Not least because of the COVID-19 worldwide epidemic, many people have switched to the home office in the past few months. Which sounds quite simple at first, but brings with it a whole queue of problems. One of the biggest: How can a team work together effectivelywhen its members sit out in different places?

One popular problem solving is that Project management tool Trellowhich enables you, among other things, to bring together tasks beyond a Kanban motherboard. But while Trello is currently a leader in project management, it may not be the best solution for everyone. 18 very promising Trello alternatives we present to you in this membership fee.

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What makes the perfect Trello other?

Trello is characterized by its unplanned usable Kanban boards the end. After a short familiarization phase, it is very smooth to create boards for the benefit of certain projects, to create lists intrinsically which boards and to put cards with to-dos or information in the lists. From the editorial plan to the customer project: With Trello, the whole can be brought together.

The many are helpful in this context different views: You can, for example, assign due dates in favor of to-dos and have them displayed in a time calculation. It is also possible to display timelines in a Gantt chart. 

Download: Template for your Gantt chart

In addition to working in large teams, however, you can quickly run into problems with Trello. Whether it is the perfect tool for your benefit or whether another program would be better depends mainly on yours Needs and demands. In addition to which tasks should your project management tool exactly support you? Which functions are absolutely necessary for this purpose? How many people should work with the program? And what budget do you have available?

Another important criterion is that Usability: Which methods and tools have you and your team worked with in which past and which empirical values are available because of this? What must a tool entail and what does it have to look like so that team members can use it as unplanned as possible?

Before you take a closer look at Trello or its alternatives, you should ask yourself such questions. This makes it easier for you to identify the best options in any number of ways.

MeisterTask vs. Trello: The two big competitors in comparison

One of Trello's fiercest competitors is MeisterTask. In principle, the two tools are quite homologous. Both are convincing due to the merging of a clear range of functions and intuitive availability. Both things are open to a Kanban motherboard thesis, in addition to which to-dos can be moved flexibly between different lists or project phases. Both are good for small teams.

MeisterTask however, Trello has one procedure up front: the Time tracking. Team members can stop with just one click as menorrhagia they require for a curriculum. This is particularly useful if you work with freelancers who are repaid after the payment period has been postponed. In addition, comparisons between different employees are possible. If a person needs more clearly than another in favor of a subject matter, you perceive it as an example immediately and can react.

Another benefit of MeisterTask is that it developed in Germany and runs out to European servers. This makes it easier for you to find out which provisions General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to be implemented correctly.

Which contra-side is in favor of MeisterTask that you have in which free version only three projects can invest. Besides Trello there are ten. Manage more projects, all you have to do is switch to the paid plan. 

For the best of Office 365 users, important: Trello, other Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project

If you are in your company Microsoft Office 365 Use, if need be, no other tool for your benefit Project management search - because Microsoft itself offers two solutions.

That one Microsoft Planner is already included in the Office 365 business plan. It's a very simple broadcastwhere you can bring together tasks on a Kanban board. You can also follow the progress of your project in a spar or pie chart.

Another one with more features, for that purpose if one nonetheless higher variance, is Microsoft Project. It is not included in Office 365, but it can nonetheless easily be connected to all of the programs it contains. 

Microsoft Project is a good way to do that, though coordinate larger teams. You can assign tasks to employees, set deadlines, show dependencies between different tasks, to-dos in a timeline and much more. Empty team members can check at any time in favor of which tasks they are responsible for, with whom they may choose to deal and how the tasks are to be weighted.

Download: Practical template for your project plan

Kanban boards: open source solutions

If necessary, you have already noticed at this point: Kanban boards are the basis of numerous project management tools. If you work individually or in a very small team, such a procedure alone can be enough to triumphantly manage your projects. Open source programs such as the following give you the opportunity to make small adjustments in addition to desire:

1. Kanboard

Kanboard is probably the rudimentary tool in this linked list. It offers you a simple Kanban motherboard as well as PHP foundation - no more and no less.

You can invest a column for each work phase. For the best of the individual tasks, create colored cards and move them from column to column. Intrinsically which cards can you attach files, write comments and assign tags.

This is an exciting procedure automation: Gratitude you can do that an act is supposed to depress a certain event. It is possible, for example, that you move a menu into another column and then change its nuance on your own.

2. Taiga

taiga a pure kanban motherboard goes further, because it also brings additional benefits Sprint and ScrumFunctions with. This tool is also based on Python / Django and is rarely suitable for agile teams with developer know-how.

