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Especially when you order online and pay via PayPal, the so-called “PayPal buyer protection” actually takes effect. This can be activated and with this you have the opportunity to get your paid money back. This buyer protection option gives buyers a certain amount of security to get their money back if the goods they ordered are defective or wrong.

Sometimes, however, the PayPal employee reviewing the case may make the wrong decision. You don't have to accept that: You lost a PayPal buyer protection case? Here we show you how be able to defend yourself against this and raise an objection or complaint.

1. Object

If you firmly believe that the case was wrongly decided, you can appeal in the email. To do this, click on the “Appeal” link provided in the email regarding your Buyer Protection case. Alternatively, you can also call customer service (tel: 069 945189832 ) or per PayPal customer chat to write.

If you call customer service, state that the case was wrongly decided and give the agent specific reasons. If the employee is convinced, he will then open the case again and have it checked. Sometimes (depending on the authorization of the employee) they can even directly decide the case in your favour.

2. Official Complaint under the Executive Escalations Complaints Unit

PayPal has a complaints department that is only responsible for acting on "serious complaints". This department is called Executive escalations (or short: EE). As a customer, you normally do not reach this department, since this department is usually only available for lawyers or authorities.

However, we will show you how you as a customer can lodge a complaint against PayPal (first directly to PayPal):

Write an email to: [email protected] (CC to [email protected]) with the subject "Demand for clarification of buyer protection case PP-XXXXXXX". In any case, state the buyer protection case number or the transaction code in the subject and in the e-mail text. (a sample text is below if you can't express yourself)

You should write the text of the complaint politely, but in such a way that your request is taken seriously and that you urgently want the case to be clarified. The Executive Escalations Complaints Department will then re-examine this case and make a new decision. This usually takes 7-30 days, so please be patient here.

If this final statement from PayPal is not to your liking (case rejected or similar), you can now take the third step:

3. Complaint against PayPal to the CSSF (banking regulator in Luxembourg)

PayPal is banked in Europe and is based in Luxembourg. That means: The CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) takes care of any complaints or financial problems you have with PayPal. It doesn't matter if you private customer or business customer are.

The CSSF is responsible for handling customer complaints (from natural or legal persons) against the companies it supervises. The CSSF acts as a mediator with the aim of settling the dispute between the complainant and the company out of court. The aim of the out-of-court procedure at the CSSF is to settle complaints against a supervised financial service provider. So does PayPal.

And this is how you open a complaint against PayPal:

you can here report to the CSSF using the online form. Just fill in everything.

Alternatively, the following options are available for contacting this regulatory authority:

  • per fax to the following number: (00352) 26 25 1-2601;
  • or by email to the following email address: [email protected].

Complaint sample text

Get started with this ready-made sample PayPal complaint text. This text is particularly suitable for those who are not good at formulating and do not know what to write:

Dear PayPal Europe,

I hereby officially complain and demand a re-examination of the PayPal buyer protection case, which in my opinion was decided unfairly and unfavorably on my part. The case is as follows: (Enter case number or transaction here)

I urge you to refund my money within 30 days. Otherwise I feel compelled to take further steps to escalate the situation.

Please give me feedback as soon as possible. I set a deadline of 30 days (until XX.XX.XXXX).

Kind regards

first name Last Name


Be sure to follow this path, up to step 3, if you believe PayPal is acting improperly and haphazardly. Open a complaint against PayPal and get your money back safely. Important: Remain factual, explain your situation and strive for a solution. Don't forget that there are people behind PayPal.

Also note: This guide applies only for the European area. PayPal USA or PayPal Singapore have a different (similar) arrangement. If you have any questions or want to share your experience with PayPal, you are welcome to leave a comment below this post. I am happy!

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    What is your experience with PayPal Buyer Protection? Did he help you or are you missing your money? Write me!

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