Remote work means working from anywhere. You pretend not to be in the office as long as you are witnessing your work. In Germany, mobile functioning is experiencing an enormous expansive phase, especially due to the effects of COVID-19 merging. According to Survey by the German Federation of Trade Unions were in the tenth month of 2020 already about 36 BC. H. of those employees in Germany work in mobile forms of work.

Mobile functioning confronts companies with challenges, but nonetheless simultaneously offers new development opportunities and opportunities for the benefit of their own branding. How remote work looks in reality and how you can position yourself as an attractive company owner with remote work concepts, you will know in this guide. 

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Remote work in Germany: short-lived trend or new standard?

Remote work is lived digitization. That red thread promises more versatility, more personal independence and the possibility to set the alarm clock back half an hour afterwards at the beginning of the morning. 

Not only the demand, but also the supply in favor of remote workplaces is growing rapidly. Out of that US platform Flex jobs, which has been specializing in the placement of teleworking jobs, part-time jobs, jobs with flexible working hours and freelance jobs since 2007, the number of such job offers increased from 2005 to 2017 159 percent.

No wonder that for more and more workers that Desire for long-term remote work arises - just as after COVID-19. Like that Press portal reported, nine out of ten employees in Germany would like to continue pursuing their profession from home after surviving the global epidemic or at least have the right of first refusal.

Statistics show that this trend is starting today Part of our new work culture is. Clock-controlled, this new form of work is not necessarily cheap and valuable for the benefit of every company. It's just one of many ways to bring work together. Whether that red thread works and whether that meaningfulness outweighs the employees and the company depends on the profession, that status and also on that personality and individual preferences.

If you want to establish remote work in your company or in your section, you should first and foremost Approach the process in a structured manner. It is enough z. B. not to buy the employee merge laptop and send him home with a linked to-do list. The change tends to be a profound change that needs to be well planned and implemented in a target-oriented manner. If a company manages this pace, it gains a strong justification in the field of recruiting and becomes a much more attractive company owner in favor of valuable specialists.

What types of remote work are there?

For the best of remote work, the labor law term “telework” is a good translation in Germany. Remote work combines the functionality of freelancers and digital nomads - variably organized, project-based and location-independent teamwork - with the advantages of a permanent position such as stability, continuity, protection and that social and economic integration in a merged corporate context.

The first connection with remote work in Germany is the one in favor of most Home office. This is the one that is just a thick carpet part of those design options. The working form of the Mobile Office z. B. continues to work from home because there is no fixed place of work. Few companies that are 100 BC Put H. on remote work, even no longer entail a traditional company headquarters. Like contributors, you decide every day without any restrictions whether you want to work in that cooking room, in the park or at your desk.

In the course of this working model it is z. B. just as possible that flexible working hours be equipped with furniture that continues with a simple flextime. Always provided that employers are willing to place this trust in their employees.

Remote work and employer branding: advantages and disadvantages of remote work concepts

No common thread has only advantages. Opinions differ on how to deal with the topic of remote work current surveys state. So mourn z. B. 38 v. H. of those surveyed home office workers about work done afterwards not being able to passivate.

In the context of stationary workers in the office, however, this problem only entails 25%. H .. For the benefit of used up pages, it is important to keep an eye on the same questions from the beginning. In this way you can recognize problems in good time, offer solutions for sale and merge good frameworks in favor of pleasant and productive functioning.

Benefits for your employees

The advantages of remote work in favor of staff are unmistakable:

  • more personal in terms of time and space Design freedom,

  • higher versatility in favor of the compatibility of work and family,

  • neither time nor price in favor of the commute and

  • Pets to be done during that work do not remain single-handedly.

Challenge in favor of your employees

But the implementation of remote work also harbors some challenges:

  • It requires a high standard Self-control and self-organizationin order to prevent production slumps, nonetheless also a burnout due to stress over the limit.

  • There is a danger social isolation due to the lack of office culture, contact with colleagues, informal transmission and the Building a team spirit.

  • Few people miss the framework, that of the working day and thus also of private life clear structure gives.

Benefits in favor of the company

In the long term, the advantages of remote work in Germany for the benefit of companies have only been little highlighted. That has changed in the last few years. Such points are considered to be the most important advantages:

  • If a professional can work anywhere, then a company can do the same search and do everywhere. Clock-controlled remote work helps a company owner to become more attractive because of the possible right of first refusal.

  • Resources and ongoing price can be obtained through the Dissolution of the internal substructure be saved.

  • You have permission with one higher productivity count through more versatility.

  • Teams are more motivated by the free choice of location and it can be one strong cross-connection arise between employees and companies.

