For smaller companies it is more and more important to be connected to Google and the WWW. The corona worldwide epidemic has shown that companies that were digitally prepared had better cards. Qua local company, no matter what industry, you should put together Google MyBusiness Item. How does that go? We show you.


Which will bring me a Google MyBusiness Item?

Google MyBusiness entry

A Google MyBusiness item looks like this

If you google the name of your company afterwards, you will find it. And you think it's better. There are numerous advantages that this item brings with it: ratings, these messages can quickly plan the route to you via Google, linking this phone number, company description that is visual, and much more. It is also rumored that companies that put items together will have a small advantage in this Google search.

You see: An important aspect is the direct contact information that these messages immediately see upwards at first glance. It also beautifies the search for your company. This will make you look professional.

A key benefit for any local business is findability more than that Google Maps. Routes can be planned and this message immediately knows where your company is located. In the same sense Alexa or other services use the Google map services. In the same sense, opening times can be bent as desired and are therefore immediately visual via Google.

How do I compose a MyBusiness Item?

It is neither that difficult nor that to put together a MyBusiness Item. To do this, go up the Google Business page and click the "Get started now" button upwards.

Google MyBusiness

Enter your name here and find the item or create it

It may be that your company already has this item. Then you can quickly find the company and order access from Google as a resident. If your company is still not to be found, you can set up the item here without any problems. Enter the name, select the industry / company category and create the item. Under this registration you will be asked whether you want to be found on maps. We recommend choosing such a right of first refusal. You can also choose the area in which your company operates.

To achieve this, you have to ratify that you are the owner of this company. To do this, you get intrinsically 14 days to put together Keys by post office, which you then have to stimulate in the Google account.


This is how you manage your MyBusiness user account

MyBusiness Account

Manage the Google MyBusiness user account: completely trouble-free.

When your item has been made, you can use this Google MyBusiness administration (Link: Maintain your item: Post pictures, update your logo, change opening times, or add the company's website. Changes are then quickly visible once you have confirmed the key via the post office.

It is also possible to temporarily close the company - so that they can quickly see that your place is closed. Advantageous, as many google the opening times before they move where. So do we.


You see: it really isn't rocket science.

We recommend that you have this item set up professionally - should you not have any knowledge of it. For the attention of many companies, there is no time to take care of such entries. We are happy to help you in this context should you need any help.

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