The user interface is tidy and modern, which means you can find your way around quickly and smoothly. That is useful Import procedure: If you have previously worked with Trello or another tool and now want to switch to Taiga, you can take away from old boards with just a few clicks.

3. Restyaboard

How is Kanboard if already Restyaboard a kanban tool in addition to the PHP foundation. However, it is clearly more diverse qua which competitor. In addition to classic functions such as comments, tags and file attachments, you can equip various user roles with different authorizations for the benefit of your team members with furniture. If that is what is interesting Voting feature, with which employees can choose cards beyond the motherboard.

4. Wekan

A big advantage of Wekan is you it also host your own server can. In the course of this, you become completely independent of third parties. As far as the functions are concerned, Wekan delivers a simple Kanban motherboard with no frills. Visually something more modern comes from there qua Kanboard, in which system functionality the two programs hardly differ.

More free Trello alternatives

If you want to use open source programs, it makes sense to have at least advanced basic developer knowledge or to be able to bring an expert team member on board. This is the only way you can exploit the full potential of these tools and equip them with furniture according to your requirements. 

If you don't want to dig deeper into the possibilities that open source problem solving offers, you can always choose from a number of other programs. A grade of the best free project management tools:

1. Airtable

Airtable pursued merge unique procedures: In addition to the classic Kanban boards, this tool provides you with one extensive table view to disposal. In it, participants can merge and stack views, which tasks there are intrinsically in a project, as long as by what time they have to be done and who is responsible for this purpose. In addition, the tasks can be sorted according to priority.

Qua third view form is a Time calculation available, in which you can look into deadlines and immediately recognize whether the tasks are consistently distributed over the remaining time until the end of the project. Should there be wasted unused blocks of time or phases in which a mountain of tasks can hardly be mastered, you can prepare your individual planning very smoothly.

You can also use Airtable on the desktop, in the browser or as an app. In which free version you have two gigabytes of seating space in favor of file attachments. Should you need more, you can upgrade to a merge paid plan.

One disadvantage of Airtable is that it is comparatively few integrations with other tools allows: only 32 interfaces are created. For comparison: In Trello there are 180.

2. Asana

Asana belongs to the most famous project management tools on the market. This Kanban motherboard works the same as in Trello, which makes the transition smooth. To make things even easier, you can also move from existing boards in Trello using the import procedure.

Next to the Kanban board In addition to Asana, you get a list view in which to-dos are clearly recorded, as well as a calendar view.

Asana is comparatively in which free version extensive: You can create an unimaginable number of projects and tasks, send as many news programs as you want, and take up an unimaginable amount of storage space. 

You only need chargeable access if you work with more than 15 people or want to use additional functions - for example Gantt chart, the visual representation of milestones, user-defined fields in the Kanban cards or a workload overview for the benefit of individual employees.

Asana is a real one All-rounder for the benefit of your project management and is suitable for both small and large teams. Because of the many functions, a certain training period is indeed required.

3. Avaza

Avaza is one of the most extensive tools in this linked list. As with Trello, you can stack projects and tasks. In addition, it is nonetheless, if possible, Manage resources and expenses and pile up the time it takes team members to issue a draft.

You can share expenses, price, and even bills with people from the outside of your team, for example with customers. This tool is an excellent problem solution if you are not only planning and repotting your own projects, but also acting on behalf of others.

The disadvantage of Avaza is that it has few functions not for the benefit of the entire team for free are available but only for the benefit of a diverse person. For example, if you want to include other people in financial planning, you first have to switch to a fee-based tariff. 

The user interface is also completely in English and cannot be called up in the browser. In the course of this, employees can only grab the knowledge from their work computer and are cut off from news on the way.

4. factro

factro is worth a performance even on its own because it is fully developed and hosted in Germany. With regard to the GDPR and the question of the extent to which knowledge is still allowed to be sold in countries from outside which EU is permitted, this is a great advantage. 

Intrinsically, you can switch flexibly between a Kanban and a table view. Which is practical Newsfeed, in which new tasks, comments or attachments are recorded. When users log in, they immediately see which ones they have missed since their last visit. 

factro can be used free of charge by up to ten users. If your team gets bigger, you have to do it for a fee. Price is associated with additional functions such as Gantt charts, a time recording or the possibility of tasks and Kanban boards to be created across projects.

5th Jira

Jira was primarily designed for the benefit of software developers and offers a Kanban motherboard from there, if already agile functions how Scrum Boards, backlogs and agile reports. Furthermore, automations can be equipped with furniture.

