Podcasts are arrived in a broad target group, because they open up what modern consumers demand: information at the push of a button and a large national team that is available at all times. The audience can choose for themselves what, when and where they want to listen to the podcast - ideally for free. For the good of companies, podcasts from there are a promising medium and advertising format to distribute their content in an entertaining and detailed manner.

In this commitment, she routines which one Marketing potential in podcasts stuck and like you become a podcast host yourself.

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In several episodes, podcasts explain certain topics for information or entertainment purposes.

Why companies create podcasts

In the US owned by Podcasts has long been part of the repertoire of media makers - whether for private individuals or companies. Subordinate this German-speaking area has recognized the usefulness of podcasting and is following suit. So uses meanwhile almost every third regular podcasts. Knowledge and news broadcasts are now at the very top of this popularity list. The same maturation incidentally harbors great potential in terms of marketing and customer loyalty.

It also has the potential of podcasts like Advertising format increased. Spotify now offers a whole range Formats for podcast ads at. Interesting are podcasts in favor of companies because of that incidentally with regard to advertising management. According to this OMR Podcast Study, most podcast audiences do not perceive themselves to be casually unstable.

But on the contrary: 82 percent of the audience find native advertising Well. But now it is about a very special format - namely advertising that is spoken by the host himself. That's why podcast ads need to be done - even more than in other marketing channels - hit the nerve of this target group and, for this, are best set to music by the podcast host himself.

The advantages of podcasts as a marketing tool

A key success factor in this monologue of target groups and customer loyalty is this Framework of trust and long-term relationships. Goals that can be achieved in particular through helpful information and a credible show.

Podcast combines which two factors: On the one hand, it is the optimal format to comprehensively inform a target group of more than relevant topics and to deliver the required added value. Again, in a podcast, you give your company and your content a large portion of personality by depositing your vote.

That spoken word not only communicates your content, but casually leaves one with that time connection This arises between you and the audience: you learn to have contact, get used to your vote and to receive valuable information from you, such as audio files. In this way, a solid, trustworthy foundation is laid for the benefit of the customer relationship over the long term.

Deliver podcasts Information "on demand". This means that customers cognitively choose to listen to you for this purpose - regardless of time and place. Whether on the way to work, doing sports or cooking: A podcast can easily be in the yoke of your company customers integrate.

You can also do a podcast relatively inexpensive produce and reuse. Once created, podcasts remain available on the Internet forever and the content can be consumed again and again by new subscribers. By cleverly re-marketing this content, content from podcasts can still be “recycled” years later. Regardless of how do you start that now Podcast theme?

Podcast Apps: You do not have to decide in favor of one

A few years ago iTunes was the sole leader of these podcast apps, but many other apps have now been established, such as Spotify, Google Podcasts and Castbox. Regardless, don't worry: you don't have to create your own podcast feed for the benefit of every single app.

In this rule, it is sufficient to upload your own podcast to iTunes and Spotify, since the other podcast apps use the Podcast feeds Served by Apple and Spotify. In the following, we will show you step-by-step instructions on how to create a podcast using iTunes - and how you can then be casually present on Spotify with your podcast.

Merge iTunes Podcast to Create

From this mastery Become a Podcast Host, until the first podcast on iTunes requires a lot of preparation and planning. Podcasts often become like a complement to an existing one Online marketing measures used. So that your podcast works optimally for your benefit in terms of your content marketing strategy, you should primarily deliver one thing to the listeners: helpful content that you get through the Prepare an exciting podcast and to whom you give the gift of temperament.

1. Enforce your goals

At the beginning you should deal with why and in favor of whom You witness the podcast. Answer some basic questions:

  • Which do I want to work with the podcast?

  • Whom do I want to address the topic with the podcast?

  • As can I integrate the podcast into my marketing strategy?

You are most likely to have more thoughts than those before you begin this reception tonality Of your podcast. Above all, do you want to appear approachable and relaxed? Or are you aiming for a professional, distanced show that is convincing primarily through its wealth of information and less through its entertainment factor?

Casually conclude these considerations reliably Social media channelsthat you should use for marketing: For example, whether you should advertise Instagram or LinkedIn in favor of your podcast.

2. Define the content of the podcast

Research topics that interest your target group and that are particularly relevant to them. You should also plan the individual podcast follow-ups in advance in order to have a rough roadmap in front of you. 

You should make it a goal to include exciting information in your podcast as well Appropriate responses and solutions for the needs and problems Present to your target audience. Podcasts are the ideal way to remedy faults, to turn customers into an emotional situation and to open up added added value for you in a clock-controlled manner. With an extra dose of storytelling, you create solutions with an entertainment character. 

In addition to your personal know-how, you can of course also casually refer to external sources while you are using interview situations, for example. Invite experts to your podcast to give this audience exciting industry insights.

3. Structure the podcast framework

To ensure a consistent course, you should use each Podcast episode plan exactly and create a script for the benefit of the receptionist. Whether individual keywords or formulated sentences - judge yourself now according to your personal preferences.

