Marketers always have a lot to do. And even if you are with the Automate tasks and workflows can save a lot of time, this process itself takes a lot of time in the first place, right? Not necessarily!
Thanks to the wide range of automation tools available, you can now optimize your workflows even easier and faster.We stand by your side between the first steps of your strategy and some of them have to do with this Marketing tasks put together, which can be automated the preferred solution.

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38 tasks you can automate today

With the Automate these marketing tasks you save time and can focus on the important issues:

1. Electronic letter: making content downloads available

One of the most effective areas for automating your marketing strategy are yours Emails. So you can z. For example, automated e-mails can be used to provide content opt-ins such as reports, e-books or free templates.

You can do this instead of or in addition to triggering a download in the browser for which person. This also gives you the option of linking the CTA pro to add the next steps to your electronic letter text.

2. Electronic letter newsletter

There are many ways to reduce the time required for an electronic letter newsletter. For example, start with something simple: create Email templates or header designs that can be easily duplicated, to speed up the process.

And this is where the automation options are not yet making themselves felt - there are numerous other options that you can implement according to your individual needs.

3. Drip campaigns

Electronic letter-drip campaigns are an important element of any marketing strategy. If you add unsolicited contacts to a campaign based on preselected criteria (such as opt-ins from which distributors or buyers of certain products and services), which people will receive content that matches their interests at certain intervals.

Most drip campaigns work out the preferred approach when it does a goal gives which lead can do this - How to Complete a Paid Subscription. If this goal is achieved, you can unsolicited explant the lead from this drip campaign and add it to another so that the content always remains relevant.

4. Intelligent personalization in emails

The best Email Marketing Platforms personalization tokens are available to display the content for each recipient to be able to bend.

Take a close look at your automated e-mails and regular newsletters between occasions and try to make the most of the opportunities.

5. Abandoned Cart Emails

Smart marketing teams know that you should always get an ophthalmic on leads that as good as convert, but still need to link a small impulse. In online shopping in particular, consumers fill their shopping cart with products several times, and they certainly never make a purchase. Reasons for this can be a lack of payment method or the effortless distraction of the consumer.

Owners of electronic commerce shops can give away this impulse with an automatic electronic letter for each shopping cart abandonment, in which a discount code is shown or a reminder is given of the products in the shopping cart.

Tasks marketing automation Shopify

Source: Shopify

6. Custom electronic letter campaigns for the complete customer lifecycle

Do you only use drip campaigns centrally in your marketing funnel? Then there is even a need for optimization here! Take the time to plan custom electronic letter campaigns for the full lifecycle of your customers, instead of skimpy on a job. Share with your campaigns:

  • Content from the upper funnel area pro new leadswho are not yet familiar with your product or services

  • Content from the middle field, which mentions your products and possibilities for Problem solving and goal tracking vposes

  • Content from the field below with deepened Product focus

Together they represent the three types of campaigns that link a seamless trail or lifecycle with which you can convert new leads into paying customers - in a reasonable time and without additional manual costs on your part.

7. Follow-ups per unread emails

Do you get enough of chasing after people who don't give you a response? Many CRM systems give automatic follow-ups after a certain period of time (e.g. a week), so that you can cross out which tedious function from your To-Do Linked List.

Automation per the lead generation

8. Minimalist lead generation

If you are as subtle as possible between which lead generation, you can be inspired by numerous tactics and brands between your strategy.

The podcast pros and authors of The minimalists show with her simple websitethat lead generation itself is different. They pursue a link minimalist method and eschew old-fashioned approaches and numerous Pop-up window:

Tasks Marketing Automation Popups

9. Website flag with time-limited offers

Is there a webinar coming up or is an offer about to expire? Add your website in upper field a simple flag to present this offer to visitors and to direct them to the registration page.

10. Let your creativity run free between which automation and which next steps

Ask yourself the following question: How can I get my website visitors or my readership involved? stay longer on my domain and look at other sites yourself?

This “New here? Click me “button at the bottom right next to the title of Marie Forleos Blog post is a good example of creative troubleshooting for this to pique the curiosity of your visit.

