Which map service Google Maps is the first address for many users to spy on virtual shops, restaurants and other businesses in that district. Companies that are listed on Google Maps are assigned a pin that provides relevant information as well as reviews of the action in addition to being clicked on.How to list your business on Google Maps and how you can optimize your visibility in that local search is knowledgeable in this fee.

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What are the advantages of a Google Maps item? 

A Google Maps item increases your chances of being found by potential interested parties in that Google search. Today, more than ever, local shops depend on being listed alongside Google Maps, because this is the only way to be able to do so local search queries have good visibility be achieved. If, for example, a user is looking for a suitable action in favor of shoes in that area afterwards, Google Maps is the first point of contact. 

In addition to the location information, the person searching also receives pictures, reviews and an explanation of the action. The information convey a first impression of the company and increase that customer trust. By linking to your own website, the online presence of the owner can also be strengthened. Incidentally, the contact is made easier in the course of this.

But don't worry, you don't necessarily need your own website for your Google Maps item. Smaller companies without a website have the option of linking items above that platform Google My Business to create a virtual flagship for the benefit of your own manufactory.

So you can create a linked Google Maps item

To create a linked Google Maps item, you need a free google account. You can do the following: 

  1. Come Google My Business and click the Get Started Now button up.
  2. If you do not yet have an item besides Google My Business, select "Add company to Google". 
  3. At the next pace, give away the name, business and location information for your company. 
  4. If you would like your company to appear in that Google Maps search, give away the exact address data and then set the pin up to the correct status.Google Maps Entry 1
  5. In addition, you have the option of Catchment areas to specify. This right of first refusal is particularly useful in favor of delivery services and mobile services. In this way you expand your customer area and subconsciously increase your reach in that Google Maps search.Google Maps Entry 2
  6. After you have all the information given about your company, be sure to do yours Verify item. To do this, Google will send you a postcard with the activation code. Optionally, you can also complete the verification by email or phone.

What are the Google Maps item prices? 

Google My Business and that item in Google Maps are one free tableware of the search engine giant. The Google My Business tool gives companies the ability to improve their brand's own online live gig in search results. Carelessly and with the help of step-by-step instructions, even beginners can create the entry. 

Would you like the device of the Google Maps entry as much as possible SEO professional left, tableware fees plop down. Agencies (such as Flyeralarm) take care of your digital business card along with Google and ensure that you are found in local search queries. Which tableware from Flyeralarm only costs 159 euros.

How to change your Google Maps item

Your company is moving, are you planning another branch or would you like to change your business areas? she Adjustments you can easily do it yourself. You can do this with your Google My Business account. Under the menu item "Message content" you can prepare your address data individually:
Google Maps entry 3Aside from that, you can expand or delete the catchment areas as you wish.

Google Maps Entry 4in the Google My Business dashboard you also have the opportunity to make many more statements about your action, which in this case will help you to be found more easily in that local search. You also get insights into the important statistics. Know how the number of those apparitions upwards on Google Maps or how many people a route to your action called with Google Maps entails.  

Increase visibility in Google Maps

There are few reasons why your own company is not displayed on Google Maps. At first walking pace you should always check whether you can use the Verification triumphantly cordoned off entail. If your Google My Business item is not verified, it may be a reason that your company does not appear in search and on Google Maps. In addition, there are other reasons why your item is not displayed correctly:  

1.) Several companies in one location

Google has a problem with adding more than one company in the same location. This can become problematic for companies that operate in a cobalt working office. In this way, add so many to your item relevant information as possible. Purpose include images, a logo, the statement with key keywords, and google posts. Also, aim to generate enough good reviews. This is how you show Google that your company has relevance in favor of search queries. 

2.) Violation of Google guidelines

Which item in addition to Google My Business is subject to certain guidelines. If you violate this, it can lead to your company not appearing in that search. You like different business areaswho need to link their own items need to be able to fix them in full light by linking their own company names to the main company. 

Also don't forget to have one own category and telephone number assign. Second, should be different from the main company. Google itself offers Help with the guidelines. Should you ever have been punished, you can easily correct it. 

3.) Double item on the company

Duplicates are recognized and punished by Google. Seen in this way, always aim to delete the linked company entry first before creating a new one. If an item already exists that you have not undertaken, you will be asked to access the device along with the device. After you have asked for this, the current owner of the entry can grant you access. 

It is also possible that Google link automatic company entry created. You can then merge it with yours. Contact the Google support

Interested parties flow through the action with a 360 ° tour

Stand out from the competition and use the full potential of your Google Maps entry. The 360 ° tour through your company. Above all Restaurants or Höker benefit from this extra. 

For this purpose, Google provides contacts to professional photographers who can provide evidence of both the outside and the inside of your shop. Propose Street View for the benefit of your company and give your Google My Business Item more visibility with this right of first refusal. 

Conclusion: good visibility through Google Maps Item

An item on Google Maps helps companies in this case local search queries have good visibility to get. With the help of Google My Business, the location of your own company can be easily added to Google Maps. Pictures, Google Posts, a company description and contact information also give the item a higher rating. Reviews not only provide a positive impression in addition to potential interested parties, but also show Google that your company is in demand.

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