particularly useful if an employee is, for example, an expert on a particular subject area. If the operators are offline, they will News broadcast positioned on hold. The inquiries can be answered at a later point in time using the website visitor's contact information. 

15. Crisp Live Chat

The one free Live chat plugin Crisp is ideal for adding to your email message contact list, generating leads, and building customer loyalty. Real-time notifications, desktop and mobile apps and an availability plan can be implemented with Crisp without any programming knowledge. 

When you use Crisp, you get money Inbox for all marketing, sales and customer support. Inquiries can be processed by the right group. There is also a chatbot builder that you can use to automate communication. 

Conclusion: Improved customer communication through WordPress chat plugins

WordPress chat plugins are simple extensions to allow customer communication to take place directly on your website. the Customer journey can be ideally accompanied by the interactive exchange of ideas. If inquiries arise during the purchase process, the visitor can contact your support without leaving the website. 

In the course of this, the Customer satisfaction and conversion tariff raised. Clock-controlled chatbots can also help to relieve the customer service team, while standardized inquiries are answered independently. 

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