Insufficient system functionality of the provider, a bad price-performance ratio or a change of name: Sphere can bring reasons together in favor of Domain transfer or merge Domain changel be. Both and is not a question with which preparation necessary - but there is a lot to plan.

In this blog post you will find out which difference is between a move and a change of which domain, which challenges you face in this context and at what time it is almost inevitable. 

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At what time is a www page move unavoidable?

Moving a website is in a way not that heavyweight. Regardless of this, most website operators stay with their provider because of which one Expenditure seems too extensive and the benefits are often unknown. In any case, web applications, SSL certificates and specific domain settings were furnished in a lengthy process and tailored to individual needs. 

In fact, it is not always inevitable to move your own website to another provider or even to a new domain. Sometimes it is enough, effortless to switch to another packet from the providerto benefit from additional services. Regardless of this, there are cases in which it makes sense to consider domain transfers. 

Possible reasons in favor of changing the hosting provider are: 

  • too high price,

  • lack of discussion, 

  • poor customer service, 

  • poor performance or

  • the lack of necessary additional options.

On the other hand, it gets a bit more complicated in addition to a domain change. Would you like to put your website up a move a new domain, there are a few steps to plan. But also in favor of changing which domain there can be a variety of reasons. 

Possible reasons in favor of moving to a new domain are: 

  • Rebranding, 

  • Name change, 

  • Merger of several companies,

  • Reorientation and

  • Internationalization. 

Before you plan to move or merge your domain, you should always define which one Goal is to be pursued with it. Then plan the necessary steps empty-handed in order to weigh up which procedure is unavoidable and what expenditure you should reckon with. 

Domain move: Move website to another server

That change to a new one Hosting providersr is usually closed quickly. Most providers take care of the process and escort you in this context. However, you should keep in mind that when you move domains, both the Domain as should also move your data collection. You can do the following: 

  1. Create a Backup copy Your current website. You can only move it to the new server while you are saving empty website content. To do this, save the statistics on a local computer or an external storage device. If you terminate your website with the old provider, you will no longer be able to grab your data collection. 
  2. Now, in addition to your old provider, propose the so-called Auth source code (or also AuthInfo source code) and submit Letter of termination a. With the source code you can transfer your domain to the new provider. With which entry of the Auth-Code you countersign that you are the owner of which website. 
  3. Now propose the move with the new provider. Enter the Auth source text the other way around and give further requirements in the provider's frequently asked questions pages according to the lecture. In most cases, which hosting provider will take care of moving which domain. 
  4. At the last walking pace you should still do the Import data collection to the new server. You will also give a lecture on the specific procedure at the hosting provider. 

This is how it works with Joomla: Move website

If you move your website, then of course you have to Transfer the content of your pages will. Do the one for the benefit of managing your webpage content CMS Joomla!, then move as follows: 

  1. Access by means of FTP client up your data collection too. 

  2. You can consider them in the root directory of which Joomla installation and save it on a local computer.

  3. Now save your data collection with phpMyadmin

  4. Select the desired data collection and click on "Export". Select the method "Fast - show only necessary options". Now save the data collection in a folder of your choice. 

  5. Connect at the next walking pace using FTP client with your new server and upload the Joomla installation to the correct directory. 

  6. You should then import your data collection to the new provider. In the lecture you are most likely to follow the instructions of your respective provider. This procedure can differ from provider to provider.

Moving WWW page construction kits: Can you move a Jimdo website?

Homepage construction kits such as Jimdo, WIX, Strato or 1 & 1 IONOS MyWebsite are provider-specific applications that make it possible to design websites in the twinkling of an eye. With the help of which applications even laypeople can create great websites.

However, that disadvantage is that this is third party closed systems acts. That one Moving to another system from there is difficult and is not recommended. So you should always be full of light as to whether a website kit is actually the best troubleshooting for you. 

If you nonetheless want to move your website from one of these providers, you can copy text and content and use a suitable template to bend it to the plan of your old website. In this case, however, it is less about merging the move than about emulating your previous side. 

Domain change: move website to new domain

There can be a variety of reasons for a website to be moved to a new domain. The challenge: one to set up a new domain without losing the ranking. So don't worry, a domain change is no guarantee that you will be downgraded in the Google ranking for this purpose. Regardless, there is a lot to plan for so that search engine crawlers know where to find your new website. 

Ideally, leave your boring history website and the new one in a few days run in parallel. So the pages can be indexed by Google and you have enough time to take care of the following points: 

  • Furnish redirects

In order to prevent the old URLs from being 404 error pages and being wasted, you should upload them to the redirect new domain. You can easily save a 301 redirect in which .htaccess file on your website. To do this, add the following source code to your .htaccess file: 

RewriteEngine On

RewriteBase /

RewriteCond % {HTTP_HOST}! Altedomain.de$ [NC]

RewriteRule ^ (. *) $ https://www.neuedomain.de/$1 [L, R = 301]

  • Determine individual pages

If you made changes to certain pages, then it may be that individual websites should be forwarded manually. Subsequently, you should create a redirect in which .htaccess file. 

Redirect 301 / altewebseite https://www.neuedomain.de/neuewebseite

Use this for the sake of managing your webpage content CMS WordPress, then you can use a plugin instead. This plugin Redirection helps you to set up redirects in this context, for example.

  • Submit domain changes in Google Search Console 

In which Google Search Console you can notify Google that your website has moved. Just make sure the new pages do not lose ranking points.

  • Determine links

You can also identify internal and external links on your website. Because also such should be cogently up your new page be redirectedso you don't forfeit in search engine ranking. 

Conclusion: A website move requires preparation

In most cases, a website can be relocated without any problems. Whether up a new domain or to a new provider: Always witness well known with the processin order to remove any difficulties out of the way and not to relegate in the SERPs.

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Originally published March 22, 2021, updated March 22, 2021

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