PayPal account blocked

PayPal Account Banned – My bad experience with PayPal

The article was updated on 19.01.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX.

Problems with PayPal in Europe? Contact the CSSF via this link

Hello dear readers, I am glad that you are interested in reading my experiences with PayPal. Before you read, I would like to point out that I am a lone case and there are certainly many PayPal users who are happy. So was I – until my first account suspension. This PayPal experience here on my blog is based on usage of my business accounts.

In case a PayPal employee reads this experience: I would like answers as to why it all happened the way it did. Feel free to contact me on my phone number 07229 6979358 (also via WhatsApp) or send me an email to info (AT)

The "short version" of my story:

what happened to me

PayPal account suspended three times in a row.
Overall, a higher sum of money was withheld, which threatened my existence.

  • 02.02.2021 : All of my PayPal accounts have been blocked (1st time) (alleged AUP usage policy violation - with reason copyright infringement).
    – Weeks go by without any justification –
    Employees of the hotline refer to an email that I should submit an objection [email protected] (later: [email protected]) send. These were rejected without any justification, some of the employees on the phone were very unfriendly.
    Note: My service, which I have offered, has never violated the rights of others (especially copyrights).
  • April-May 2021: Complaint to PayPal ([email protected] – Executive Escalations), unsuccessful. Subsequent complaint to the banking supervisory authority "CSSF".
  • 08.08.2021 : PayPal checked again (since I tried to contact the CSSF)
    - Release of the accounts obtained
  • August September : Contacting PayPal to make sure we don't get banned again. Customer support reports several times (a total of 3 x), that the situation has been clarified and that there will be no further blocking
  • 25.09.2021 : Banned again (2nd time)  (AUP violation - again 'copyright infringement'. Same reason as in February 21.) Employees haphazardly blame it on the PayPal algorithm, objections were rejected without comment. I feel betrayed (and disappointed) and am writing a complaint again directly to Executive Escalations ([email protected]). A PayPal employee who knows my case also writes to this department internally.
  • 08.10.2021 : "Your account has been temporarily restricted" email. accounts re-enabled, until December 08th. This email was sent to me on all accounts:

    Hello Lucas Kleipödszus! We recently conducted an audit of your use of the PayPal Services based on our records. Given the nature of your activity, in accordance with the PayPal Terms of Service, we have decided to terminate our relationship with you upon two months' notice. For this reason, we will put a permanent restriction on your account on 08.12.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX.

    You can view the full PayPal Terms of Service by clicking "Terms" in the footer of any PayPal page.

    We urge you to remove all references to PayPal from your site. This includes not only removing PayPal as a payment option, but also removing the PayPal logo or shopping cart.

    If you have a remaining balance, you can withdraw the money to your bank account. You can find information about debiting your PayPal account in our Help Center.



  • 08.12.2021 : Blocked again (3rd time within the deadline). See email above.

And what does the banking supervisory authority say about this? She says that PayPal has given notice 2 months in advance, and that everything has run smoothly. I beg your pardon? I cannot and do not want to understand that!

I offered this via PayPal

For about three years (since 2019) I ran a GTA Roleplay project known as "FiveRP". The site is still online. I knew that there is a similar English server "Nopixel" that offers to play along for a fee. In other words, a closed community that demands money to play along.

Now I thought to myself: Why shouldn't I do it exactly like this (at least similarly)? A voluntary amount that a new player can pay so that their whitelist application (i.e. their registration for the game) is processed faster, this would also mean that we could all pay the server costs. So that's what I did, except the free signup still worked (but took longer). Some of the new players had registered for a fee so that they could be processed faster. It was well received and there were no conflicts with PayPal either. And the few that were there, I had always refunded or transferred back as a gesture of goodwill.

No problem until PayPal BRM (the department responsible for PayPal's brand protection) decided to suspend my accounts. Time and time again, even though I've been in contact with PayPal in writing through the banking regulator and I've been told that:

"Following an in-depth review of the complainant's activity
and the information provided by the complainant we have
decided to fully release the customer's accounts again. we
are satisfied that there is no violation of the Acceptable Use Policy in this case"

And yet I got banned again - and again. While the aforementioned server, Nopixel, goes ahead and uses PayPal with no issues.

