Concis a quarter this German uses video streaming services at least once a week. In addition to the media libraries of Das Erste and Zwei Deutsches Fernsehen, international providers such as Netflix, Amazon and Sky are incidentally well ahead in the current streaming ranking. Hardly anyone has a sweet tooth when it comes to video streaming Facebook Watch up on the screen - this format has existed since 2017.

How Facebook Watch works, what it has to do with the Facebook streaming service and to what extent this is here Advertising worth it, she's used to this game of hide and seek.

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Which is Facebook Watch?

Facebook Watch is this one Video-on-demand activity from Facebook. Since the start of this platform in 2017 in the USA, this offer has increased 1.25 billion viewers worldwide per month Stably positioned in the global streaming market. Daily use around 140 million people Facebook Watch with an average length of stay of 26 minutes. According to this assessment by some experts, this tunnel portal definitely has its own Possibilities not yet fully exploited - especially on the German-speaking market. 

But incidentally, a positive trend can be recognized here, as more and more global partnerships between Facebook Watch and established TV providers, Cooperations with well-known creatives as well as in-house productions are implemented.

Right here they are Strengths of the portal: high-quality productions, various monetization options and an enormous reach with many possibilities for interaction can be found on Facebook Watch. This makes this activity especially interesting for marketers who Advertising and content marketing operate.

Facebook Watch: TV and streaming market at its core

This platform's streaming offering is on the up many end devices available. Smartphones, desktop PCs and incidentally TV apps can pack up the vast catalog of video content. Like its competitors, Facebook Watch is thus positioning itself to the established TV offer.

Not least incidentally, because this provider has managed to create a variety of Production partnerships to enter into the classic TV media. This enables Facebook Watch to display broadcast formats already established on the market such as “Galileo” or “Germany's next top model” on its own platform.

With this video app IGTV This online service Instagram, which belongs to Facebook, created a platform in 2018 that also puts video content at the core - just upright. It's been running for a long time Try connecting the two services and to summarize this potential, a final merger is by no means in sight.

The users themselves pull up on Facebook many optionsto see Facebook Watch content: In the news feed, up pages, in groups or above the search. Facebook is increasingly trying to standardize the processes in order to establish a recognizable experience.

Users can also search for precise videos or browse the personalized watchlist with new videos from subscribed sites and profiles. Reluctance to make some efforts, the surface immediately scores with its variety of functions and clarity.

What content does Facebook Watch offer?

Facebook Watch puts the focus on content Multiple episode shows. In this context, between four categories differentiated:

  • private content generated by users,

  • professional productions,

  • Productions with official partners and

  • Facebook original productions.

For every German audience, Facebook Watch cooperates with, among other things known stations from the Private television like ProSiebenSat1, RTL2 and the production companies Brainpool and i & uTV. The popular formats that find their way into the catalog are in possession of Stern TV, Voice of Germany, Galileo and this car magazine Grip.

The most famous productions from this Facebook Originals snake are the talk show "Red Table Talk " as well as the drama series "Sorry for your loss " and "Sacred Lies ". With solid to very good reviews and audience numbers, the network has made a successful start in the USA.

Facebook Watch Party: since the fourth month of the year 2021 has been discontinued

The most famous feature of Facebook Watch was the so-called Watch parties. Watch parties could be created like a contribution form and served to watch videos linked on this platform. Which author could put together a playlist, share it with friends and visit it, post it in groups and receive viewers. 

The "campfire atmosphere" at shared, synchronous video streaming was one of those key ingredients in Facebook Watch. This feature was discontinued on the 17th, fourth month of 2021, whereby Facebook informed its users about the final of this routine with a press release above. Why Facebook has discontinued the Watch Party feature is unclear.

Upload Facebook watch videos

The process of posting videos on Facebook Watch is basically no different from other video platforms such as YouTube or Dailymotion.

In spite of this, there is a unity: Although users and companies of the social network can publish films above your Facebook user account, this network does take this content in the Facebook Watch catalog only under certain circumstances up.

It is therefore not possible to relentlessly publish videos on Facebook Watch. This feature is currently only available to selected production partners.

In addition, the publication is on Facebook Watch linked to certain conditions: Currently only videos from Pages with at least 5,000 followers. Facebook Watch does not show videos from personal profiles. 

In addition, this network gives little information about the criteria by which it adds videos to the catalog. The following Factors definitely increase the likelihood of publication:

  • Pages with a lot of followers,

  • high content quality,

  • no pure advertising content and

  • Series with multiple pursuits.

Advertising on Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch works well to Reach and visibility to generate in favor of brands. Gamification elements, behind-the-scenes formats and similar content can fill a brand with life and relentlessly create more closeness to its own community on this platform.

Successful publishers can also cooperate with advertising partners in order to earn money with this own reach.

Open cycle controlled In-stream ads combine an exciting way to post ads in a new way beyond the crowded newsfeeds.


Empty publishers can apply for monetization on the platform. Now become this three ways offered:

  • In-stream ads. The interruption cannot be skipped and offers a high probability that users will perceive the content.

  • Branded content. In line with influencer marketing, publishers advertise their cooperation partners from simple product placement to completely sponsored episodes.

  • Fan subscriptions. Fans get access to a low monthly membership fee for the benefit of clubs without content.

For each the monetization of Live events The platform is also experimenting with a reward system called the above Facebook stars.

How to turn off video ads in favor of Facebook Watch

The placement of video ads takes place similar to other advertisements above the Facebook business manager. Here you can define the target group and choose from extensive functions with which you can generate ads quickly and easily from the existing content of your site. Our will tell you which of these you should take into account Guide to successful video ads.

For each personalized display within the scope of your target group, Facebook, in comparison with industry leader YouTube, uses related high-quality and extensive facts.

In this Direct comparison YouTube still has the previous part in front. There are certainly big ones in the area of content and user behavior Differences between the platforms. With a Split test you can decide the means of choice in which platform you want to invest.

Conclusion: Facebook Watch is worth looking at

This streaming tunnel portal Facebook Watch has established itself victoriously since 2017. Because free activity with close interlinking of social network and video on demand Facebook Watch creates its own niche.

The placement of Video ads and the production of branded content are interesting options in favor of your online marketing strategy. The easiest way to find out whether your ad is performing better on Facebook-Watch or on YouTube is the split test above.

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