2018 saw the social media network Vero merge unprecedented hype. The number of users of that app rose from around 150,000 to a good 3 million. But then it became more and more quiet around the platform. However, Vero himself was hardworking: There was a major update only in the month of the beginning of winter 2020 - how many active users this affects is unclear. Because statistics on the use of the network can only be found sporadically.

We did some research: What about Vero and what new functions and possibilities does the app offer for marketers? You will find all of the important things here.

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This is how the Vero app works

Vero is currently a free one social network, which was published in 2015 and the app "Vero - True Social" is abundantly available. The app was launched with a clear declaration of war to the big players of the social media cosmos. The vision of Vero founder Ayman Hariri is now lucrative: Hariri wants a better, morally motivated social network create and distribute.

Typical social media functions should be open to Vero, but those regardless of a strict algorithm and advertising use provide.

If the functions of Facebook and Instagram were initially taken up, applications of messaging services such as WhatsApp are now at a standstill in the same sense as the plan of that app. But what exactly can Vero do?

A small part more stylish, a small part more adult and somehow a small part which of everything: Whoever signs up under Vero, will probably especially like it layout perceive addressed. In contrast, the usage options are of course more important. In the month of the beginning of winter 2020, Vero will be releasing Update 2.0, which brings the app together with a fresh look and a variety of new functions.

screenshot of the vero app

Source: Screenshot Vero app

If you wanted to post a status update, you had to combine it with a graphic, book, video, link, location or song beforehand. Since the update, apps, films, series and games can now be shared with that community in the same way. In this way, every interaction with friends quickly becomes a surface Recommendation.

The own contacts are divided into close friends, friends, associates and followers, so that under each membership fee it can be decided again who gets to see it. We already have that contact from Facebook, but it works noticeably less complicated under Vero. There is also the right of first refusal, a profile in the same sense unobjective to pursue.

Since the 2.0 update, a large number of Vero have even been able to make voice and video calls. It is particularly practical that you don't have to do without surfing through the feed - because first of all ... synchronous is possible. Vero's goal: The users should be kept as strong as possible in that app - Vero combines all functions that are normally covered by several apps on one platform. 

Last but not least, the chat subprogram has been optimized: Recommendations can be sent to friends and dealers via chat. With the help of the new bookmarks - which are already well-known from Instagram - posts can be saved in the same way. 

The navigation bar in the home feed is also divided into various postal service categories. For example, “Popular films” and series are listed under the “Films” tab. Due to the cooperation with that strip and series database "The Movie DB“If you click upwards, the corresponding title will even show the plot, trailer and income. As for the rest of the “Shared by others” counter, users can connect in the same way with other people who share their interests. 

vero space sweepers screenshot

Source: Screenshot Vero app

Social media without ads: how does Vero finance itself?

"Less social media, more social life" is the catchphrase from Vero, with which Hariri wants to counter fundamental developments in conventional networks. Because here both private users and, in the same sense, companies are increasingly annoyed by constantly new algorithms that no longer display contributions chronometrically or incompletely. 

Instead, posts are promoted for the benefit of the paid. In addition, the two platforms that are part of Facebook bring together users without a remainder. Reputation as "data octopus" traded because they unite detailed information from a large number of registered people and sell it profitably.

Vero rejects all that. Here, every post office should show unfiltered contacts chronometrically in its own feed, there is no paid display. In addition, Vero promises not to link any information that goes out in abundance of what is needed for registration (Name without real name, electronic letter note and telephone number for verification).

But of course the app cannot do without funding in the same way. Currently, companies can position their products on Vero and the Buying process just ample the app perform - Vero can of course pay for that sub-program. Different than on Facebook or Instagram, however, you only get to see the products of companies or artists that you follow. 

The “True Social” app has been criticized in the same way

The technical flaws and server problems that accompanied the great hype of that app in 2018 seem to have largely been resolved today - probably in the same sense, because that trend did not persist excessively. 

Although there are still critical voices: Doubts criticize the fact that the network emphasizes its data protection claims on the one hand, and on the other hand, under that registration, the Phone number of those users. Although this is the safest way to identify yourself, for many it is, in contrast, too private.

Last but not least, the measure, the first million users of the app to be relieved of registration feesIn order to generate as many members as possible as quickly as possible, questions are inconvenient. Vero has been offering the free pre-emptive right to register for several years, which cannot be scanned from that mode of communication. Here it says: “Free for a limited time”. Concrete numbers plentifully the amount of memberships do not live until now.

If you take a look at the terms and conditions of that app, you will also notice that the Information on data handling not so tangibly different from those of other social media platforms as the network communicates it outside. Because Vero certainly collects usage dataif, according to their own opinion, in the same sense only for Improvement of your own performance.

Has Vero been able to upgrade its position in marketing?

Vero is still hardly one of the better Social media strategy to find. Because the principle of that platform sounds to those in favor of the classic Push marketing initially uninviting: there are no classic advertisements. 

Which remains is Influencer marketing. Since Vero mainly relies on the passing on of recommendations, it is of course a good idea to put the power of opinion of specific influencers upwards. Marketing teams can also benefit from the lack of filtering of those posts, since all followers of an influencer are guaranteed to see the corresponding posts.

For Facebook or Instagram, on the other hand, that is no longer the core. In this way, noticeably more interactions and more gifts for advertising companies can be recorded upwards.

However, this remains a major weakness of the network lack of integration options. Posts cannot refer to either YouTube or Spotify. Instead, there are only affiliate Sinister to Apple Music. Last but not least, the cross-network sharing of posts is not supported, so that the possibilities of cross-platform marketing cannot be used, at least for now.

Vero also does not offer a live sub-program that represents a significant feature extension in the updates of large networks.

Niche platform for creativity

Vero feeds a culturally and visually hungry target group: If you look up at the members who are suggested when that app enters, it quickly becomes lucrative that Vero has developed into a niche platform for creative people. People who are on hand cultural, journalistic and cinematic products are interested in Vero.

From the strip to plenty of your favorite song to the best app: Vero offers the opportunity to find out plenty of culturally relevant products, to recommend them or even to buy plenty of the app. 

For this reason it is no wonder that stars like Madonna, star photographers like Rankin or the music and fashion magazine Clash are represented on this platform. However, this is noticeable in these users in the same way that the Strength is noticeably greater in the USA because in German-speaking countries. Companies or agencies from the DACH region are roughly few and far between. 

The features of the app, the diverse functions and the innovative information mode make the app still exciting. Route for the hands of creative agencies, artists, musicians and magazines, Vero could in the future be open to exciting opportunities in the same sense in German-speaking countries. 

Conclusion: Vero is still relevant to creative minds

The former hype surrounding Vero seems to have flattened out as quickly as it emerged. Although the app merges itself by merging chronological feed and waiving upwards classic advertisements It is lucrative to distinguish it from other networks, without that great success of the app. A lack of statistics on current user numbers also shows that the Power of that app to force more precisely. 

However, it seems lucrative that Vero is above all in that Creative industry established in the USA and will continue to exist. It remains to be seen whether the platform will be able to establish itself in the same way in Germany. 

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Originally published on the 6th fourth month of the year 2021, updated on the fourth month of the year 06, 2021

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