My service is a copyright infringement - which is not true. And if so, why is the said other server allowed to use PayPal? PayPal takes two different routes here. Very strange.

Why is allowed to use PayPal, is it not blocked? Why is a service like, which allows server operators to sell in-game items (which would violate copyright), still allowed to use PayPal?

Video of "Headed Stocks"

The following video was sent to me by a colleague (and good friend). I find it important and interesting, so I decided to repost the video here on my blog:

YouTube video

PayPal is a virtual monopolist

With over 300 million accounts, PayPal is one of the largest payment providers on the entire Internet. Again and again there is criticism against PayPal, including the Consumer protection has already taken legal action against PayPal's usage guidelines. PayPal is considered a secure payment service provider - but problems and disputes are becoming more common for consumers and sellers. In this blog post we write about the experience with PayPal, customer service and our suspension of our accounts.

PayPal – First Level Support Hotline: 069 945189832

Complain about PayPal? complaint to [email protected] or [email protected] write

There are some bad reviews about PayPal on the internet

There are many complaints about PayPal on online rating portals. on Trustpilot the company has 1,2 stars - 85% of the ratings are "insufficient" (as of March 12.03.2021, XNUMX). In general, it is often reported that Accounts arbitrarily frozen and held for 180 days (sometimes longer).. The customer service is also criticized, which is said to be difficult to reach or cannot help at all in some situations. I cannot recommend that it is difficult to reach, but that they cannot process the blocking. The German support from PayPal tries hard, but unfortunately their hands are tied with blockings of this kind (parting ways / violation of usage guidelines). You can open a ticket to a back office department, but that's about it. You can't get anyone on the phone who can process the blocking or who you can ask what's going on. Reference is always made to an "internal specialist department" that is responsible for this and these decisions are usually final.

Account suspended without notice - not uncommon with PayPal

One morning I received an email that my accounts were 'initiated for closure'. Almost every mailbox. All the money would be withheld and PayPal would be history for me. After initial confusion, this was also confirmed to me after a telephone query: The accounts are permanently restricted, the business relationship "was terminated". A change is not possible here either. Why? Violation of Acceptable Use Policy. And now? The PayPal account is blocked, the money is frozen for now. Business cannot be transacted and the anxiety attacks started.

"The closing of your PayPal account will be initiated" - That's where it all starts

At the beginning of February 2021, all of our accounts - including private ones - were frozen and rendered unusable. Send, pay or receive money? none. An automated email states that PayPal can hold the money for up to 180 days. In the terms of use PayPal states that the money can be withheld for up to 180 days to prevent liabilities and to minimize PayPal's liability risk. We don't know if that's legal, but it says so in the terms and conditions. In general, we recommend leaving as little money as necessary on the PayPal account so that you don't have to chase your money. The suspension came very suddenly without any consultation or communication with us, which is why it surprised us a lot.

There is also the account restriction "after a review we have decided to permanently restrict your account due to a potential risk. You will not be able to transact any further transactions with Paypal.”. This is mostly automated and the account is blocked by the system.

PayPal customer service

PayPal's phone support has been heavily criticized time and time again. We have rarely had bad experiences with the company's telephone customer service. On the contrary: the majority of the employees were very committed and took the time to check the situation. Unfortunately, the employees couldn't solve anything themselves on the phone, always referred to the back office or had no authorization to see the reasons for the blocking. Nevertheless, everything that was necessary was done to help us. The commitment was always there.

Particularly worth mentioning is the business customer service (business support from PayPal), which was always very committed at all times.

Contradiction of the block - still no answer after 6 weeks

Already on the first day of the block (02.02.2021) I had sent an objection to the so-called "AUP - E-Mail". A confirmation or similar has not come back until today. This was recommended to me by PayPal customer service, since PayPal customer service can neither remove the block nor view it in detail. The AUP department is said to be the one responsible for the bans. We were told the ban was final and not contestable.

