That one Electronic commerce achieved in Germany in 2020 83.3 billion euros in sales. And last but not least, the global corona epidemic has proven the enormous development potential associated with electronic commerce. Successful online retailers demonstrate this and show the relatively small amount of luxury with which the digital business model can be established on the Internet.

In this limitation, we clean you up more than the legal, organizational, financial and operational issues that you face when you put together your own online shop want to open. 

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How can I open an online shop?

Around to create an online shop, there are several options. But first you need to put it together Web spaceto host the domain (hence the web address) of your online shop. Corresponding hosting providers are, for example: 

Now you have the option of using your online shop WordPress, its own shopSoftware or after that Modular principle to develop. If you would like to operate your online shop with WordPress, you need appropriate plug-in solutions (such as WooCommerce) to create the online shop. In addition, you can also fall back on more comprehensive electronic commerce solutions (such as Shopify or Magento). 

Cloud solutions like Shopify have the advantage that maintenance work is the responsibility of the provider. Monthly fees are payable for this purpose. Open source software like Magento is often available free of charge. However, they need their own IT services to personalize the shop. Few hosting providers also make online shops available on a modular basis. Examples are Strato, Jimdo or WIX

Who is allowed to run an online shop?

Anyone who has registered a corresponding horizontal trade is allowed to run an online shop. But in this case there are few legal aspects to be followed, because every online shop is wanted: 

  • Terms of use and right of rescission, 

  • Imprint,

  • Data protection, 

  • Cookie signal,

  • Statements on delivery dates and

  • transparent price and tax information.

In addition, there are other rights that force trading in online business. the Button solution concept states, for example, that e.g. The buyer must be unequivocally visual when putting them together to make a purchase. That one Competition law also includes the fact that online shops should make various statements (such as payment and delivery conditions and how to deal with complaints). In order to avoid warnings, you should inform yourself in advance more precisely than the legal basis. 

How expensive is an online shop?

the value z. Hd. Assemble online shop are under the age of their own business model and the scope of the range. Hosting packages are available from 4.99 euros per month. Added to this are the values z. Hd. The corresponding shop software. 

Online shops uff WordPress socket represent the cheapest option. That plugin WooCommerce is already available free of charge in which basic version. To personalize the shop, you can integrate additional plugins, some of which are related to value. as well Modular online shops are z. Hd. Small business tried. They often allow smaller assortments with up to 100 products and each contain base functions that an online shop is looking for. In terms of pricing, the same solutions start (such as the one JIMDO online shop basic package) together with 15 euros per month. 

If you run into your hurdles with a WordPress shop, you can uff Cloud SaaS solutions set. Shopify is available from $ 29 per month in whichever socket version. In favor of more extensive solutions, you can switch to the “Shopify” package (currently 79 dollars per month) or “Advanced Shopify” (e.g. 299 dollars per month). 

Offers the highest degree of personalization Open source software like Magento, Modified or Prestashop. However, they only seem inexpensive at first glance. Open source software is always looking for IT performance that the company has to calculate additionally - the value can quickly skyrocket from there.

What legal form are you looking for z. Hd. Assemble online shop?

According to statistical surveys, they are among the largest online shops in Germany most of them registered as GmbH. But there are z. Hd. The establishment of an online shop is not just a possible legal form. The determination of which own union is immature from many factors (such as which number of which shareholders, the equity and the liability risk). You can start your online shop with the following Company forms establish: 

  • One-man business,

  • Registered businessman / clerk,

  • GbR (Union of Civil Law),

  • oHG (OHG),

  • KG (limited partnership),

  • GmbH (Union with limited liability),

  • UG (corporate company),

  • GmbH & Cobalt. KG,

  • Ltd (Limited) and

  • AG (stock corporation).

How much start-up capital do you need z. Hd. Assemble online shop?

The starting chapter is also homologous to the value from one's own business case. Private solutions can be implemented with a few hundred euros. Likewise, civil law companies (GbR) and open trading companies (oHG) are associated with a low to medium value.

Companies that have their entire business model in E-commerce settle there will hardly get very far. Here, just like in any other line of business, a well-developed one delivers Business plan is the basis for calculating the start-up capital. In addition to the online shop software, factors that have a say in the budget are also strategic, personnel, legal and organizational aspects. In addition to clarifying which money question, a business plan also creates the basis for Hd. The explanation of your own company and the development of your own target group. The more unique selling points your online shop has, the more attractive it is e.g. Hd. Stakeholders and buyers.  

Start one GmbHTo get your online business off the ground, you need a share capital of 25,000 euros. A stock corporation is looking for a share capital of 50,000 euros. The value as well as the seed capital z. Hd. Assemble online shops can therefore not be generalized and are always immature from the individual case and the respective business model. 

Why is online marketing so important for e-business? 

SEO, SEA, social media and newsletter marketing: online shops are qua digital business models relies on online marketing like hardly any other branch of industry. With the help of SEO make sure that you are found by users in search engines such as Google, Bing or Ecosia. SEA includes digital labels that are associated with value differently than SEO. Pay-per-click models are often used, with which you pay as soon as a user clicks on a monitor. 

In favor of the advanced digital gig, e-commerce companies are getting a profile in the social networks no longer around. Instagram and Facebook entail both z. Hd. The increase in brand awareness qua also developed into strong platforms in campaign management. 

In order to convince your own customers with offers tailored to specific target groups, one of the CRM platform the best possibility. Contact management and marketing can be organized, planned and implemented centrally. With the help of online marketing measures you can increase your reach, strengthen your presence intrinsically to your own target group and on top of that support the conversions of your online shop.  

Conclusion: The opening of an online shop wanted preparation

Online shops can be set up with a small budget and limited resources. Not free from Business model and legal form the values differ, sometimes drastically. Technically, online shops can be repotted with the CMS WordPress, using the modular principle, with the help of SaaS solutions and open source software. With the right ones Online marketing measures you can also support the business success of your online shop in no time at all.

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