It is important that you perceive yourself confident enough to convey the content in a debt-free and interesting way. Preparation and a script are immutable, but like podcasters, you shouldn't cling to the text too compulsively and feel. Think of the script like a reminder in favor of filming it. In addition, you have the opportunity to invite guests who care for diversity, generate reach and thus enhance your podcast.

4. Record your podcast

After this preparation, it's time to get down to business: the reception of the podcast. To do this, you need:

  • unite suitable space with as little reverberation and background noise as possible,

  • a good microphone and unite Popschutz (you can find advice from the well-known podcast host Gordon Schönwälder in favor of good microphones here),

  • a fitting Recording software and

Your prepared script.

5. Editing and creating a podcast intro

To your podcast To testify "suitable for the listener", you should cut the raw material of the audio. Cut the content to the desired length, explant bumpy passages, unwanted pauses, noises or slip of the tongue and add elements such as Jingle, intro or outro to increase the recognition value of your podcast. Furthermore, banish to a comfortable volume. That podcast shouldn't be too loud or too quiet. A suitable help is this audio level, which is available in every editing program: Make sure that this is always in the green area of validity.

6. Make your podcast search engine compatible

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) casually works for podcasts. To make it easier for potential listeners to find you, you should provide a summary (so-called Show notes) Write with the essential content, advanced Sinister and relevant keywords.

7. Place your podcast cover stiff

If a podcast is an auditory medium, this first contact with the audience will in most cases take place in a visual environment. To that extent create a matching coverthat matches your branding to ensure a professional and consistent phenotype on the podcast charts and libraries.

8. Create a podcast feed

In order to publish your podcast and offer a subscription, you need to unite Rss feed, all of which contains information about your podcast and is subconsciously expanded and updated for each new podcast episode. An RSS feed is a file format that contains information about the owner, title, and content of these podcast episodes. 

The easiest way to create a unified RSS feed either leads more than external hosts like LibsynPodcasters or SoundCloud or more than corresponding plugins on your website. External Podcast hosting provider In addition to this automatic creation of the feed, you can also casually display statistics on your podcast. This allows you to repeat exactly which content is good for your audience.

9. Submit your podcast to iTunes

When it comes to the final walking pace on the way to the podcast host, you have to unite Publisherto spread your podcast. ITunes is an important platform for this purpose. To use it, simply submit the RSS feed of your podcast to the iTunes store more than your iTunes account - and the audios are already available to millions of users.

10. Promote your podcast

In order to generate reach with your podcast, social networks open up, nonetheless others incidentally Marketing channels to: For example, you should use your Newsletter be sure to be careful about your new content format. Many podcast hosters also offer the option of freely sharing excerpts from your podcast on your social media channels. 

Create a podcast: Spotify for Podcasters

In addition to iTunes has grown over the past few years Spotify how the podcast app has become established. In particular the so-called Spotify Originals Podcasts entice many users to use the platform. If you also want to make your podcast available on Spotify, you only need to take a few additional steps in addition to this publication on iTunes.

Some Podcast hoster how Libsyn or Podigee have more than a seamless foundation on Spotify, so that you only have to make a few adjustments in the settings in order to present your podcast casually on Spotify. For example, you can select Spotify for Libsyn in the settings under “Destinations”, enter some metadata about the podcast and your podcast should be intrinsically available on this platform for a few days.

Regardless of this, casually if your host doesn't have more than a direct foundation on Spotify, you can publish your podcast there. All you need is yours Podcast feed url and combine free Spotify user account. You only have to do it under this page "Spotify for Podcasters"And type in the URL of your podcast. A few days later your podcast should be listed on Spotify.

Anchor: Free Podcast Hosting for Beginners

Anchor is one of the most famous free podcast platforms. That hoster promises that free placement of a podcast to the largest platforms (such as Spotify, iTunes and Cobalt.). In addition, integrated software tools for chopping and creating these audios should simplify podcasting.

However, as with most free providers, you pay with your facts in return. Companies in particular should always use a paid podcast host from there. Furthermore there is the biggest one Shortcoming for Anchor in submitting the podcast to Anchor's proprietary email service for iTunes. Thus, all of the collected facts land for this e-mail service postal address and in your own mailbox.

From there, you can't grab statistics in favor of your own podcast, which is a missed eventuality. At least assemble which is an important basis for finding out, with the help of data, which content your listeners enjoy and which they do not.

Anchor is therefore only suitable if you want to unite yourself more than the host and get a small and free insight into that podcasting. Should you nevertheless decide in favor of creating your own podcast, deal with the offer of a paid podcast host without ifs and buts better.

Create a podcast: software to help you

With free Open source programs how GarageBand in favor of Mac and iOS or Audacity For the benefit of Windows, you can record your podcast and use the integrated editing program to trim the audio. Many technical options are automated here, so that even laypeople can explant background noise or add music to them. Professional solutions you get for example with Adobe Audition, Ableton Live, FL Studio or Logic Pro

Royalty free music in favor of jingle or intro, see gen PremiumBeatAudio blocks or Artlist. And that draft You can casually create your cover without any knowledge of graphics or Photoshop Canva design.

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