For each company, projects open up a framework for tackling extraordinary tasks and challenges in addition to day-to-day business. But this requires two fuss above all: an additional financial plan and resources. Since they are not inexhaustible, many projects are rejected - especially if they are Project proposal unconvinced.

That project proposal is what the first step pace in Life cycle of a project and often crucial for its approval and eventual hit.  

Download: Practical template for your project plan

You hold the lecture here on what is important and use this structural paradigm as a customizable project proposal template.

That project application in the company

A project proposal has to convince the decision makers in the company to do this Approve the project and release funds for this purpose. Several departments and teams often compete for scarce resources in a company. This project portfolio management is faced with the challenge of selecting those applications which are the preferred solution for which strategy and the company's goals.

If teams want to repot innovative ideas, they have to be able to represent them plausibly. The argumentation for this purpose is similar to the pitch with which a provider applies for a contract. Company-wide are suitable for comparing different suggestions as smoothly as possible uniform templates for each project proposal.

The contents of many project proposal templates are based on which one Project management- DIN 69901 standard. If there are specific requirements, a company should prosper on the basis of its own template.

Project proposal template: Convince managers with a recognizable purpose

The project proposal template identifies all of the questions and information that decision-makers require. In this case, the manuscript may only be two or three pages long. If a large financial plan is desired, or if many departments or even international partners are involved, it can become much more complex. the Basic structure always remains the same.

When a team creates a project proposal, the applicants work out which queue according to the questions from which template. They divide up orders per research and the collection of relevant statistics. The opposites and evaluate them, they result together and let them into that Draft version of the project proposal.

The central semantics in the project application are which Purpose per this company. Every other data, analysis, numbers, facts and statistics are used to support this purpose. An important rule is: as little as possible, yet as extensively as necessary. While data is clearly substantiated with sources, the basis for decision-making improves and with it the unpredictability of approving the project.

Basta combine the business case to create an efficient project order

In which reality is the central evidence in the project application which Business case. Depending on the source, this includes the representation of the actual and target state, the project goal, the benefit scenarios, alternative courses of action, risk analyzes and the complete cost calculation. 

That business case comprehensively justifies why the capital expenditure in this project is justified. Depending on the template and source, which business case can be one of several parts or the main content of an application. In this project application paradigm, the questions that each business case answers are listed as individual points.

Characterizing the business case as conclusively as possible is not only worthwhile in order to get a project approval approved. In terms of initiation and implementation, a well-structured marriage proposal can be used to conclude which project assignment.

Project Proposal Paradigm: You items should entail your project proposal

A project application is divided into different areas, which both approve important information for each decision-maker and provide detailed explanations for possible implementation.


That headboard contains the organizational data unite look up:

  • Project designation or project name

  • Project number according to which valid nomenclature

  • Project type, if desired

  • Name and status of which project manager

  • Names of which project members


At the beginning, the executive summary summarizes only the most important points for each elevator, whichever elevator pitch is used quick summary together. Stay in contact: 

  • Reason and opportunity

  • project goal

  • Main benefit

The postulations are to be kept as scanty and concrete as possible. The length should not be more than 500 characters. Ideally, which project proposal is already on the road to success with this section of text. The following data has to be done only to corroborate and ratify this.

Starting position: opportunity and current situation

This part describes the opportunity and the reason why this project is is unavoidable and sensible. These are mostly internal or external developments or new challenges. 

This includes the description of the current situation with all relevant data. The postulations on the relevance of the project are decisive for this purpose, which priority is given to which marriage proposal.

Project goal: target status and KPIs

Now which target state follows. Which changes when this project goal is achieved? How is this noticeable? 

The definition relevant KPIs and which target values to be achieved be in possession of. 

Depending on the genre of the project, a catalog of the requirements that the problem solving must meet can be part of the section. More complex project applications can refer to a detailed specification sheet.

Project benefit

That center of evidence is that Description of the benefitOne project per this company has. A common means of demonstrating the purpose in a tangible way is to describe it in scenarios. On the one hand, they should be pictorial and non-slip, and on the other hand they should be as specific as possible.

A simple method of bringing the purpose up to the counter in a structured and traceable manner are FAB statements (fluorineeature - A.dvantage - B.enefit). 

A paradigm: That change in customer management from Excel tables to a fully-fledged one CRM.

  1. Feature: The automatic linking of tasks, appointments and notes with customer data.
  2. Advantage: saves 40 seconds of time per contact.
  3. Purpose: Enables 11 percent more productivity per sales team.

The Utility analysis. In this case, sub-goals of the corporate strategy are listed, often with one characteristic per weighting. Then scores can be assigned that state how closely this project corresponds to the sub-goal or which priority. 

The result is a coherent overall picture with a smoothly comparable numerical value. The prerequisite for this is that there is a lightly formulated strategy with postulates remaining partial goals and priorities.

Options for action

Decision-makers require a comprehensive assessment Information remaining alternatives and further options for action. In this case, at least the “Do-nothing” right of first refusal must be characterized: What happens if this company stays with the status quo? 

A comparable representation is suitable for this part, as in the context of which description of the project benefit. Comparison scenarios, parallel benefit statements and utility value analyzes create a transparent foundation for choosing the optimal problem solution.

Project environment

Projects can take on large dimensions and get out of hand. With a clear project delimitation, you demonstrate tangibly, which areas of the company are affected and involved.

Which areas are free to intervene in? Which ones draw strength and which ones stay outside? The demarcation of the environment can be smoothly represented graphically with a schematic company sketch.

Risk analysis

the Assessment of opportunities and risks plays a central role in the approval. A proven remedy is that SWOT summary. It structures the data in a 2 × 2 matrix according to internal drawbacks and strengths, external risks and paths.

In order to provide an optimal basis for decision-making, the data should be supported by sources and expert analyzes. A good source is what extraction of relevant data from the company's marketing statistics, to which applicants add missing project-specific statistics.

Price and calculation

That part of the number proves that Profitability of the project and is a crucial element in the project application. Here it becomes visible which price will cause the realization of the project goal in the individual phases and steps.

If it is suitable, the expenses can be compared with an equivalent value: In the form of foreseeable income or a cost reduction in a suitable period of time.

Project flow

That process of the planned project is expressed in one Time schedule the end. In this case, project phases and important milestones are marked.

Conclusion: A project application should be well planned

A project application can be the start of a successful project that gives the company decisive advantages. In order to explain this before you begin, you have to do it Opportunity, goal and purpose be communicated precisely and conclusively supported by arguments, analyzes and figures.

A well-structured project application template, which is adapted to the specific needs of the company, makes it easier for the teams to compile the required data and the decision-makers with the qualifying ones Comparison of competing project proposals.

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