Tasks marketing automation buttons

11. Recurring webinars

The online business platform Kajabi offers educational webinars and Q&A sessions every day to provide users with added value in which test phase.

This can be extremely effective Method of customer acquisition especially if you can increase your ROI even further with automation.

Many of Kajabi's sessions are automated, including even the weekly "Create and Sell a Product" and "Marketing Pipelines" webinars.

12. Dynamic CTAs for lead generation

One of the most powerful features in HubSpot's Marketing Hub are Smart CTAs. Add this Smart CTA widget to your website (in a blog post or on whatever sidebar) to provide the most relevant call-to-action to display.

For example, you can propose a webinar on your products for each sales-qualified leads and synchronously provide new visitors with a content upgrade from the upper marketing funnel area.

13. A slide-in box to opt-in pro the lead generation

If you make material available as a download, such as e-books, white papers, templates or other resources, you can use them as a tool for automatic lead generation in your blog posts.

With a slide-in CTA, which linked to a form is about the ability to link new leads and get more downloads.

Automation pro social media

14. Facebook bot

A very effective and extremely personalized method for automatic lead generation is to work with a Facebook bot, which generates new leads through the Conversion process leads.

In this example you can see a linked use case in which a content upgrade is also made available to Facebook Messenger without being asked:

Marketing automation tasks_4

15. Social media time management

If you want to save time, then planning your posts on social media is the preferred approach in the front. Social media management apps such as Buffer or HubSpot.

If you and your company are represented on several social media channels, such apps help you to keep track of your editorial calendar. In the course of this, you can plan your content in advance by weeks or even months.

Content automation

16. Dynamic content

Dynamic content on your website can increase your conversion rate for every single lead unsolicited which most relevant content is displayed.

With HubSpot, you can use your emails, subpages of your website, your landing pages and templates add intelligent content.

Marketing automation tasks_5

If you have added a field with intelligent content, you can have different content labeled unsolicited, based on the following criteria:

17. Queue of content creation

Trello is one of the most popular and easy-to-use tools for managing which content queue on your team. But did you know that it itself offers a variety of other automation options for project management? Including even for those Keeping track of your content pipeline.

With Diener, the new automation feature from Trello, you can create hundreds of rule-based automations and “if-then” buttons to keep your content team on the home stretch.

Automation for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

18. SEO website audit

Not every marketing team has a corporate SEO specialist on hand. But if you have an SEO genius in your team, there are many tools with which you can improve search engine optimization and always keep an eye on the problems and possibilities of your website.

Ahrefs is not the cheapest right of first refusal on the market, certainly once and for all one of the most popular ones that comes up with feature-rich SEO tools to optimize your online presence.

A particularly outstanding method is the website tax audit, with which every prong of your website is checked. You can get one at the junction Linked list with all problems, categorized according to problem type and priority. You can then fix those problems individually and then take the tax audit again to make sure that your website is now in the best possible condition.

Automation for the collaboration between marketing and sales

19. Up-selling

Marketing is about more than just leads: In the same vein, existing customers stand still in the spotlight. Automation can be a great ally in upselling and helping you, your clientele Offering the right products and services at the right time. Now your customers will be suggested products similar to those that are already open to them with added value.

20. Live chat

For many companies, live chat has developed from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have” method. Your (potential) customers want the opportunity to to contact you quickly and easily.

With live chat apps like the one from drift or HubSpot Live Chat you can create automatic chatbots and configure them so that they not only attract prospective buyers, but also generate marketing leads themselves.

21. Lead qualification

HubSpot CRM is another handy tool to help reinforce your Cooperation with sales and supports you between which lead qualification.

Which platform can you use Automatically pass leads from marketing to salesif they meet certain criteria to make sure your leads are qualified for sales before you refer them.

22. Lead scoring

Helpful assessment tools support you between which effective tracking of which interrelationship. In this way you always know exactly which leads need a follow-up or whether there are leads that can already be processed with more product-focused content.