PayPal account suspension tips

  • Try to keep up. Call PayPal Support: 069 945189832
  • Write emails to [email protected] (even if there is no answer) and explain your situation.
  • Consider getting legal advice and asking PayPal to release your funds.
  • Find another payment service provider.
  • contact request [email protected] or [email protected]
  • If you are not (yet) blocked: Never “store” a lot of money on PayPal!
  • If you have been unblocked again, stop using PayPal.

After weeks we have not received any information from the ominous AUP email. Perhaps they would communicate if they were allowed? I personally wish there was clearer communication about what the problem is. Why All Accounts Have Been Banned Repeatedly. Using the AUP email, we got nowhere for weeks. In every e-mail I wrote, I left a phone number for questions: Of course, to date I have not received a call back. There was also no personally written e-mail from this ominous back-office department.

Note: This text above is from early March 2021 (revised January 2023). To date, no contact has been made to clarify the situation.

Update: 19.03.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX - Rejection one day after internal objection

After weeks of waiting and no answer, an employee of the business customer service objected. This was rejected within 24 hours. A reason was not given.

I have emailed the Executive Office again with a written dissent and am still awaiting the complaint to cfpb / - as I cannot have violated any copyrights or policies.

Update: April 2021 - PayPal's Final Statement

Dear Mr. Lucas Kleipödszus,
Thank you for contacting PayPal regarding the limitation of your PayPal account registered with the email address [email protected]
The examination of your PayPal accounts shows that they were restricted on February 2, 2021 under the processing number PP-L-XXXXXXXXXX due to the type of use and with reference to the PayPal Terms of Use. On the same day you were informed that these account restrictions will remain permanently in place on the PayPal accounts. After re-examination of the facts, we confirm this decision.
As a result, pursuant to the "Prohibited Activities and Retentions" subsection "Actions We May Take If You Engage in Prohibited Activities" of the PayPal Terms of Service, we are terminating our relationship with you effective immediately. The PayPal accounts are and will remain blocked for any further use.
Customers whose access is permanently restricted due to a violation of the PayPal Terms of Use and PayPal Acceptable Use Policy are barred from further use of PayPal and its services and are therefore prohibited from opening new or additional accounts.

Furthermore, we refer to your request to delete your data from the PayPal platform.
As described in PayPal's Privacy Policy, PayPal adheres to the highest standards of data protection. In Europe, PayPal complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
As part of the strict financial and legal obligations that PayPal is required by law to comply with, PayPal is required to retain customer data for a specified period of time to protect against fraud, money laundering and financial crime. In addition, as provided in the agreements you have with us, PayPal may retain your personal information to comply with applicable law or to defend us in litigation. For legal reasons, no data may be deleted during the retention period.
The retention period for customer and transaction data at PayPal is ten years. This period begins on the date you closed your account or the date of the last significant activity on an open account.
Note that even if your account is closed or limited, PayPal will store the data until the retention period expires. After that, they will be automatically deleted.
If you close your PayPal account or, as in this case, it is permanently restricted, your data will no longer be processed for the purposes related to the use of active PayPal accounts. That is, they are only processed when absolutely necessary. Even if we cannot delete your data immediately, they will only be processed to a minimal extent and will be automatically deleted after the legal retention period has expired. We assume that this is in your interest.
Your data is still within this retention period. As a result, PayPal is currently unable to honor your data erasure request. However, your data will be automatically deleted after this period has expired. Until then, your data will be securely encrypted until deleted from PayPal's systems. Thank you for your understanding.
We regret that we cannot delete your data immediately. We hope that the reasons for this are clear from the information provided in this letter. In the event that you wish to pursue this matter further, you can contact the data protection authority that monitors us, the Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données or the National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD). Address:
15, Boulevard du Jazz
L-4370 Belvaux
Tel.: (+352) 26 10 60-1

If you have any further questions, you can contact us at the e-mail address [email protected] Contact.

