Audio marketing up Spotify offers exciting potential for every company - from display signing to plenty of podcast ads to video takeovers. With the increasing popularity of podcasts and other audio formats, the target audience is growing.

why Spotify Ads For everyone who is particularly interested in online marketing, which possibilities are currently alive and which a display on Spotify costs, you are firm in this fee. 

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How do audio ads work? Spotify advertising formats in the syllabus

Spotify finances itself abundantly, among other things Advertisements, which are played out to members who only result in a free account on that platform. However, the podcast ads introduced in 2021 hit casually paying subscribers who have plenty of premium membership in the Spotify context. The offer for every advertiser has thus become more complex over time.

In the following we will introduce you to the newly available advertising formats up Spotify: 

1. Audio Ads

Audio Ads are signifying that played between songs will. You are a maximum of 30 seconds. With the help of a display companion banner, the display can be linked to the website or an app. That call-to-action intrinsically that audio display prompts the audience to follow the link to the corresponding offer. 

2. Sponsored Sessions

Sponsored Session are Video signingthat are recorded without interrupting the listening experience. The video ads only run when that audience is active in that app. After the video, a clickable display is placed. The sponsored sessions also have a maximum length of 30 seconds. After the display has been played, the audience receives 30 minutes of streaming without commercial breaks. 

3. Video takeover

Video takeover-Signify will be played out when a member busy looking for music or a podcast. The signatures contain a companion banner and combine CTA to increase the click rate. Video takeovers are particularly useful to increase brand awareness. 

4. Sponsored playlist

Another great advertising format to promote gangrene awareness is Sponsored playlists. With the help of the Streaming Intelligence from Spotify, playlists can be compiled that hit the nerve of their own target group. Intrinsically this can then native advertisements to be placed. 

5. Overlay

Overlay-Ads are played out when the streaming person returns to the Spotify app. The display ad is clickable and links to your company's website or app, thus ensuring an increase in traffic for each.

6. Web Offer Takeover

Homepage takeover are also display signatures that unite period of abundant 24 Postpone the payment period like the banner on the homepage placed by Spotify. You are thus restrictive up to the desktop version of Spotify.

7. Leaderboard

Casual Leaderboard-Ads are just up the desktop visually. The display screen is played for 30 seconds when the Spotify software system can be seen briskly on the tube.

8. Podcast Ads

Since then, 2021 are now casual Podcast Ads possible for any any company going up Spotify. In as far as possible all Spotify original and exclusive podcasts, pre-, mid- and post office roll signatures can be switched.

To create Spotify Ads, a stand still Large number of speakers to disposal. In some cases, the podcast hosts can casually speak the displays themselves - those host reads are particularly popular with the audience. 82 percent prefer that podcast audience advertisingthat was set to music by the host himself. 

That reinforces them Closeness to the audience and ensures that the audio format is not interrupted by a possibly completely new background noise and voter voice. That one OMR podcast we already use this form of signification and present exciting products and services for everyday marketing to that audience in his podcast episodes. 

Why podcast ads are becoming more and more interesting

Around 345 million People use Spotify on a monthly basis - and of those, 22 out of 100 listen regularly Podcasts. In fact, the number of those podcast listeners actually doubled in 2020, like Spotify announces itself

This audio format is particularly popular in Germany: In Germany, 27 out of a hundred Spotify users are already using podcasts. For the attention of the marketer, this means above all that yours Target audience up Spotify is growing steadily and open up new potential.

Digital audio marketing is not only interesting because of the increasing number of users: It casually reaches the users up a completely new flat land like other advertising platforms. That purely auditory format offers previously unused possibilities - so show Studies, that the Regard that audience is particularly high in the context of podcasts.

In that OMR podcast poll It also shows that podcast audiences exceptionally urbane are - 85 out of a hundred qualify for university entrance qualification and 55 out of a hundred for university graduation. Thus, the income of that target group is incidentally comparatively high - the monthly salary of 50 out of a hundred of that audience is a good 2,500 euros net. In addition, young listeners in particular are blown away by the audio format. Kurz 67.4 out of a hundred are premature between 21 and 35 years of age. Women and men are almost equally distributed - with around 60 out of a hundred men and 40 out of a hundred women. 

