When small businesses start inbound marketing, their budget is usually limited and few resources are available for advertising. But it doesn't have to be expensive: Google My Business (formerly Google Places) is an excellent opportunity to expand your own presence on the Internet without large investments. Here companies can advertise intrinsically which search engine is free of charge, without having to factor in additional expenses for pay-per-click (PPC) signing.

Since Google tries to get the number of its local search results - and which Google Maps program - to exponentiate, which search engine giant unite offers you an easy way how you can transfer valuable company information to Google. They then flow openly into the search engine results.

What are the advantages for you? In short, you get a way to advertise your business up to Google for free. And let's be honest, who wouldn't want free Online Advertising?

It is not only here that it helps that your company shows up in searches. In the same way, it can help you to attract more traffic, more leads and customers.

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This makes it easier for potential customers to find companies and get a unified impression of the service and the offer.

Google My Business: Free Online Advertising

Let's take a look at an example: If you search for "Italian restaurant Cologne historic district", this restaurant "Ristorante Toscanini" ends up in the Google My Business search results above seat one. Neither bad, right? Mainly because it's completely free!

Google My Business search results for "Italian Restaurant Cologne"

Screenshot: Google search

Here's how you can optimize Google My Business 

To set up your free item for Google My Business, you will need the following information:

  • One short presentation Of your company.

  • Your phone number, address, website, opening times and more Contact informationthat you want to prominently witness.

  • A Logo or a sketchthat embodies your company (for example a sketch of your office, shop or restaurant).

To unite Set up item, follow these simple steps:

Walking pace 1: set up an account

You are eligible for upwards https://www.google.de/business/. To set up your company on Google My Business, click the button "get started now".

Start Google My Business

Screenshot: Google My Business 

Remember, your Google My Business account will be linked to your Google account. In the event that an item already exists, you can hit it at any time and enter new information about your company.

All you have to do is grab the Google account that you use to create the item or ask the account owner for access. If you don't have an item yet, click up "Add company to Google".

Add a company to Google My BusinessScreenshot: Google My Business 

Then give away the full company name.

Add Google My Business company nameScreenshot: Google My Business 

Walking pace 2: Give away industry and location information of your company

So that customers find you better in which search, you are now one to do category for the attention of your company. If you type a single letter in the line, Google will automatically help you to find suitable terms.

Select Google My Business CategoryScreenshot: Google My Business 

Uff the nearest TV you can decide whether you want Location data for the attention of your company as well as yours Phone number want to type. Especially if you are in retail, hospitality or service sectors, it is important to provide location information. Interested parties can be found openly on Google Maps.

Show Google My Business locationScreenshot: Google My Business 

Enter your address details and then force the exact status on Google Maps.

Select Google My Business location in Google MapsScreenshot: Google My Business 

If your company only serves certain cities or districts, the next step is your Periphery define and indicate the areas in which you operate. This option is useful for companies that can only serve a certain range (for example, a pizza delivery service) or that are represented in a niche market (for example, a jet ski rental on the beach).

Define Google My Business areas and delivery serviceScreenshot: Google My Business 

If you do not have an actual store (for example, if your company operates online and offers goods and services at your customers' location), you do not have to provide an exact address, but rather carry your company as a company in the catchment area up Google.

Uff what way can you get one Periphery based on zip codes or cities you serve or set using an area in your area. Then when people search for a business that corresponds to your item, your business will be displayed up a menu intrinsically to that area.

Set the Google My Business service areaScreenshot: Google My Business 

Step speed 3: Give away your contact details and countersign your department store

In the last step, give away the contact details that should appear in the search results. You can leave the contact details blank in the same way. If you would like interested parties to be able to record contact (by phone or website) with you, donate the information to. 

Provide Google My Business customer contact informationBefore you can complete your company's item, you have to do that Terminate the device. This way you countersign synchronously that the information you have entered up to this point is valid and that the Google My Business Terms of Service agree.

