Have you ever noticed that many successful restaurant delivery services have orange and red websites and logos? Lieferando, Lieferheld and Delivery Hero are just a few examples for this purpose. Not a coincidence, but Color psychology. Because shimmer works. Even you Web design and marketing can benefit from which right color choice. Be amazed what researchers and psychologists say about the influence of colors.

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Color Psychology and Emotions: How They Are Related

Basic psychological studies to the emotional Effect of colors Gen those buying behavior suggest that different colors are different Remember emotion systems in the brain. Different colors therefore induce different feelings. 

If the choice of colors on your website reflects your core message and optimally appeals to your customer base, then it can work together with your customers awaken positive feelings and thus add to the company's success. But which shimmer causes which reaction in the brain?


Blue and its influence: We hand over self-discipline and proof of achievement

The shimmer blue stands in the western culture per properties like Care, reliability and punctuality. It certainly also includes characteristics such as trustworthiness, truthfulness, sympathy, euphony, calm and loyalty. It then applies worldwide favourite colour. Perhaps you are now asking yourself for which industries and customer bases that shimmer is up-to-date. 

The insurance industry, all forward heavyweights like the coalition and the Munich Re, testify to the power of the shimmering blue to use against human emotions. Both in the logo and also in the website, the two industry giants convey exactly the properties that a potential policyholder is looking for through the shimmering blue.

Color Psychology Marketing: Allianz logo

Inexperienced and its effect: a feeling of naturalness and health

The shimmer that stands for nature is inexperienced. Even what spring, the hope Balance, freshness and health are associated with it. Who therefore uses a lot of inexperience in which corporate communication?

Many Organic seal such as Bioland, Naturland and Biopark design their logos and other marketing measures predominantly with inexperience in order to highlight the naturalness of their products, the added health benefits and responsible production for their customers.

Color psychology marketing: green logo from Bioland

In this way you meet your target group, who according to a study made up of responsible, as good as urban people, whose common values are a healthy life and fair consumption. They let their high standards cost something and for this purpose they accept a lot of additional work (such as regional procurement).

Pink stands for openness, consumption and weakness

Be with this shimmer Tenderness, suppleness, softness, mildness and sweetness associated. Grandparents, who are looking for a Christmas present for their grandchildren, perceive what glimmer they are pink and other delicate pastel tones probably more addressed than by a black advertisement. Even cultural influences play a role in this key point: pink is female, blue traditionally male.

The "Barbie" from Mattel has been one of the best-selling dolls in the world since the 1960s. The pink logo thus reflects the optical and emotional properties that the female doll is supposed to convey: pretty to look at, cuddly and sweet.

Color Psychology Marketing: Pink Logo by barbie

It certainly pays to be dominant about which characteristics you want to convey to your customers from the company and which colors match the needs of your target group. 

Color psychology in marketing: shimmer shapes the purchase decision

Every shimmer transports one emotional message for our brain. As brain researchers in collaboration with marketing sociologists have established, purchase decisions are made up to a size ratio of 95 percent controlled by the unconscious. Although which reports or the customer makes a supposedly conscious mastery, in fact the researchers certainly agree that unconscious processes in the brain guide our decisions to a large extent. 

Against this background, it is particularly worthwhile for a marketer to dominate which characteristics they want to convey to their customers from the company and which colors match the needs of your target group. The influence of which colors exactly have contact helps them to be used in a targeted manner. A few examples of best practice are intended to illustrate how corporate values are conveyed in abundance.

Sunny yellow is a sunny shimmer. She stands pro good mood, cheerfulness, development, openness and striving for freedom. Smileys are just as yellow as the logo of the General German Automobile Club, McDonald's and Ikea. You radiate optimism. Mobile target groups who place numbers on a combination of friendly and helpful tableware are likely to be perceived by the “Yellow Angels” of the General German Automobile Club and the mood-enhancing effect of the colors of McDonald's and Ikea in particular.

Line together with a car breakdown, everyone can use a little cheer. Depending on the color scheme, a combination of potential properties is also conveyed, such as the competence and dominance of the General German Automobile Club in road traffic through the combination of sun yellow and black.

Color psychology marketing: Yellow logo from ADAC

Orange and red: which emotions are addressed?

Exhilaration, performance, odor, pleasure, sociability and activity are some of the emotional messages that the colors orange and red hold ready for people. Even sun yellow, orange and red apply appetizing. A hungry person who orders a meal usually wants an aromatic food that they enjoy eating together and that is quickly delivered to them at a reasonable price. The color core message of Lieferando and other delivery services addresses precisely this need and also has a stimulating effect due to the orange shimmer.

Color Psychology Marketing: Logo of Lieferheld

Color sensation and color psychology

Everyone has a favorite color, so to speak. Personal preference certainly does not have to be the best choice for your website. As part of which choice of which colors per the online show you should especially your Target group as well as their needs and preferences put in the foreground.

If you perceive the technical term "melodious sound", think of equilibrium and balance if necessary. In which world of which colors can this certainly mean shrill, wild and contrasting color compositions. Which colors match the preferred solution for you, your product, the company and your target group also depends on which Style of content you want to color and which one suits you best.

A histogram e.g. B. should noticeably answer the call from the background. A high-contrast pair of colors with pointing of the information carrier, therefore the bar, is most pleasant to look at for the viewer.

The colors per your webpage: Pick them cognitively

Colors quickly jump into the user's visual organ. Visual content such as images, videos, GIFs, graphics, and charts are great for helping the To evoke consideration of customers. Even text attracts more attention thanks to a colored background, as the visual differentiation has a stimulating effect on the readership. As part of which range of products which colors you choose for your Web design you should cognitively choose those that suit you and your target group and embody the targeted values of your brand as well as possible.

Conclusion: positive customer experience through colors

Colors have a major impact on marketing and design. A well-coordinated choice of colors sets effective accents and can be potential customers succeed at a deeper level of consciousness and steer. If you use colors skillfully, it can have a positive effect on the customer experience and thus increase the company's success.

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Originally published on the 13th fourth month of the year 2021, updated on the fourth month of the year 13, 2021

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