Podcast fans tune in for two main reasons: Entertainment and information gathering. This is an important insight for every advertiser: Spotify Ads should reinforce the knowledge content or entertainment character of the podcast, not interrupt it.

The podcast audience is advertising namely in principle not unsophisticated - loud OMR survey Concise 60 out of a hundred of those surveyed even find it good when a suitable product is advertised in their favorite podcast. The ad should be in the podcast incorporate naturally and not distract from it. 

Spotify for Brands - Streaming Ad Insertion

Origin announced January 2021 Spotifythat they are the advertising format Spotify Podcast Ads and in the course of this, incidentally, that control tool Streaming ad insertion (SAI) for every advertiser in Germany. With the control tool, advertisers now not only have the opportunity to tailor podcast ads to their target group, but they also receive insights into a variety of metrics in the integrated campaign reporting with which those laurels of that display can be tracked.

The tool provides important data on the ad in three places, namely in the following areas:

  • delivery (Generated ad impressions, reach, number of vibrations), 

  • Target group insights (demographic data, listening behavior and devices used) and

  • Creative performance (Completion tariff). 

Based on these metrics, campaigns can be precisely evaluated, which allows marketing teams to continuously optimize their own audio marketing strategy. 

LinkedIn, Otto and MediaCom are presented on the Spotify Internet Diary like the first German partners. LinkedIn tested the new advertising format during the beta period and was able to achieve a completion tariff of 96 percent record. 

Spotify Ad Studio: A Quick Start Guide to Each of the Self-Tableware Advertising Platform

While advertisers still have to knock on a form in the context of Spotify in order to realize their audio campaign, this will be history in the future. That company is already working on one Self-tableware advertising platform called Ad studioThat it should give advertisers (as far as possible) to create their own signatures.

And it works like this: The advertiser chooses the right one on that platform Background music for each one's own display the end. A whole audio library of licensed free tracks is available here, which Spotify provides. On the other hand, an innovative track can be uploaded at the same time. 

The advertiser writes in at the next pace Script, which will be performed by a voice actor in that later display. Before the script is set to music, the language of the ad as well as the appropriate voice actor have to be selected and final instructions for each of the speakers are transmitted. This ensures that exactly the right note is hit.

Now that frame of that ad is constructed: A Companion image, link and call-to-action are clear from the advertiser. Now Spotify has very relevant information - that advertiser can lean back and wait for Spotify to put together the perfect ad on the basis of those specifications.

Then there is a post office: A Spotify audio ad with green music behind the ears flutters into the virtual mailbox - and is ready to be played out!

For the attention of the self-tableware advertising platform (Ad Studio), interested parties in Germany can currently go up one Register the waiting list.

Spotify Ads: Price and Booking

If you don't want to wait for the ad studio, but want to start relentlessly, you have to be innovative get in touch with Spotify relentlessly. You can do that just like clockwork abundantly Contact form on Spotify Advertising to do. Here you casually relentlessly donate which goal you want to pursue with your campaign. 

In terms of price, the campaigns up Spotify start in context 350 Euro. If you would like to develop a link in a display, the target website must be provided with an SSL certificate - because Spotify only accepts redirects to secure https pages. 

Conclusion: Spotify offers a variety of advertising options

Spotify Ads are an exciting measure for anyone Audio marketing. With the textbook for the advertising format Spotify Podcast Ads and the associated control tool Streaming Ad Insertion in Germany, audio streaming offers new, exciting opportunities for everyone data-driven podcast advertising.

With the Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI), Spotify also offers advertisers important insights into the performance of switched signatures. And even after this permission, advertisers with a smaller budget have been pleased by the way: With the Spotify Ad Studio, a strong self-serving tableware advertising platform is already in the starting blocks for everyone in the German-speaking market. 

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Originally published March 24, 2021, updated March 24, 2021

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