Step speed 4: verify your company

Before Google publishes your item, you have to verify that your company actually exists. By doing this, Google wants to avoid fake entries and advertising. Google will intrinsically give you one in four days Postcard with information about verification and send the following steps. The delivery could be delayed due to the COVID-19 worldwide epidemic in the same sense. You can now verify your company in the same way by telephone or by electronic mail. (This is how it works.)

You can skip the verification step for now, but you have to countersign your company if you want your free advertising to be activated on Google.

Verify Google My Business account by postcardScreenshot: Google My Business 

Walking pace 5: Complete the information on your company's item

You will be prompted at the next walking pace services Of your company and opening hoursso that interested users can find you better.

Add your company's services to Google My BusinessScreenshot: Google My Business 

In addition, you can specify whether users have permission to openly contact Google further. To do this, activate the button "affirm news". 

This is followed by a brief description (of a maximum of 750 characters) of your company. Explain the text for a being slogan. Add the keywords with which you want to be found in a search. Try to keep the text short so it doesn't get cut off in Google My Business search results.

Add 750 characters to Google My Business descriptionScreenshot: Google My Business 

You then have the opportunity to pictures that represent your company. This cover picture should be representative and visually appealing for your company, so that it falls into the eye.

Hit Google My Business: Customize your item in the dashboard

The information you provide above is whatever Google needs to list your business on Google My Business listings. While it is a good idea to Google your My Business page to optimize. In order to hit your Google My Business item, you should consider the Your account dashboard.

Google My Business Dashboard in the Google AccountScreenshot: Google My Business Dashboard

The following options are available to you lying ready:

  • Posts: Create posts and inform your customers about upcoming promotions or events. You have the option of adding a discount code and giving users a unique buying experience.
  • Information: Here you can enrich and optimize the information about your company. You can add the following information to your Google My Business item: location information, catchment areas, opening times, telephone number, website, products, services, special attributes, accessibility, service options, safety and health, presentation of the company, opening date and photos.
  • Statistics: Get more routine with your customer base and see how your company compares to the competition. 
  • Reviews: Lecture and counter upward reviews of your company. In this way, you remain committed to your customers. 
  • News: After you have agreed that interested parties have permission to continue contacting Google, then you can counter the messages here. In the same way, you have the option of setting up news via SMS. 
  • Photos: Assign your photos to different categories. So you can show “indoor shots”, “outdoor shots”, photos of the team and even videos. 
  • Products: Add products to your Google My Business item. 
  • Services: Change or add other services to your department store. 
  • Website: You have the option of creating your own google.site website in order to convince interested parties about your company. If you do not have your own website that you can link to, you can use the right of first refusal. 
  • Create monitor: Openly link Google My Business with your Google Ads account to create bespoke signatures. 

Google My Business sales channel: add products

Increase the amount of your customer visitswhile adding various products to your Google My Business item. The products are displayed in which mobile view under the tab "Products" and on the desktop under "Product overview".

To a Create product, click in the “Products” tab upwards “Start now”. Now you have the option of adding product-specific information and images as well as adding a link to the product on your website. If you own a restaurant or coffee house, you can use the "Favorite dishes“To provide insights into your menu.

Answer Uff Google My Business Reviews

Under the tab "Reviews" you have the option of to respond to reviewsthat users have published. In order to intensify customer loyalty, you should always fThank you for your feedback and receive suggestions and criticism

If you leave accusations unanswered in the reviews, this will give prospective customers the impression that your company has a poor quality of service. Your reply will appear in the reviews with the label "Reply from Owner". 

Should you find comments in the reviews that contradict the Published Content Guidelines speak, then you can Report and remove a review permit. 

Bottom line: Promote your live online event using Google My Business

Google My Business enables marketers to provide existing and potential customers with information in the place where most people look first: which one Google search. The platform also offers interesting opportunities to advertise your own live web event free of charge.

Google Ads Guide

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