In 2019, the digitization of this world was already in the starting blocks. All people worldwide were able to connect with each other in seconds, delegate many simple tasks to bots and automate processes in order to gain more time for strategic tasks.

And despite all the digital options, many companies categorically want to meet their customers privately and in particular approachable experience to design, which definitely meant that they had to qualify leads individually or hand over the contract in favor of associations in the particularly important user account. After all, that's how you get into the office, isn't it? 

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expansive phase of this automation

In 2020 this classic trade custom was suddenly abandoned. Thousands of companies around the world quickly had to switch from "Digital ready" to "digital first" rearrange. Numerous traditional stores created new online shops almost overnight, and even the most exclusive restaurants suddenly offered delivery or pick-up options. Offices around the globe were closed and employees were sent to work from home. Meetings were held digitally, often with children or pets as surprise guests.

The world became a slower place. Many customers introduced creative solutions in a clock-controlled manner, with which they can improve their processes and companies in an unbelievable manner automated.

The unique processes and customer journeys that were created with the HubSpot products amazed us. We also received a large number of inquiries about new functions. It became more important for us to set ambitious goals, because we wanted to allow our customers to do so, HubSpot workflows to be used as flexibly as possible. Cross-functional processes should not remain a vision of the future and we wanted to pave this path for you. 

In conclusion of these considerations, a brand new hub has been developed to help with your Systems, processes and teams align with each other. In addition, we have hundreds of important partner applications simply integrated into the workflows and our product has been completely refurbished technically. 

Programmable automation processes and automated data quality in Operations Hub

Under the new hub it is Operations Hub: A suite of tools that teams use to manage their Statistics adjusted and networked and also be able to efficiently scale your processes. Improved integrations, more stable tools for automated data quality and more flexible tools are added automation

When companies grow, there are also more and more points of contact with customers in various places. In order to be able to offer your customers a uniform experience across all channels without functioning inefficiently, you need a well-functioning automation. This automation should be just as individual as your company.

With this programmable automation In Operations Hub you can program any workflow actions individually. In this way, you can tailor your processes to the constantly changing requirements of your customers in no time at all and ensure that your company continues to run smoothly as it grows.

Unadjusted statistics show your teams that life is unnecessarily heavyweight and ensure a poorer customer experience. With automated data quality statistics can be adjusted quickly and easily.

The automation of this data quality includes some new workflow actions by means of which property values are formatted in a certain way, for viewing capitalization of letters, fixing of date properties, updating of telephone numbers and more. Thanks to this automatic correction, your operations team has to worry less about data problems and can subsume the membership fee for company growth.

The benefits of workflow integrations

How much time do you spend during the day switching from one tab to another to see your Project management to do and generate reports? Probably too much. 

Workflow integrations combine the power of HubSpot workflows with your favorite apps like Slack, Zoom and DocuSign so you can automate business processes across tools and systems in one place. You no longer have to switch between different tools in order to have the performance of your sales employees tracked, to plan meetings with customers or to manage contracts.

Seamless collaboration for the benefit of teams

We have made some small improvements to the workflow to simplify the creation of processes and collaboration intrinsically in your team and your organization.

You can now Export workflows such as paintingto help team members or customers who do not have access to workflows to visualize and connect new processes. It's just as easy now intrinsic from HubSpot to collaborate while you Add comments to workflows and mark employeesto give feedback, ask questions or give instructions. 

And with Workflow permissions and partitioning you can scale flexibly. Now you can only assign individual users or the entire team access to workflows to ensure that everyone can grab the right workflows to complete their respective tasks. Your statistics remain safe and inadvertent errors are avoided.  

The trigger time of these workflows

Good timing is therefore essential. Until now, it has often required a lot of guesswork to ensure that actions in HubSpot are triggered at the right time. With our new update, you can be sure that your workflows will be triggered at the right time every single time. Because then you and your customers will always stay in the back of your mind.

Through this Skipping appointments you can autonomously bypass holidays, events or specific dates. So you can be sure that your latest marketing campaign or sales campaign will not end up in the trash of your customers with all sorts of e-mails when they clean up after their vacation. Just assign the desired blocking dates in workflows as easily as possible. 

You can use our new plot “Wait until an event occurs” to pause a workflow until a factor is updated. You should no longer establish your workflows based on estimates of how long it will take to complete an action. This is because you run the risk of not functioning efficiently or not allowing processes to take place in the correct order.

Universe this makes it easier for you to keep your team on track if you can Workflows for the benefit of managing your tasks. You can also set an action to be delayed until that status or the priority of a promise changes or responsibility is transferred to another team member.

You can use that method as well to Trading phases and handovers during the sales process and to ensure that your customers receive timely solutions in favor of support tickets.

Light in structure and this configuration

If this past year has taught us anything, it is that it is important to be able to quickly adapt to the whole that gen unites. The configuration must be designed in such a way that the whole does not suddenly come to a standstill.

In workflows we have new functions furnished with furniture that should help you to scale your automation triumphantly without conflicting with your strategy, your goals and the growth of your team or that you need administrator help. 

With the brand new ones available now (in this beta version) simple branches It is easier than ever to adapt automated processes and create complex automations with multiple unique paths. 

In order to create complex, multi-level processes, every action carried out must be followed by a further step. This is the only way to drive processes forward and guide your prospects through the buying process. However, until now it has been very difficult to incorporate a subsequent step into the workflow that is based on the result of a previous action. Many workarounds were often required. In this respect, we have built new, simple branches that allow you to do just that.

A point of view: Let us assume that you create a promise in your workflow that generates the respective contract when a deal goes into the "offer" angle. Now you can add a simple branch with this one e-mail to your customer and the promise to draw up the contract is blocked. You can set up your workflow in such a way that an urgent flashback is sent to the responsible sales representative if this contract was not generated intrinsically within 2 days. In this way, you can keep your team on track and meet the requirements of your SLAs.

With this new simple branch you can create branches to the foundation of a single factor with up to 250 unique paths with just a few clicks. This relieves you of the majority of this manual work, which is inevitable along with this creation of comprehensive, complex workflows. You can also use it to create processes without reaching the limit of those if / then branches or creating messy, nested branches.

For example, you can use simple branches to manage lead rotation or notifications to a large sales team. It is no longer necessary to create a manual branch with a unique web for each sales team member.

It's even easier to make changes to processes and campaigns in existing workflows without replicating your work. This is achieved thanks to new mass change actions, including Clone and move workflow actions as well as actions with which to do this Cloning and reordering if / then branches becomes possible. In addition, you can create new automations while using the structure of existing workflows as basis, which means that new ideas can be repotted quickly.

With workflow connections, you can easily see what impact it would have if you cut or delete workflows without having to manually feel your way forward.

Conclusion: Increased reliability through workflows

Eventual Workflow error are now simply displayed on this reference page, so that they can be identified and remedied quickly and easily, without you having to manually check whether the whole is working properly. 

Should an error occur despite these safety precautions, you can use this new Workflow history see a change log of all changes made to a particular workflow and easily revert to a previous version.

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Originally published May 10, 2021 updated on May 10, 2021

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