  • she avoid price, Loss of time and environmental pollution due to long commutes.

Challenges in favor of the company

Regardless of this, companies should not underestimate the demands that remote work places on company owners. Such points can play an important role:

  • fewer options in favor of the vanguard, accompaniment and examination of employees

  • apparently more communication effort and higher demands on the structures and quality of communication in the company

  • height Technology addiction and as a result, a comparatively increased risk of accidents

  • unclear liability and insurance risks for permanent merging of professional and private areas of life

Physical existence is sometimes indispensable

Humans are social beings. Which regular broadcast with colleagues promotes cohesion intrinsically within the company and is difficult to imitate digitally. In addition to the transfer of knowledge and the development of competencies, the physical existence is very helpful, especially for the benefit of coordination-intensive processes in the team.

This is all the more true in favor of them communication: If you lead a team or lead to employee appraisals, the personal existence in the room can be decisive.

The implementation of remote work in your company

Regardless of whether you have already started practicing remote work or are just in their infancy. With the right one Planning and the necessary resources you can offer your employees the form of work for sale without any problems. Before that, however, some basic requirements should still be met.

1. Luculently defined processes and structures prosper

Like a managing director or a self-employed person, you should mentally testify: With the inheritance of face-to-face work to remote work, you intervene in processes and procedures, most of which have grown spontaneously, are invisible and do not even result in names being merged. Before doing this, you should change the same well-established fundamentals new structures and taxes must be fully developed and a common thread in support of their introduction.

You can ask yourself the following questions: Who are the people, groups and areas involved? What are your goals, circumstances, expectations and desires? What hurdles are there and what problems could become visible? In the best core, you put together possible solutions in favor of the same in advance.

2. Monitoring and feedback culture

the Introductory and trial phase should be as flexible as possible so that you can gradually react to possible starting difficulties. Conceivable would be z. B. a regulation for which your employees initially spend three days a week in the office and two in the home office. Such distribution is then changed at walking pace in favor of walking pace in favor of remote work.

In order to make this transition process as smooth as possible, you should observe it closely, lead to regular discussions and a strong feedback culture maintain. You yourself are allowed to take this kind of feedback culture, once it has existed, no longer in favor of inheritance for remote work as a matter of course, because the encounters in the forest meadow and at that coffee machine are now missing and there is still no substitution. 

Anyone who does not ask lively managers and creates an open atmosphere in favor of honest answers only learns tardiv of structural drawbacks.

The most important remote work tools

For the best of the practical implementation should of course be the same technical substructure Of your company can be tailored to the requirements of remote work. Hereby you should plan for the following points:

  • The foundation for digital functioning is one powerful and secure networking. Many companies use VPN clients, among other things, but there are other options as well. Data security should be fully guaranteed in order to avoid data loss and liability risks.

  • Provide your employees with what they need Hardware in favor of mobile functioning even available. If your company sets up the end devices used independently, you can guarantee data protection.

  • Put uff on powerful software in favor of data transfer in collaborative functioning. Cloud services such as Google Drive, Nextcloud or Dropbox are suitable for connecting to work on projects in real time.

  • Establish different ones Communication channels in favor of various claims. A chat program such as Slack is ideal for fast internal transmission, while customers and other important internal information are communicated via e-mail. If there is an urgent imminence, that path continues via the telephone. With video conferencing software such as Zoom, you run meetings by default. For the best of clear processes, you should avoid duplicate structures and determine which waterway is to be used for which purpose and opportunity.

  • Finally, depending on your needs, you can use solutions that exactly match your needs Workflows for software development, graphic design, translation or other specialty areas.

Even decisive for success and underestimated in its importance with pleasure: a suitable one digital project management troubleshooting like the thinking pattern MS Project, Easy Redmine or Trello, to control the implementation of complex tasks and projects with large teams in a lively manner.

Such platforms have many important functions already integrated and can therefore often replace a queue of individual solutions. This counter becomes tragically more important with remote work, because ingrained organizational routines suddenly no longer work at a distance.

The variety of those tools and platforms is huge and it is difficult to find an assortment. In case of doubt, rely on the support of experienced change managers with experience in the field of remote work initiation, team communication and agile project management in good time.

Conclusion: Remote work is the work model of that future

Remote work may never completely replace traditional forms of work. Regardless of this, recent developments show that this type of work is already standard in many industries. The demand is wide and one Remote work right of first refusal is a strong justification to make a company more attractive and the company owner Strengthen employee loyalty.

This scheme not only harbors development opportunities, but also risks. If you want to triumphantly import a remote work red thread, you need, in addition to the right tools and a secure, technical substructure, above all, one well thought-out red thread.

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