Acoustic brand management is something that we take for granted in our day-to-day business. Jingles, voices, sounds and melodies in which advertisements arouse emotions and have a high recognition value.

This makes them interesting for marketing teams and companies alike. Which Audio branding and how you can integrate it into your marketing strategy, you are familiar with this product.

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Audio branding aims to create a phonetic experience of a brand as well and controls the anchoring in the memory of the consumer.

Audio logo: listening experience with recognition value

Commonly means one logo a compact brand recognition mark to visit. This audio logo means the same at whatever level of hearing. These are short, concise sound snippetswhich either accompanies the visual logo or just appears.

The acoustic signature is primarily tried and tested on its own for listening media such as radio receivers, podcasts and audio streaming services such as Spotify.

Sound branding: this is how it works

Sound branding enables companies to use the emotionally appealing effects of music and sounds to do more Trust and closeness to their customers. Like my colleague Josephine Wick and I in ours The Digital Helpdesk episode on Sonic Branding definitely make clear that the sound branding, divisible by two in a time of visual overstimulation in the WWW, represents an exciting extension of the branding. Take a look!

Marketing with music and sound: In this respect, it is so promising

The consideration and motivation of which consumers are awakened through the listening experience is only a good idea because the Use of audio offers booming in Germany. On average, the 14- to 69-year-olds listen every day 84 minutes Broadcast radio receiver. In addition, there is the WWW radio receiver that can be used for 17 minutes per day. 

According to a study, in 2020 they gave as good as 40 percent which participants to use music streaming services. Music and audio content above video platforms were even used above in 56 BC. H. which respondents used.

Subordinate podcasts are more popular than ever: 33 percent which people in Germany listen at least occasionally unite podcast. So you see: Here lies huge potential, because all which channels you can use for your audio branding.

Sonic branding: audio content is recognized

This Sonic Branding is a powerful musical instrument when it comes to Brands, products or services at attention which consumers to tense up. If you decide to add the acoustic component to your brand identity for this purpose, you should insist that which sound you choose brings your corporate DNA closer to consumers in a distinctive way and with your previous corporate Branding is consistent.

Acoustic brand management

The sound experiences that are part of your brand distinctive identity lend can result in different pourings. Like facets of your corporate identity, acoustic branding can enhance the radiance of your brand. In order to give you a unified summary of which corporate sound includes which, we have summarized the basic elements for you.

Corporate Voice: The brand voice

A young man, or rather an older grace? Prominent or a blank sheet of paper? Regardless of which one Brand voice You decide, above all else, it is important that it fits your company and your target group. Special sound agencies will advise you on which quality class resident.

Corporate music: this brand song

A brand song is exclusive to a product or company composed or adapted. It ensures the emotional connection of your brand with the emotionally haunting effect of the song. 

Sound Scape: The sound world of which brand

When tonal art, tones, noises and music are one Generate atmosphere, intrinsically to whom a story is told, this is a sound world. The cult-suspicious Jever advertisement “No traffic jams. No rush. No appointments. No other measure. "Last but not least, it lives from the calm piano music that is accompanied by the cries of seagulls. What consumption of Jever-Maß is associated with an air of casualness and informality in the mind of the audience.

Sound Logo: The acoustic memory aid

Comparable to a company's visual logo, the audio logo instantly conjures up your brand when it does perceived will.

Audio branding: Examples that can be heard directly

Few companies pull it off as well as IKEA understood how to give their brand a vote. The actor, born in 1946, has been on loan since 1999 Jonas Bergström IKEA gave its distinctive vote for audio advertising. Incidentally in the world's first virtual realityShowroom from IKEA welcomes the familiar vote from Jonas Bergström's customers. But what does this Klopper feed on?

Which look up the target group of IKEA reveals unite part of the secret of success: mainly younger people and young families are the customers of the Swedish furniture store. Jonas Bergström's vote with the sympathetic flick of the tongue is that of a friendly, fatherly and unobtrusive advisor when it comes to devices. The staging of which brand IKEA by the characteristic vote is therefore exactly the monologue that fits the company and reaches people.

Which not excluded simple funding right "Carglass repairs, Carglass replaces", the Carglass used up to the ten years since then Awareness of the brand Boost is a prime example of how effective this is Audio advertising is working. Only in the years 2016 until 2020 could Carglass his already large contingent residing in the case of glass damage repairs and is, even before the authorized workshops, with 32.8 per cent. H. which repairs are unsurpassed at which point.

Most people who listen to radio receivers from time to time can sing along with this sung brand promise. Which Recognition value through the audio advertising, together with a high quality product, ensure the outstanding knockers.

Composed in the 80s by the Austrian musician Walter Werzowa, this is three-second Intel audio logo one of the most famous Sound signatures what world has become. Estimates say that the acoustic memory aid, which consists of only five notes, is played for five minutes anywhere in the world. The question posed by the musician at the time was to express reliability, innovation and trust with the jingle. Ten days later he had the solution because he started singing "Intel Inside". 

Conclusion: audio branding raises the audience's emotions

Acoustic brand management is trendy. On the one hand, the increase in the use of audio sources for this purpose ensures that Audio content an ever better range achieved. In turn, marketing teams can use sonic branding to circumvent the problem of visual overkills on the web. Sounds, tonal art, voices and music succeed the consumers in an emotional way.

You can use audio branding to give your customers the distinctive individuals and that unique selling point Communicate your brand effectively.

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