The SEO success of a website depends on many factors. The fastest developing medium invites you to make fundamental mistakes. For smaller operators in particular, paid tools are not easy to use without the necessary know-how. So, to start with, we're introducing free tools to get you started with SEO.


RankMySite is a free English tool that is available for many SEO issues. Checks the meta information of a website, as well as backlinks and everything else that is important for SEO.


RankMySite is clearly and simply designed

The free version offers all the features like the premium version, but is limited.

Including keyword analysis, backlink checker, social media check, visitor analysis, and much more.

This way to RankMySite

2. Seobility

Seobility offers a free SEO check for your website. The tools are not comprehensive, but offer a quick and short overview without complicated registration.

Seobility website

This is what Seobility looks like

Click here for Seobility

Description: Check any website with Seobility's free SEO Check to identify technical errors and problems with the Onpage optimization to find that separate you from the top positions on Google.

Determine your individual SEO score as well as individual scores for the sub-areas meta information, page quality, page structure, linking, server configuration and external factors.

In order to achieve noticeable results quickly, the prioritized to-do list shows you where to start with the optimization.

3. Seorch

Seorch is also free - a short but crisp tool for search engine optimization of your website.

This way to Seorch


Compliance with the guidelines for search engines is an important factor for SEO success and thus the ranking of a website. The SEO check checks your website and shows you errors and problems that prevent a good ranking. Search engines like Google now use several hundred ranking signals to evaluate a website. However, various technical SEO factors must be error-free for a URL to have any chance of ranking well.

The SEORCH SEO Check is free and checks more factors than any other SEO Checker. You can analyze your site, then make improvements and just do an SEO analysis again. Each URL can be checked as often as required. You can simply generate a PDF from the finished analysis or save the URL of your personal SEO check to work with it later.

SEO depends on many factors

There is no such thing as “the one SEO trick” to be successful. In addition: SEO costs time. Much time.

Ultimately, the success of the website depends on many factors. To get an overview, use an SEO tool of your choice.


There are many tools for SEO - and many roads lead to Rome. So try the tools out, and the ones that seem easiest to use make the most sense to you!

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