PayPal is considered to be worldwide secure payment provider - but there are always numerous complaints or Blocking of accounts without authorization. Did you know PayPal only has 1.3 stars on TrustPilot (As of March 21, 2021)? Here are a few alternatives to PayPal.

Stripe is one of the biggest competitors to PayPal. Stripe is characterized by good API interfaces, good customer support and many payment options (credit and debit cards, instant transfer, Apple and Google Pay). WooCommerce and other platforms are compatible with Stripe and offer many plugins that already work with Stripe. Stripe itself will automatically transfer the amounts you earn to your account. We have been using Stripe for a number of years and are (so far) completely satisfied. Stripe advertises with “The Internet pays with us”. That's correct: Because Stripe is now common and widespread.


Mollie writes on their website: More than 110,000 online retailers rely on them. Klarna, Visa / Master, Apple Pay, Paysafecard, Bancontact and Sepa - all under one roof. Mollie is very easy to set up and the interface is very clear in our eyes. The Dutch provider advertises transparency and freedom of contract, i.e. a means of payment without contractual obligations. You can find the prices here.

PayPal is still popular

PayPal is still widely used, but other competitors are pushing their way further and further into the market. PayPal's customer service is consistently negative and accounts are simply frozen - usually for no reason. Users have no access to their funds for 180 days. The company is anything but communicative. Even consumer protection has sued PayPal - many users are complaining. We will continue to monitor the whole thing and hope to come across more PayPal alternatives in the future.

What experiences and alternatives do you have? Write it in the comments.

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