Be it congresses, sales meetings or video conferences: when you sit down together to hold lecture, hereby certainly comes together at this point or another PowerPoint for safety.

Understandably, because the Presentation software is practical and trusted worldwide. But you do not always need this original document. We'll provide you with some Programs per your presentations like additional to PowerPoint above.

Download: 5 PowerPoint templates in great designs

A PowerPoint substitution can't hurt

This Microsoft presentation program is widespread, but not the ultimate. To the thought pattern is the waiter from PowerPoint - rarely for beginners - not easily divisible by two lightweight. The claim offers numerous icons, menu items and functions.

In addition, the many possibilities tempt you to “play around” with it. The results are sometimes colorful presentations with slides of playful animations and effects that may not match. This sometimes works in a business environment unprofessional.

Another disadvantage of PowerPoint (PPT) is the value. If you just want to make a few slides every now and then, it might not be worth shopping for.

By the end of the above, you should get bigger to use a PowerPoint add-on.

Similar programs to PowerPoint

In the following we provide you with a small basic stock Alternatives to PowerPoint before (sorted alphabetically, status 04/2021):

1. Apache OpenOffice.org Impress: This PowerPoint substitution per the offline usage

Apache OpenOffice.org, formerly called OpenOffice.org.org, has been around since 2002. You can use it on Windows, macOS, Linux and various Unix variants. For this purpose you have to do the individual ingredients, for what purpose, among other things, this presentation program Apache OpenOffice Impress heard, install it on your computer. This has the benefit of you do not need any online contextto use which PowerPoint add-ons.

The Apache OpenOffice.org Impress user interface is very similar to the PowerPoint model. You can also save your files in PowerPoint format, among other things.

2. Deckset: Tap instead of click

Wouldn't you like to curb heavy menstrual bleeding with this creation of your slides? Then you could Deck set Courtesy. Here you work after that Markdown system. This means that you type the contents of your slides into a text document and Deckset then creates a presentation with no frills.

The PowerPoint add-on is therefore ideal when it has to be possible quickly and you need a text-heavy presentation.

Deckset is currently only available for macOS. After doing a test phase you have to buy a license as part of continued use.

3. Google Slides: This adequate PowerPoint substitution

Do you like the waiters, the variety of features and the impression of Microsoft PowerPoint? Then you are sure to like it too Google Slides (English language: Google Slides).

This is a pure cloud broadcastYou can use this on your computer wherever there is web and composite browsers. And this for free, because Google Slides is an integral part of Google Docs or Google Drive. All you need is a user account.

Another rarity: the compatibility. You can open and edit PowerPoint files using Google's presentation program. Or you can use the online tool to create your slides and save them like a PPT file.

4. Haiku Deck: In favor of quick security

How deck set is also directed Haiku deck to users who nimble and uncomplicated want to create a presentation. Select a template, type in your text and choose the appropriate background image from this integrated data collection with an additional 40 million photos.

This great thing: This online broadcast will independently suggest motifs that match the content of your slides.

The presentations created with Haiku Deck can easily be shared further with social networks and imported into programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Google presentations or Apple Keynote.

Even under Haiku Deck you have to make up a premium user account for permanent use.

5. Keynote: This PowerPoint for Apple fans

If you have an Apple computer, an iPhone or an iPad put together, then you are sure to have contact Keynote. This PowerPoint add-on only runs on computers macOS and also using mobile devices iOS.

Like most Apple programs, Keynote also impresses with a tidy interface and a simple waiter. Thanks to this iCloud synchronization, it is possible to edit and display your presentations on a Mac computer, iPad or iPhone at any time. Even working with other people is very possible.

You can download Keynote for free from the Apple App Store or use the iCloud.

6. Powtoon: Videos instead of slides

One PowerPoint add-on that is becoming increasingly popular is Powtoon. This is no typical presentation software, but more about assembling Video editor. You create clips that focus on conveying information or knowledge.

Thus Powtoon is very suitable for pro animated presentations and explanatory videos. This free tariff offers many restrictions, so a paid user account is recommended.

7. Prezi: In favor of impressive lectures

Would you like to arouse concentration during your lecture? And stand still with presentations with lots Effects, animations and "wild tracking shots" lubricate? Then you are in the frame Prezi precisely.

This PowerPoint add-on is aimed very lucratively at people who do not want to go through simple slides. As part of Prezi presentations is a lot of political movement In the game, your viewers always have something exciting to see.

In addition to slides with texts and Images you can also integrate videos and live streams (such as from video conferences), which gives your presentations even more passion.

Prezi is available in a basic version with very few functions. You can test models with more features for a short time free of charge, in the following some are subject to a charge.

8. Zoho Show: Create collaborative presentations

In the queue of these strongly PowerPoint-like programs also fits Zoho show a. One cooperative principle as in the context of Google presentations is also possible.

Zoho Show belongs to one entire tool set, the so-called "electronic letter and collaboration" package. The PowerPoint add-on is available free of charge.

Do you need a PowerPoint broadcast?

If you are looking for good presentation software, it does not always have to be this original Microsoft document. With Google Slides, Keynote, Powtoon, Prezi and Cobalt. you will have enough additional tools to build your foundation. Try your hand through smoothly to find the best show for your presentation.

power point presentation template for download

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