HubSpot lead scoring for example, this makes it easier to distribute and steal points based on certain behaviors or interactions, e.g. B. when a lead downloads content or looks at your price overview.

23. Additionally, inform sales about promising leads

With HubSpot, you can be notified when Leads become more interactive und automatic email notifications and assign tasks to which leads based on the scores.

24. Automated product demo videos

Marketo offers a good example of automated lead generation that is qualified for sales: this is where it is hidden Demonstration video behind a form, which collects facts about lead qualification.

Marketing automation tasks Marketo

25. Assign leads to sales teams

With tools like HubSpot, you can make your new leads and deals assign unsolicited:

  1. Based on a round-trip procedure distributed at equal intervals
  2. Based on value (to ensure that all sales reps receive leads of similar overall value over time)

26. Send out offers for each trial renewal

If the person who likes to eat sweets registers for the test version of one of your products and does not decide on a linked purchase at the final, you can make an offer for an extension of which test phase.

Automation per management and organization

27. Contact data management

If you do not yet have an automated process in your company, to Bringing contacts from all channels together in one central systemyou should change this as soon as possible.

Copper, HubSpot and Pipedrive, for example, have a cloud-based CRM system with an integrated Pipeline management and automation options.

28. Synchronize new CRM leads with your newsletter distribution list

Two of the most important tools in your marketing stack are CRM and electronic mail marketing apps.

you CRM is at its best when it is the center of your stack and contacts off Contacts from other applications can be synchronized with it immediately. It is also important that the right leads decide on your newsletter chained list.

With an iPaaS troubleshooter like PieSync, you can Synchronize your CRM and email platform regularly and thus which two points can be taken down without any problems.

Not only can you synchronize relevant new CRM contacts with your newsletter-linked list, but you can also immediately remove leads from your mailing list if they drop out in another app.

29. Marketing reports

Who does not know it: The week is almost over and you have the lion's share of it with you reporting spent. It can take a long time to find the right facts and present them visually to your supervisors.

With tools like Google Data Studio and Supermetrics you can link all of your marketing data for each reporting in one platform.

Tip: If you specifically put a lot of numbers on your reports carefully, you are judging a PieSync synchronization between your business applicationsto link the facts from all apps.

30. Bring presentations up to date with current KPIs

In the same sense, this bringing up to date which Google Slides with the right facts before each meeting can be automated. Synchronize the chart and data views in Google Sheets with Slides (and Docs) to Save time and reduce the risk of errors.

Marketing automation tasks_7

31. Slack reminders to prepare for meetings

For which one Use of Slack rest you numerous Automation options available to optimize your workflow. One automation we rely on the most between HubSpot is weekly reminder in Slack to prepare for this upcoming team meeting.

32. Updates on progress in Team Slack

Another key point of productivity in the team is the Slack reminder automation, which at a time you specify asks for updates. For example, when the week is up, all employees are always up to date with the latest developments.

Marketing automation tasks_8

33. Make sense of using Trello per this project management

Related as Slack is Trello an app with which you can quickly put a pout on the subject of automation.

Whenever a blog post is moved to the "Editing" column in our content planning mainboard in Trello, this will be the case Due date updated unsolicited and assigned this to the correct team member.

Automation of facts

34. Contact enrichment

Are you tired of duplicate contacts in your CRM and business applications? in the PieSync dashboard you can also use the "Avoid duplicates" button to ensure that only contacts with one Electronic letter address can be synchronized.

Thanks to the two-way synchronization, you can only keep the linked contact per electronic letter address in all apps in order to bring something systematic into the system.

35. Data cleansing

Do you need to manually search for information about new leads more often? Clearbit can help you keep the facts for each new lead in your CRM and marketing apps to expand without being asked.

36. Automatic data synchronization

The manual export and import of facts between apps is rarely the highlight in the day-to-day business of marketers.

If you want to use as much time as possible for tasks that improve your KPIs and synchronously increase the data quality in all your marketing apps, use PieSync's two-way data synchronization. This keeps your customer data in all your marketing apps and your entire tech stack synced.

Robot holds marketing tools

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