Social media lives from images. No wonder, because The human brain processes images a few thousand times faster as words. This can be seen not least on social media: According to one Study of visual content on Twitter received contributions with a sketch noticeably more interaction and more retweets like pure text contributions. If you want to generate consideration and reach, you should then set up visual content.

But there is a problem: Numerous companies use more like linking social media waterways - and those Networks all of them entail own looks and layouts.

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Differences do not only rule between the platforms. As a secondary intrinsic part of a network, numerous formats usually live in favor of different positions, purposes and functions

Users should then have contact with a large number of different social media image sizes and take them to heart in order to be able to optimally display their visual content. In this guide you can find the Social media image sizes in favor of major platforms - en vogue and clearly arranged.

Current image sizes in favor of social media: What you should be respectful of

Social media platforms all have one thing in common: they are supposed to be between one uniform visual experience and the Convenience for the benefit of users and content creators judge. In this case, the specifications in favor of social media formats can be very easy and unambiguous. In what rule is this enough Aspect ratio must be adhered to and a sufficient granularity to ensure. If the specifications are more complex, it is mostly because the same sketch is displayed differently in different locations.

Certain deviations are possible, especially within the scope of the image height. Images with the wrong aspect ratio will be scaled, stretched or cropped. Content creators should then always test all important display types.

Think mobile first:

Optimize social media image formats primarily for the benefit of the display on smartphones and tablets. Most target groups are most likely to access your content on the go. A perfect display on the desktop is of little use if the images on the smartphone are barely recognizable or load too heavily.

Linking up important social media formats look

Reluctance to all the differences between the platforms lead to certain ones Social media formats such as standard established. They are available in almost all platforms and are dozens of times similar in format. Sometimes it is possible afterwards to do the same template to use several networks with little or no change.

For brands, it is very important to use the same social media formats cross-platform homologous to design. This is how you generate in all social networks that you use in the context of your Social media strategy play on, a uniform and recognizable sketch Your corporate identity.

1. This side view

This side view is your flagship. Typical motifs are Logos or your own face. Appreciate clear casts and good contrasts for this to happen Profile picture last but not least, it remains recognizable in its small format.

2. Title, cover, flags and backgrounds

Those elements are that visual bearings in favor of sides and profiles. They allow the design of larger areas and create a certain atmosphere. With cleverly chosen motifs, you can represent the corporate identity and the central themes and values of your brand in a clock-controlled manner.

3. Posts and stories

Those motifs represent the actual content, which is continuously enriched and renewed. It makes sense to have one uniform and memorable imagery to flourish, which enables your fans and followers to easily recognize and assign contributions from your channel in the feed.

4. Preview images and thumbnails

Some platforms provide users with a good overall view of the content in galleries, searches and previews. Those thumbnails are not the least important, though Pictures like link to be shared.

File formats

The most important social media image formats are

  • JPG In favor of photos and Illustrations
  • GIF and PNG in favor of clear graphics and embedded script
  • GIF is also suitable for the benefit of Animations

All common operating systems can handle these formats very well.

Social media image sizes in favor of Facebook covers and posts

Facebook is by far this largest social network and has upwards of three billion users worldwide. It offers a lot of possibilities to publish and share content. In terms of versatility, the social media image sizes are in favor of Facebook.

Image size in favor of Facebook page view

  • Aspect ratio 1: 1
  • Display on the desktop: 170 px x 170 px
  • Display on the smartphone: 128 px x 128 px

Image size in favor of Facebook title and flag

  • 851 px x 315 px (minimum 400 x 150)
  • Display on the smartphone: 640 px x 360 px

Image size in favor of an event 

  • 1200 px x 628 px
  • Caution: Cover pictures with a good 100 kB are accidentally compressed, which can reduce the quality.

Image size in favor of Facebook posts

  • Facebook unintentionally resizes the image when it is uploaded. You get the best results with a width of 720 px, 960 px or 2.048 px

Social media image sizes in favor of Twitter

Twitter is extreme fast, makeshift and in vogue. Some tweets generate a high level of consideration very quickly. Many of them come into consideration, not least in which neutral conductor. The situation is cramped: Image contributions result in better development opportunities in this competition.

Image size in favor of Twitter page view 

Image size in favor of Twitter title 

Image size in favor of Twitter posts 

  • Picture mail
  • 1200 px x 675 px

Image post with multiple images

  • 7:8 + 7:8
  • 7:8 + 7:4 + 7:4
  • 7:4 + 7:4 + 7:4 + 7:4

Social media image sizes in favor of Instagram

That main focus in the context of Instagram is upwards high quality composed visual content. Visibility comes primarily from being strong engagement. Since images are this central medium, many different social media image formats live on Instagram.

Image size in favor of Instagram side view

Image size in favor of Instagram posts

Width 1080 px

  • Aspect ratio between 1.91: 1 and 4: 5

Story post

Story highlightsStory highlights

Social media image sizes in favor of Pinterest

Another network with a visual focus is Pinterest. The platform is originally aimed at photographers, creatives and artists. Secondary companies and self-employed people who want to use which neutral conductor to answer the phone are increasingly spying on them Importance of which pin boards upwards Pinterest - not least because the products shown can be tagged straight up to the pictures. 

Image size in favor of Pinterest side view

  • 165 px x 165 px
  • around

Image size in favor of Pinterest posts

Different as in the feed is upwards Boards the displayed contribution amount is unlimited. This means that Pinterest can be used for the benefit of very strong infographics.

Image size in favor of Pinterest thumbnails

  • Board preview
  • 600 px x 600 px

LinkedIn membership fee: sizes in favor of all formats

This largest international business network, LinkedIn, is used by companies, employees and the self-employed to network and initiate business. Among the 750 million users worldwide and 16 million in which DACH region, many executives and executives decide, which is why LinkedIn is an excellent place to meet the Strengths of your own business-to-business brand to highlight.

Image size in favor of LinkedIn profile pictures

  • Profile photo
  • 400 px x 400 px

Business logo

Image size in favor of LinkedIn titles

  • personal profile
  • 1584 px x 396 px

Business Page Title

Business page pennant

Corporate culture main image

Corporate culture - corporate photos

Image sizes in favor of social media upwards Xing

This business portal Xing has a makeshift 20 million users in which DACH region ahead of the international market leader LinkedIn. That main focus is on that Structure of personal networks in favor of recruitment and job search.

Image size in favor of Xing profile pictures

Side view

Business logo

Event logo

Image size in favor of Xing titles

Profile title

Image size in favor of Xing contributions

Image contribution

Event picture

Social media image sizes in favor of YouTube

Second, up to the most influential video platform, there is of course no successful gig without pictures. YouTube requested social media images in favor of Profiles that preview videos and in favor of the presentation of which channels. 

Image size in favor of YouTube side view

Image size in favor of banner images

  • At least 2048 px x 1152 px with an aspect ratio of 16: 9

Image size in favor of YouTube thumbnails


Three tips in favor of high quality raw material:

  1. Appreciate a high granularity of the raw data with 300 dpi or more. For the best of concrete purposes, scale down below.
  2. Save all RAW files and intermediate steps individually: They can be used efficiently for other purposes.
  3. Where possible, create several variants of a motif in portrait, landscape and square.

Conclusion: If you have contact, you are on the safe side.

The social media image formats of the various platforms are partly very different. Play everywhere similar formats a role. With well-prepared source material can save you a lot of time.

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