If you do not agree with PayPal's final statement, you can contact the following authorities to file an official complaint against PayPal:

– European Consumer Center Germany

c/o Center for European Consumer Protection eV

Station Square 3

D-77694 Kehl

– Commission for the Surveillance of the Financier Sector (CSSF)

283, road of Arlon

L-1150 Luxembourg

Sincerely yours,

-name removed-

executive escalations,


I gave PayPal a chance to reopen our accounts or delete/remove my details. Neither option was considered by PayPal. It seems as if everything is regulated internally, how to proceed - and the data stays in the system, no matter how the customer wants it. That's understandable somewhere.

That's why I opened a complaint about the CSSF Luxembourg. It can't be that I have to wait 6 months for our money and be accused of copyright infringement.

Update: 21.05.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX – Complaint about CSSF (Financial Supervisory Authority Luxembourg)

In response to the email from PayPal that the "accounts remain blocked", we opened a complaint with the Financial Supervisory Authority of Luxembourg.

As of 21.05.2021:

In the aforementioned matter, we refer to your email of May 18, 2021 and
would like to inform you that on May 4th, 2021 PayPal (Europe) S.à rl et Cie, SCA,
asked for an opinion on your complaint. The Opinion
from PayPal (Europe) S.à rl et Cie, SCA will only reach us in the coming days.
We would like to point out that we are obliged to comply with the provisions of Article 5 of the CSSF
Decree N° 16 - 07 on the out-of-court settlement of complaints
to comply with the procedure.

I'm excited to see how it goes and will definitely keep you posted. We go through every higher instance until we get justice. Waiting 6 months for your own money? Ridiculous that a corporation “is allowed” to do something like this or gets away with it – legally, the whole thing is most likely not in order.

Update then the complaint: PayPal has taken a position on the blocking and informed the CSSF of the reasons. However, we then refuted or counter-argued these reasons. PayPal was then asked to comment again. The accounts were then unblocked without further queries and without contact. But the best part is yet to come – just keep reading.

Have you also had negative experiences with PayPal?

Through my blog post, many people have reached me who have experienced the same or similar things. Thank you for that!

Feel free to write in the comments what experiences you have had with PayPal, as a buyer or seller. I'm interested in different opinions. Have you been banned too?

After 7 months: recovery of my accounts

On 09.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX, after more than half a year, became mine Business account released again. After another three days on August 12.08.2021th, XNUMX the private account and another business account. It all took a long time, and we were not told what conclusion they came to - but obviously the blocking, which was once set because of alleged "violations", has been withdrawn.

Several employees at PayPal have confirmed to me that I can use the accounts freely again and that my business model, which was previously dismissed as a "violation of the terms of use", is now in order. Well, if that wasn't really wrong.

"Following an in-depth review of the complainant's activity
and the information provided by the complainant we have
decided to fully release the customer's accounts again. we
are satisfied that there is no violation of the Acceptable Use Policy in this case"

25.09/XNUMX : Ban all accounts again

On Saturday 25.09.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX ALL accounts were blocked again. Same reason, same procedure. I feel, I'll be honest, screwed. Unfortunately, you can only guess what the whole thing is doing to me psychologically. I will now go the way that I contact the banking supervisory authority again and then possibly take legal action against PayPal. It can't be that we are first unblocked and then, despite all the effort, blocked again out of the blue.

Despite contact with Business Support and PayPal by email, etc., our accounts were blocked again. That's enough! We are now commenting again on the Luxembourg Banking Authority (CSSF) and will take legal action if necessary.

08.10.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX: Re-approval + termination of the accounts

The accounts were released again on October 8, 2021, with written notice (2 months notice). Had that been the case initially, we would not have lodged any complaints. But we don't want to accept this termination because the whole procedure has been very time-consuming

Here is the cancellation email:

We recently conducted an audit of your use of the PayPal Services based on our records. Given the nature of your activity, in accordance with the PayPal Terms of Service, we have decided to terminate our relationship with you upon two months' notice. For this reason, we will put a permanent restriction on your account on 08.12.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX.

