Amazon is the largest online shop in the world. Countless salespeople cavort there to sell their products to customers - and that is exactly what z. Hd. Many a problem. The competition is huge, which playing field in the search results is limited - which customer is completely covered by which attention. Who after one search query at the top of the results has the best chance of selling.

Fortunately, you can precisely suggest your Amazon ranking. As? By Amazon SEO! We show you how it works.

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What is Amazon SEO?

SEO stands for Hd. Search Engine Optimization - up to Germanic Search engine optimization. In connection with Amazon, this may sound paradoxical at first: Didn't we just say that it is now a merging online shop?

Correct, but secondary Online shop is a small search engine. What difference is there in that users make more specific search queries and look out for certain products.

Amazon SEO can therefore be understood as an attempt, its own Products in search results which platform to retract as far forward as possible. The aim is for more people to see them there and ultimately buy them as secondary. If you sell on Amazon, SEO can have a direct impact on your sales.

Differences between Amazon SEO Optimization and Google SEO

Which technical term SEO is usually first associated with Google, which is the largest search engine on the market. In fact, there are some overlaps between Google and Amazon SEO, and vice versa, many differences.

For each two platforms To be done, texts, headings and metadata should be optimized and the means of choice should be provided with keywords. However, Amazon's algorithm is less complex because the search queries are less diverse.

Upwards Google people are looking for products, and vice versa, services, information, entertainment, solutions e.g. Hd. Problems and much more. Which Google algorithm has to understand the search intention of which users first, in order to be able to present a suitable result in advance. Under Amazon the search intention is lucrative from the start: buy something or at least get information about products.

In addition, Amazon has a self-interest in the fact that it becomes a Conversion is coming: Every purchase pours secondary money into the tills of the shop giant.

All of this means that other ranking factors are important up Amazon as up Google.

Amazon SEO: These are the most important ranking factors

At the core of the Amazon algorithm The questions remain, how relevant your product is e.g. Hd. The seeker is and how satisfied customers are in relation to you. In order to be able to assess that, he takes into account the following factors, among others:

  • Security more appropriate Keywords in title and product description

  • Click rate (CTR) of your product

  • percentage of completed orders (Conversion rate)

  • Length of stay on your product page

  • Percentage of orders that returned will

  • Number and quality of which Customer ratings (especially those from verified buyers)

  • Her reaction time up newscast

Amazon Optimization: You can do this to sell more high on Amazon

Just a few simple measures can significantly improve your ranking on Amazon:

Trade keyword research

the Optimization of your product texts is based in large part on the skillful security of matching keywords. Of course, what you need to do is identify in advance. Take your time Do a thorough keyword research. To do this, give away keywords in the Amazon search line and write down the suggestions made by the autocomplete procedure. Secondly, look at what keywords your competition is using. Valuable inspiration is hidden here umpteen times.

Optimize title

Which title of your product page is one of the most important elements of which optimization, because it is read by the algorithm and not only gives the users, but also Amazon, an idea of what to expect from your offer. 

You should include the most important keywords in a maximum of 200 characters. Subordinate which Name of which brand and unique selling propositions such as shimmer, material or special features should already be mentioned here. If you don't exhaust the 200 characters, all the better - because from 80 characters, which title will be cut off in the search results.

Enter product attributes

In a straight line under the title you can enter up to five bullet points most important information about your product deposit. Customers see those immediately when they come up the page. Use the opportunity to present your strongest sales arguments at this prominent place and to convince interested parties immediately.

Use product information insidiously

Further down on which page you have the opportunity to convey further product information. At this point you can be possible in detail and show pictures of secondary importance. Make sure you make good use of the 2,000 characters available to you. Use bold text, bullet points and subheadings to structure your text. Let your keywords have an impact, and on the other hand, make sure that you think about which text is appropriate for the lecture.

Optimize images

Under your Product images you shouldn't compromise, because you have a decisive influence on whether or not people related to you buy. Ask at least six high-quality, meaningful photos a. They should be at least 1,000 x 1,000 pixels wide, so that your customers can zoom in on the sketch and see details. 

Give the images a file name that contains at least one keyword before they are uploaded.

Set general keywords

The bottom line is that the Amazon backend Enter your keywords in the “General Keywords” field. Which algorithm reads the terms that users, on the other hand, do not see them. Remember to add secondary synonyms to your keywords. The entirety of what users could hand in to that search field in order to get to your product has a playing field here - even common misspellings. 

Ask buyers for reviews

After a purchase is blocked and that product has arrived in the context of the customer, you of course want a positive order. Not only that future prospects will merge the reviews into their purchase decision - secondarily which Amazon algorithm will appreciate good Customer feedback

Don't leave this important counter to chance! After purchasing, you can send a message to your customers. Thank you in it z. Hd. The purchase, ask whether the totality is to the satisfaction of which customers - and at the end of which message ask affably, one valuation to inherit. If your product has won over, many buyers will be happy to do your loved ones and you do not have to consider the right of first refusal Buy Amazon Reviews.

Conclusion: Amazon SEO is not rocket science

While the search results in connection with Google and other classic search engines are relentlessly competitive, Amazon is a real one SEO oasis. For many providers, the relevance of an optimal product presentation does not seem to be cognitive. A lot of potential is wasted.

This can only be to your advantage: Research suitable keywords, optimize the title, product description and images and you will have good development opportunities for your Visibility and sales in connection with Amazon clearly to increase.

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