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Welcome to the LK Media weblog. We're giving you a few tips today, for example: Your website.

Tip 1: keep it simple.

Simplicity is the key word. The practice, interface and concept of this website should be kept as trivial as possible. Sometimes less is more - this also applies to web design. The website must be clearly structured so that subordinate “laypeople” upwards can find their way around! If you are hesitant, let an acquaintance test your website and see if he / she can find his way around!

Tip 2: take advantage of opportunities.

Purpose you use various possibilities: gallery, contact form, etc.
Try to get the user / customer to buy. Show pictures or examples of your activities. Important: Communicate with the customer!

Which one makes you special?

stabbing pain you stand out. Show the guest, full of light, what makes you special. Why he needs you and nobody else to be divisible by two without remainder. Show that you are this / the best!

Maintain and bring your content up to date

A website is easier to find if it is regularly maintained and clean. That said, post new posts and maintain the website. If you don't know (or don't have the time) to do it, hire someone to do it. The important thing is, it has to be done!

  • Only a current web page is found

  • Secure your website

  • Clear web design is important!

Getting started.

Get started - the work doesn't just go it alone.

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