Good word of mouth marketing gets people upstairs talking about your product or business. Because Word of mouth works equally well in the 21st century: Regardless of whether you put the detonator on the hands of positive news yourself or a familiar face discovers your product by chance, you have permission in every case to want recommendations and new customers.

Below you will find out why you shouldn't underestimate word of mouth and how you can make your brand or product the number one topic of conversation.

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Word-of-Mouth Marketing vs. Network Marketing vs. Buzz Marketing

Word-of-Mouth (short-term: WoM) Marketing or equally word-of-mouth communication (literally: word-of-mouth communication) is a form of direct personal communication between consumers and potential customers intrinsically in a social environment above a company or its products.

In close proximity to this technical term, there are other expressions such as Referral Marketing or buzz marketing. Professionals entail different views on the definitions of those different marketing strategies. It can be stated, however, that both Word-of-mouth for network marketing as well about the creation of Buzz (German language: rumor or unwillingness). The spread of positive news is the focus and should be part of that Branding and the Development of reach support.

At the Network marketing it is a proactive method of encouraging the spread of that message. Here, companies give consumers extrinsic motivation to talk about their product or service above.

This can take the form of discount campaigns or similar payments. If that consumer receives the service, he or she is asked in the same breath to recommend this product to others or to submit a review.

From the Buzz marketing on the other hand, is the talk when a viral result arises due to product-specific properties. The test of the virus… marketing here often only lies indirectly with the company, as a later way of thinking will show.

Word of mouth marketing can in contrast to the Referral Marketing are also accompanied by an intrinsic motivation of those consuming. In most cases, however, it is also your own corporate communication that is the culprit. WoMM is therefore the generic term for all activities that stand still in connection with word of mouth. Furthermore, influencer marketing and Social media marketing then count subforms to the WoMM.

Successful word of mouth: Examples of word-of-mouth marketing

Word of mouth marketing manages to bring the classic word of mouth to life in a digital version: The restaurant recommendation. If you were previously influenced by acquaintances, your circle of friends and perhaps equally by official restaurant reviews in daily newspapers, which concerned the choice of a restaurant, now food blog writers have penetrated into your area.

Through elaborately staged events with their own hashtag, photographers and a high degree of influencer density, restaurants can use this principle of recommendation - in a multiple exponentiated form. Because if the food weblog writers film, take photos and comment on this event, they are happy to inform the individual communities of those influencers and thus merge a huge group of people.

This Berliner Pfannkuchen Startup shows an interesting way of thinking about Word-of-Mouth Share, this advocates social law. With their 1 + 1 mission Don't just tell an exciting brand story, but also indirectly inspire consumers to talk about your products upstairs. Because with every product that sweet tooth buys from Share, a second product is donated to a person in need.

This social dimension not only induces consumers to buy practically, but also ascertained the imponderability that customers would tell their friends about that good deed.

Word of Mouth Marketing from the startup Share on Instagram

Sketch: Share on Instagram

Word of mouth on social networks

Positive word of mouth on social media has a huge impact on consumers: According to one study by Bright Local in 2020, 79 out of hundreds of those consumers donate to Trust online reviews as much as you would personal recommendations from friends and family.

94 out of a hundred of those consumers also said that they would practically buy from a company based on positive reviews. For the sake of business economics, positive word of mouth on social media is colossally important and also provides a helpful tool for the people Acquisition of new customers represent.

The scope of positive word of mouth is increasingly evident in the (no longer so new) professional field of bloggers and influencers: products and services are no longer only recommended to friends and family, but in that one own community shared on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. In this context, the positive effects of influencer marketing on companies are immense.

Both in B2C and equally in the business-to-business area of validity, multipliers are increasingly being used to Spreading the brand message in the network and creating an advantage in terms of reach. Combine this is a clear advantage that weblog writers have over their own corporate communications high levels of reliability.

As part of this online marketing strategy, your company receives honest feedback from the community of the influencer, which can influence process optimization or product adjustments.

WoM-ABC: Strengthen your brand through positive word of mouth

Influencer Marketing, Network Marketing, and Social Media Marketing - these are the different facets of word-of-mouth marketing. No matter what measure you take, this is the following WoM-ABC will support you in every case:

A for unique selling proposition

Which differs You of your competitors? Why is this network upstairs talking about your brand instead of upstairs that of that competition? Innovation, one inspiring company history, social commitment or famous brand ambassadors can result in your brand being on everyone's lips. Lightly highlight what sets you apart from others and you can be sure that your company will be talked about because of your unique selling proposition.

B for points of contact

Points of contact are fundamental to positive customer experiences to accomplish. Regardless of the touchpoint at which a person comes into contact with your company: You should do everything possible to give them a good customer experience. So you can use the Customer journey to testify to a journey that has a clear conscience of satisfied customers is recommended. 

Carbon like Critics are your best friend

Be aware of criticism and respond to it. Furthermore, negative word of mouth can help you, because honest customer reviews have the potential to do with you to give valuable suggestions for product development and improvement. For this purpose, you should give customers enough space for criticism. For example, ask afterwards within the framework of your community and train your customer service team to always react confidently to negative feedback. Because courteous customer service is also recommended with pleasure. 

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