You can view the full PayPal Terms of Service by clicking "Terms" in the footer of any PayPal page.

We urge you to remove all references to PayPal from your site. This includes not only removing PayPal as a payment option, but also removing the PayPal logo or shopping cart.

If you have a remaining balance, you can withdraw the money to your bank account. Visit our Help Center for information about how your PayPal account will be charged.”

The current status in January 2023

This is my experience with PayPal: Everyone should be aware of the power this company called "PayPal" has in the market. This power defends the company and sometimes treats the customer like dirt. Today is December 07.12th. and tomorrow will be the cancellation of all three accounts. However, the new complaint about the CSSF is still ongoing - as soon as there is news about it, I will publish it here.

One more thing: Be careful which big companies you trust. read the PayPal reviews and be aware that PayPal any time

  1. can block your account (also repeatedly),
  2. can keep money
  3. can withdraw money from your PayPal account (AUP Violation Damages*),
  4. can change the AGB/AUP at any time
  5. has a strong market position and can also exploit this if necessary.

*PayPal Acceptable Use Policy here:

I would like to point out that this article/contribution is based on my experiences and there are also many other opinions about PayPal. If you want to read other opinions can read PayPal's Trustpilot listing.

In case a PayPal employee reads this experience: I would like answers as to why it all happened the way it did. Feel free to contact me on my phone number 07229 6979358 (also via WhatsApp) or send me an email to info (AT)

Has your PayPal account been blocked? Feel free to comment on the post.

93 Responses to “PayPal account blocked – My bad experience with PayPal”

  1. Hello, yes I think since you are not the only ones. Unfortunately, it is now more and more the case that only if you have money does your right count. I don't know how it can be that paypal is warned so often and still nothing happens. I hope you decide to take legal action and can let us be a part of it.

    Press the thumb

    1. Hello Holger,
      thank you for taking the time to read the article.
      We will definitely stay tuned and keep everyone up to date - because we also know about many other cases and all the complaints against PayPal.
      A large billion-dollar corporation exercises its power here, as it has a certain monopoly position and operates worldwide.


      1. Hello, we have exactly the same case with our startup (founded Nov. 2020). We received this email unexpectedly on April 27.04.2021th, 2. It took us a long time to get our bank account accepted. Since then, only XNUMX own payments have been made. Thank God we haven't had any customers pay via PayPal yet.

        You also had the game with the support, we try it over and over again (we got the same computer answer more than 4 times already).

        Hope this arbitrariness will finally stop.


        1. Hi Bjorn,
          sorry for the late release of comments.

          Until we succeed, we will always strive for higher authorities. Our complaint to the CSSF (Luxembourg Banking Authority) is currently on the table.
          If this is unsuccessful, it will go to court. Then we'll sue.


  2. Ulrich Holthausen


    I'm facing the same problem since today.
    Cause unknown... did not receive an email about the lock.
    Consider tuning in to magazines like PC-Welt, Chip, c't, and others.

    mit freundlichen Grüssen


    1. Hello Ulrich,

      call PP Support tomorrow between 9 a.m. and 18 p.m. on 069945189832.
      Ask about the reason for the ban. If they tell you more than "You've violated the policy," you've won the lottery.


  3. Ulrich Holthausen


    just called.
    Paypal does not need to tell me which payment was disputed. I violated the Terms of Service.
    So easy……



    1. Hallo,

      Very typical. I would recommend you to look for another provider. Look to Mollie or Stripe - when it comes to online payments.
      I myself will smother PayPal with my presence until I get an unblock and my money.


  4. Ulrich Holthausen


    It would be interesting to see if it would be worth setting up an interest group to make such practices more difficult/prevent. Even in court if necessary.

    Thanks, I'll take a look at the alternatives.


  5. I felt the same way last week. Without any reason, my account was blocked in the exact same way. Since I had a credit balance of €3124, it was very questionable. The money comes from the record sales on Discogs and can be exactly documented.