The number of external tools that can be connected to Jira is outstanding. You can go out more than 1,000 possible integrations Select.

Jira can be used free of charge for up to ten users. In addition, an upgrade is required.

6. Sortd

Sortd is a special tool because it doesn't work on its own. Instead, it's stiff linked to your Gmail user account and freely puts a Kanban motherboard in your mailbox. From there, this shipment is perfect for the benefit of companies in which a lot of further e-mails are communicated.

7. Zenkit

Furthermore Zenkit allows you to work with a Kanban motherboard. That is unique Wikiweb procedure, with which you can store instructions, branding notes, wordings and other important information in a central location for the benefit of your employees.

That Wikiweb radius is seldom erased when new team members have to do pasting. 

Zenkit is not just a project management tool, it is serves if already qua CRM system. This enables you to bundle customer data intrinsically into a single platform with tasks.

Like factro, Zenkit is a German company with German servers and therefore, in comparison with many other tools, it is rarely sure which data protection guidelines are concerned. 

Unfortunately, the free version of the program is quite limited. Only three users have access and which storage space is limited beyond 1 gigabyte. Furthermore, many of the functions - for example the use of Gantt charts or the creation of specific user roles - are only possible in which paid version.

Paid Trello alternatives

Most Trello alternatives can be used free of charge at least up to a certain level. Some others are chargeable from origin - for this purpose nonetheless if rarely powerful:

1. Basecamp

Basecamp does not restrict itself beyond project management, but also provides many functions for the benefit of one successful remote collaboration. For example, a group chat, a folder for combining important documents and graphics and a pin board for news in the company or in individual projects and teams.

Basecamp aims to to unite the entirety of one platformwhich you need for the benefit of teamwork. From there it can completely replace several other tools like Slack or Dropbox.

That price is $ 99 per month. Before you decide, you can test the program for 30 days free of charge.

2. ClickUp

ClickUp is largely similar to Asana: You get a Kanban motherboard, a to-do linked list, merge time calculation and a Gantt chart thesis to bring your projects together. What ClickUp rarely does are them Additional functions

For example, you can freely invest in sending documents instead of creating them externally and then uploading them. This tool also enables Screen recordingsso that you can easily show team members pipapo. Furthermore, time recording for the benefit of tasks is integrated.

In theory, you can use ClickUp free of charge, but in fact you only have access to 100 megabytes of storage space. So you will probably have to top up shortly. However, that price is comparatively low at US $ 5 per month (plus annual payment).

3rd monday

monday has purely out Project management specialized. There are no chats or other functions that could simplify communication in the team. Nonetheless, monday is one of the most comprehensive tools in his specialty. 

In addition to a Kanban motherboard and a Gantt thesis, if you already have access to it Automation options. This seldom saves you a lot of time in addition to recurring tasks.

For the best of the individual tasks, you can assign deadlines and responsibilities. In an overview you can then easily see with a timeline how much time remains in favor of the completion. The possibilities to display priorities with a simple star system or to visualize dependencies between tasks and team members are useful.

The prices in favor of monday start at eight euros per month and user.

4. Workzone

Workzone is out larger teams and Agencies specialized. In addition to classic project management, you can do that Workload Keep an eye on your employees. For this purpose, it is recorded how much postponement of the payment period work individual tasks are likely to require.

In compliance with the associated deadlines, the program recognizes which workload has to be dry up until which day - and warns you if team members could be overloaded or underloaded.

The prices in favor of Workzone start at US $ 24 per month per user.

Bottom line: Trello alternatives are as diverse as the companies that use them

Now, which of the many project management tools is the best for you? You can only judge this if you think back to the questions raised at the beginning. Every company is unique and has to master individual challenges. It is therefore impossible to give a blanket letter of recommendation in favor of Trello or one of its alternatives.

For example, if you're just looking for a simple Kanban board to run smoothly, Kanboard or Restyaboard might be good choices. If time recording is important to you, MeisterTask, factro and a few others do a good job.

Perhaps you want to not only manage projects, but also simplify communication in the team or the management of customer data? Then Avaza, Zenkit or Basecamp would be worth looking at. Both Trello and the alternatives presented in this post can be the perfect choice, depending on your needs.

Therefore become full of light what exactly you expect from the tool and then make a rough selection. In addition, you can test a few programs - and ultimately keep the one that delivers the best results and with which you and your team are most likely to get along.

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