Too much information? in the Multi-project management It is the order of the day that a lot of information about different projects arrives in a clock-controlled manner from project managers. Maintaining the syllabus can be a real challenge.

Professional multi-project management ensures that you can plan, control and supervise several independent projects at the same time. We'll show you how to do it.

Download: Practical template for your project plan

Consignment management: Several projects with an overarching goal

Shipment management is all about coordinating multiple projects that brought up a common goal and are slavish to one another. The projects are now in a joint broadcast. Because the project manager entails the assignment to coordinate the projects and their respective restrictions. Correlations in shipment management z. B. appointments, the household or the technology available. This broadcast can be of a corporate nature or project character.

Portfolio management: Independent projects are bundled

The clustering of projects into a project portfolio is suitable for everyone, as long as this makes greater sense for each of your companies merging due to the nature of the individual projects. Looking at and coordinating the upcoming projects together can be a prime example Eliminate synergy effects or save resources

A simple example to illustrate this: Imagine a building contractor merging whose construction site crane is to be used in various projects. Laying masonry projects one after the other in close proximity is generally more resource-friendly than bringing the crane forward via extensive watering, because it cannot function during this time.

this Project management In this case, the assignment would have to plan the temporal and spatial conditions in such a way that the construction crane and that workforce were used to the maximum. The right software can now help to efficiently plan the availability and utilization of those resources.

Multi-project management software: how to keep the syllabus 

Software solutions you can make a crucial membership fee to keep the syllabus across your projects. At the same time, they simplify communication and cooperation between the teams involved.

InLoox: The central project platform for any successful multi-project management

If you want to take advantage of a central platform for each of your project management, it is a great advantage if that Tool easy to use, flexibly adaptable, scalable and can be integrated into an existing environment such as Microsoft Outlook. In order to provide you with a merged syllabus, we will exemplify a few advantages of this software in the following:

InLoox promotes the Cooperation and communication between distributed teams through its integrated communication. Using a quick booking bar, you can e.g. B. Relentlessly create a new project from a mail. You also have the option of creating a project task from that email or storing it in that document archive. To do this, you should not leave the mail reach of Outlook and you can function effectively.

Project and task notes can be used to keep your teams important Changes and information to be sent. Project communication in a single location also reduces the number of meetings, calls and e-mails and ensures that all project-relevant information is available in one central location.

The control of those resources: Identify bottlenecks and distribute the tasks more efficiently

With a Utilization overview You get merge direct syllabus via the resources of all projects, such as team members, rooms and machines. The InLoox utilization view, for example, integrates clock-controlled tasks and calendar appointments.

Document management: InLoox organizes your file server or Sharepoint

End one global document list or relentlessly from the projects, you can grab your project-related documents. Nonetheless, personal documents find their private or visible sports facility intrinsically of document management.

Scheduling, Budgeting, and Auditing: Oversee Outflow and Fortuna 

The right software, such as InLoox, takes care of the most important ones Information on time recording from Outlook. Calendar entries, tasks and e-mails as well as a stopwatch method allow consistent time documentation. This simplifies the current balance sheet. You can also create, send and track project-related invoices and offers.

Integrated mind maps: Visualize your ideas with structure

From creative brainstorming to project implementation: One Mind map now helps to visually generate thoughts, information, concepts and drafts. Recognizable focal points are created by connecting lines and colors. The ongoing completion of those mind map nodes allows the agile control of those projects.

Agile multi-project management: act quickly, precisely and flexibly

The equal workload of those team members and teams is an important transfer of project management. Due to the clear overview of resource availability and utilization, which the right software enables, you can project management "with one click“Assign tasks to another resource.

The same versatility and maneuverability ensures every balance and avoids idling and stress over the limit at the same walking pace. Rarely c / o unforeseen changes that can occur in almost all areas, agile project management is important.

Multi-project management methods: The ABC summary

A versatile and helpful tool for decision-making in multi-project management is the ABC analysis.

With it you can use a wide variety of elements, such as projects, lobbyists and risks, segment into three different categories. The same three categories (A, B and carbon) represent the heart of that method.

For a better understanding, we will explain the categories to you in advance and therefore give you an application example:

  • Category A: Here you result up the factors and elements with that highest priority. Just keep c / o those basic stock up a few few factors that you very clearly feel bigger. This will give you a clear sketch.

  • Category B.: Elements with medium priority and priority find their sports facility here. That wealth for each of the list of this middle class should be less significant than that for each of the factors of that category A.

  • Category carbon: Experience has shown that most of the elements are here. Classify factors and elements in the category of carbon that only make a relatively small contribution to the company's fortune when combined. What is meant here are small or unimportant tasks and projects. If you are reluctant to see the abundance of elements in this category, make sure you do not spend too much time and concentration on it.

Five steps to successful multi-project management

The following guideline can now help you c / o that overarching planning, e.g. B. those budgets and resources, one appropriate categorization hold true:

  1. You create one collection of all current and planned projects in one inventory.

  2. Define the criteria for each the categories (A, B, carbon). Price, strategic weight or planned sales can act as clues for you. In addition, put limit values on hold.

  3. Fix You with those criteria of any project.

  4. Arrange the project list after yours Precedence, e.g. B. subsequently planned sales or the expected price.

  5. Assign the projects to the three categories. Your ordered project list contains of you defined hems for each the three categories. 

The bottom line is that you use the result of that ABC summary for each of your goals. In our example, you can deduce the budgets and allocation of those resources for each of the next quarters.

Conclusion: Multi-project management supports the coordination of complex projects

Multi-project management has the demanding transfer that Planning, central control and that Controlling coordinate multiple projects at the same time. Headquarters Software solutions support that Project management now, to simplify collaboration and communication between employees and teams.

Methods like that ABC summary can now help you keep the syllabus at each stage. Targeted, agile action is also an important success factor for any multi-project management.

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