Compared to other social networks, Twitter is extremely fast and trivial. Through this open, asymmetrical following normal, you can follow the latest thoughts and events of any user here. What fuel of Twitter is the thirst for knowledge of over 500 million users with over 100 million active accounts.

That secondarily arouses the thirst for knowledge of marketers. the Twitter trends are an interesting musical instrument to separate the wheat from the chaff. They help you decide which topic you want to interact with as a brand.

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What are the Twitter trends?

Twitter creates with over 500 million tweets per day This is the largest social data volume of all platforms. That presents marketers and professional users with the challenge of making selections. 

The Twitter trends are current Lists which 50 most frequently mentioned topics. They indicate which in which gift is in front, divisible by two without remainder. Either:

About 60 out of a hundred Twitter trends are hashtags. In addition, terms and phrases that are often mentioned stand still.

Mobile and secondarily desktop users see the Twitter trends highly in the sub-program “Spying”.

Twitter trends-1Source: Screenshot of Twitter spying stagnation

With Trend takeover functions The platform offers brands various options for a fee to position messages directly on Twitter trends. Short video formats rarely perform well.

Twitter Trending Topics: Which topics have potential?

In an internal review of what trending topics from two years ago, Twitter six focal points turned off:

  • Wellbeing 

  • Creator Culture 

  • Everyday Wonder

  • One planet

  • Tech Life

  • My Identity

Which classification is initially very rough. It really already shows that the Twitter trends concrete points of contact are open to each very individual story. 

Twitter trends can be revealed in terms of time and their relevance can be classified into several categories:

What categories can be the starting point for each of your Social media marketing use differently.

Fold your target group on Twitter with the right trends

Trends that compound high long period continuously high gift generate, are well suited to break down developments in which public opinion. In this way you can assess the increasing or decreasing verve of topics and give these topics higher or lower priority in marketing.

A pattern: Twitter trends such as “Clean Corporation” with 53 percent and “Buy local” with 120 percent increase, for example, show an increase in value for topics in the field of “sustainable consumption”, which brands should not ignore. Anyone who deals with suitable topics can regularly use the same trends.

Spontaneous Twitter trends on current conditions often fold very long range in a short time and quickly disappear again. Brands generate high such waves of attention with low magnificence lightweight very high visibility. A prerequisite is skillful time management. 

A pattern: The #NationalVegetarianWeek or the #GrüneWeek are excellent opportunities to visually create a brand with appropriate information and offers.

Lots of Twitter trends hold true the communities and arouse broad motivation. In fact, the interest group that can be reached is as good as unspecific. This applies above all to any current political and societal topic. Here brands make it more difficult to assert themselves with their own message, but high visibility can certainly work in the event of success.

A pattern: Neoteric hashtags such as # loosening and terms such as "family doctor" that refer to the worldwide epidemic and are relevant for a broad public are trending daily. Retailers can tap into it while they present their hygiene concept to the sample.

Other trends are relevant to every active niche. Smaller groups with high activity are involved here. With well-selected, specific trends, brands have a high risk of being noticed by their own target group.

Some examples: Which hashtag #Ehefueralle achieved a highly composed private postal service with the humorous drawing of a conservative politician selectively enormous reach. A great opportunity for every fashion online shop with a corresponding target group to promote the pattern of holiday fashion for every same-sex couple and thus to take a secondary political position.

Use Twitter trends or set your own trends?

Acquaintances brands with long range entail the possibility of to set your own trends. The prerequisite is that the Community what brand is looking for and you're listening. The resulting visibility can change the Basis for successful campaigns will. 

Smaller brands are only able to set their own trends in exceptional cases. They use as good as the en vogue trending topics to position their messages. That is important Targeted range of suitable Twitter trendsto meet your own target group. 

The time management plays a decisive role, because the peak time of a trend often postpone only a few payment deadlines take.

Only succeed in all cases authentic messagesthat clearly relate a topic of which brand to the trend. 

Use the Twitter Trends API

The Twitter Trends API allows you to Real time select the 50 strongest topics. Beyond WOEIDs (where on earth identifier) local analyzes are possible. This is how you can find out what is being tweeted about the most in vogue in certain places. Locally and regionally positioned companies thus receive a very powerful musical instrument to cutting edge topics on site to identify.

The right, spontaneous reaction is a challenge, because trends often only take a few weeks to postpone payment. Yet there are approaches on how you can have more predictability for each of your Twitter Marketing work. For example, your team can try foresee interesting trends for each of your fires.

Twitter trends often stand still in connection with special information, major events and other foreseeable or regularly recurring events. Anniversaries and milestones for each personalities and institutions that are associated with special topics are also one Ability to predict trends

A pattern: With the disappearance or final of the corona worldwide epidemic, live concerts and festivals are impatiently awaited. Brands can prepare suitable messages for selected events here.

Twitter trends worldwide

The worldwide Twitter trends are extremely diverse and because of the large proportion of foreign-language hashtags only usable to a small extent. Important topics are politics and sport, certainly secondary niche topics such as potassium pop music, which have very active communities on Twitter. There are really secondary opportunities here to skillfully position topics. 

A pattern: On May 4th, 2021, seat 1 of which Twitter Trends, as expected, went to Star Wars with the hashtag #maytheforth unsurpassed. Anyone who was able to position their own messages in a humorous way was sure of which gift.

Twitter trends in Germany

If the search is restricted to Germany, more usable trends can be reliably communicated to the company dock your own messages can.

Some examples

With #homeforwhovians, fans of the British cult series Dr. Who remember because very specific target audience. 

Regularly trending tweets with the hashtag #JanBoehm. Brands can creatively and confidently refer to the popular satirist's topics and benefit from his level of awareness. 

Conclusion: Increase the visibility of a brand with Twitter trends

The Twitter Trends are open to marketers extensive opportunities to Break down topics and Connect your own messages to trending hashtags and terms. Beyond Trend takeover Brands place paid advertising on selected trends.

Long-range companies can set your own trends, who should certainly have an eye for reliability. The API gives local trend lists that regional companies can make excellent use of. the Prophecy of topics that are very likely to be trending gives Twitter marketing more predictability.

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Originally published May 20, 2021, updated May 20, 2021

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