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Guide: How to Download FiveM Mods

For a successful roleplay server on FiveM you need many things: a functioning team, a server, and of course: Various FiveM mods to give players a good gaming experience. After all, who likes to play on a server that has nothing to offer its players? No one.

With FiveM Mods it is possible to expand the game world of GTA 5. Imagine using single player mods for GTA 5 - FiveM mods are pretty much the same, only for FiveM servers. Awesome right?

Attention! The tutorial applies only to FiveM (and not to RageMP or AltV). For other clients, please check their manual/tutorials for more help. We are referring exclusively to FiveM today.

Step 1: Preparation. Find a source for suitable mods

The following sources are classified as trustworthy:

Now go to the page of your choice and look for a mod you want for your server and download the file.

We use this file in our tutorial

We use the Eclipse PoliceCAT Tablet for ESX:
Of course you can also use a free download, it doesn't matter what it is!

2 picture
The tablet offers a lot and is currently on sale.

Step 2: Open and unzip in server-resources

3 picture
The .zip / .rar file of a FiveM script

You will find a folder in this file. Now copy this into the server folder "resources". Then open your server.cfg file and add the following:

start eclipse_cad

Instead of eclipse_cad you then use the name of the folder that you unzipped.

Don't forget to save the server.cfg afterwards. When you're done, the file should look like this (example):

5 picture
Your server.cfg should look like this. Instead of eclipse_cad you simply write the name of the folder (script) and you're done.

Step 3: Reboot server and test on the server

Once your server has restarted (this can sometimes take a while, but it's not bad), you should be able to use the script. Check the FiveM Mod's instructions for how to use/open the script.

As we can see, the script is working now:

4 picture
The tablet can be opened after we have installed it.

So, now you are done and have installed your new FiveM Mod. If you followed the steps correctly and didn't make any mistakes, you can now enjoy the new features of this download and make your players happy with it.

Important: Test every FiveM mod before you publicly present it to your players. For this I recommend the creation of a FiveM test server. We will explain how you can set up a test server in a new post that will follow shortly.

Questions or suggestions?

Then write your question or suggestion in the comments. I've been active on FiveM since 2019 and I'm happy to help players with questions and problems.

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