A GTA5 RP server is a way to live out your virtual life. You play a character and anything is possible. This character has a job, an apartment, and a car. Many a player even plays a homeless person. The fact is: everyone plays as they want and lives out the life of their character as they want.

The most important basics

RP is diverse. From gamgster or villain to cop, you can play anything. Simple forklift driver or managing director worth millions? Everything is possible - choose your role.

Once you have chosen a role, a little background story is important. Who do you play What is your character? How did he get into town? Have you had any significant experiences in your RP character's past?


The communication

Communication is the be-all and end-all on a GTA roleplay server. Talk to your fellow citizens, invite them to go fishing together, plan joint raids on jewelers - be creative. Learn that you can't always win and always expect a reaction when you take an action. You have to get used to it: Realistic behavior is important and must always be played out. Grand Theft Auto V is not always realistic, but on RP servers realistic behavior is assigned to the man (or woman).


What servers are there?

It is important: There are different mods for GTA5 to get started with the roleplay. There are FiveM, altV and RageMP servers.

on Five-RP.de you can log in and play out your virtual life. FiveRP is one of the best GTA5 RP servers for beginners. So register today and meet new people.

There are many: jobs

There are many jobs or ways to earn one's bread and water. Choose your path wisely, it could be crucial and affect the future of your RP character.

Jobs such as policeman, doctor, paramedic, woodworker, mechanic, taxi driver, bus driver, farmer, driving school teacher are possible and playable. In principle everything is possible and concepts are welcome on most GTA5 RP servers.