In this policy entail Social bots Generated large bomb during the 2016 US election campaign. You stand still in this criticism, to pour political opinions and to help determine the attitudes of this user community.

But if it is in favor of companies, the programmed computer robots can ennoble difficulties. Shitstorms and fake news are challenges that business accounts have to face in social networks.

How you recognize social bots, which one is behind them and how you should react to fake news, is routine for you in this fee.

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How do social bots work?

Social bots are programmed software agents. They take on actions in social networks that are normally carried out by human users. Behind social bots are algorithms that determine which chains of action should be implemented by the robot. 

The procedure: As a rule, bots search for specific keywords on social networks. If those appear in this Twitter, Facebook or Instagram timeline, this social bot carries out the programmed action. 

A mindset: A bot recognizes the keyword "Contest“Under an Instagram postal service. Fake news is then sent to subscribers to the channel to falsely tell them that they have won - of course from a fake profile. This bot gets the facts of these users. 

Bots also take over other functions in the social networks - However, these are seldom linked to a positive intention. Social bots can Post comments, like posts and spark fictional conversations. In most cases, however, this is always the same operation or comment.

With a little more programming effort, however, are Chatbots possible that result in complete conversations. Social bots are used for the benefit of PR or marketing deceptions and accumulated if already in favor of political purposes

Man or machine: How to recognize social bots

Social bots are used to initiate discussions, to reinforce an opposition, to spark shitstorms, to initiate (opinion) trends or to distribute fake news. As you can see, the Linked List of these negative reasons is much longer than the list of positive ones. Of course there is a human intention behind it - that of the developer. 

Social bots are ubiquitous on social networks and should be the cheapest be recognizedbefore they cause trouble on your profiles, mislead your followers and damage your reputation. However, the developers are giving themselves more and more nuisances, bots to program human-likewhich is why it is neither so easy to recognize the difference between man and machine right away.

Enough for this reason, we have put together a little guide with our best tips so that you don't put it together with a bot Social media troll confound.

1. Use Versus bot software

The software Botswatch has set itself the goal of identifying false content and fake accounts on social media. However, the tool here mainly focuses on the 7-Sep of this publication - if an active user account has a rarity value, it could be wrongly classified as a bot. With the online tableware Botometer Twitter profiles can also be checked for authenticity. 

2. Trust up your judgment

In addition, however, you should use your own judgment to discover whether it is a fake profile. Versus bot programs are still in the making. Many influencer and celebrity accounts are imitated by social bots. In this respect, always examine whether it is composed verified user account acts. You can recognize it by the blue horse's foot. 

3. Identify recurring sample

A look at the follower-linked list can also reveal whether it is a real user account - because bots often hear bots. If a user account keeps posting the same comments under your posts, you can already assume that it is a composite social bot. 

If you are not sure, you can test whether this user account can enter into conversations. Bots have long since ceased to be wordless, but they are not as creative as this person. You will hardly be able to have a normal conversation with a bot - instead, you will receive ready-made texts and always the same text samples. 

The dilemma of social media: fake news and shit storms 

Social bots try to bluff or irritate users. It is not uncommon for the intention to be that Damaging the image of a particular profile. Fake news (German: false reports) are spread and shitstorms, between which a user account is flooded with negative comments, are instigated.

If your user account is being hit by a social bot, you should transparent deal with this situation. Always pursue a digital reputation management that corresponds to the guidelines and values of your company.

If, for example, a social bot gets in your way between a competition on social media, then inform your followers immediately. Apologize between the people involved and take appropriate action. 

It can also be helpful to monitor via social bots and your followers to testify to the problem - because only 22 percent of Germans know what the term social bot is all about.

If a bot comments on the same text over and over again, you have the option (including on Instagram) to exclude certain words from your postal service's comments. 

Especially up Twitter Social bots rage, as tweets have a very simple postal service structure. But if it were Facebook, Instagram and Cobalt. are increasingly confronted with this challenge.

To what extent social bots steer political opinions and threaten parliamentarism has not yet been clarified. However, fake news and Hate comments have serious consequences - especially if there is no reasonable response to it. 

Conclusion: Social bots are increasingly difficult to recognize

The developers of Social bots continuously strive to imitate human activity on social networks in order to distribute fake news, implement their own program of action and damage the image of certain accounts.

Take action quickly as soon as you realize that your profile is being attacked by a social bot. So you and your Community protection.

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Originally published on the 16th fourth month of 2021, updated on the fourth month of the year 16, 2021

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