    On Saturday, a hotline employee explained to me that it could only be an error on the part of PayPal, since he didn't think anything unusual had happened. He suspected that there might be a problem with my identity... I was also surprised about that, since I had uploaded my passport to confirm the request days before.

    The employees in the call center are sometimes constructive and friendly and other times brusque and impatient. It seems as if the company would block to the outside world.

    Apparently, this is now the standard method in the USA as well. There are cases where the amounts are withheld for more than a year.

    Maybe you would have more chances with a class action lawsuit and public relations than alone?

    1. Hello Michael,
      It's understandable that this pulls you down. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do yourself. Class action lawsuits do not exist in Germany. What would be helpful as you write: public relations. Report what happened to you, post experiences, as you have already done here.
      The only thing you can do now is on [email protected] as well as [email protected] to write, to object to the ban and to wait and see if something happens. Another option is to file a complaint with or cfpb:

      Here is video information about it:

      Whether it helps remains to be seen. Therefore no guarantee.


  6. Hi,

    very interesting article!

    We've been facing the same problem since the end of February. We have been using PayPal for ~3 years via a company account. We have <1% buyer protection cases, most of which we have won. The ones we lost were wrongly decided by PayPal. Customer buys a download - downloads it - and opens a case to easily get their money back. Then PayPal doesn't block the scammers...

    All we get is the email with the same wording. No information from support, AUP email or anything... We have now filed a complaint about in the hope that a real person will take a look at our account and see that we have not done anything wrong.

    PayPal is really not a reliable business partner. Unfortunately, so many customers want to pay with it. Otherwise we would never use it. Poor API documentation, no help when it matters most, arbitrary bans and buyer protection.

    I hope that this monopoly will be broken by better alternatives.

    Please keep us up to date if and how you got your account free again.

    1. Hi Paul,

      thank you! I guess PayPal will catch on at some point.
      We also lodged a complaint via consumerfinance to take a look.

      It was like that for you: Did you get a reason in the blocking mail (copyright/trademark law)?
      Yes: That's right, PayPal makes it easy for itself. File an objection, generated text rejecting it. That's the experience so far.

      We said we were working with PayPal to unlock the account - or at least make it possible to withdraw money. Well, let's see what's going to happen. This post has had good feedback by now, and that's the goal: to publicize these bans, and to show how even customer service's hands are tied.


      1. Hello Lucas,

        thanks for your comment. In fact, our text is even slightly different. We didn't even get a "category" mentioned...

        "The closure of your PayPal account will be initiated.
        After reviewing your account activity, we determined that you have violated the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy. As a result, your account has been permanently restricted and you can no longer use PayPal for business purposes. This is permitted under the "Prohibited Activities" and "Actions We May Take" sections of the PayPal Terms of Service. You must remove all references to PayPal from your website(s) and/or auction(s), including removing PayPal as a payment option, the PayPal logo and the PayPal shopping cart. You will no longer be able to use PayPal .”

        If we had had trademark law as a keyword, for example, then we could at least explain what was possibly misunderstood at PayPal - but we don't even know that.

        So it remains exciting.

        1. Status update:
          So for all customers in Europe you can bend Contact worked great, but they directly point out that you are generally not responsible at all and should please file a complaint in the EU.

          We did that too and received an answer from the CSSF within 2 weeks. We should send a letter from them along with our complaint [email protected] send...NOT AUP! If there is no response from CRC within 4 weeks, we can get back to you and the complaints process will then continue.

          In the meantime, of course, there was no reaction to the previous direct contact attempts at PayPal.

          I can only recommend everyone to send your first e-mail directly to CRC, wait 4 weeks and then send the CSSF directly afterwards, as this can then be done immediately. I feel a bit sorry for the CSSF… who wants to have the same complaints over and over again just because PayPal is so uncooperative. One should really question PayPal's banking license, the way they treat customers.

          1. Hey Paul,
            nice to read from you again!
            Absolutely the right procedure - CRC (Executive Escalations) also rejected me. That's why I'm going the CSSF way now. If that doesn't work, I'll file a lawsuit. Fight to the end.

            It really can't be that PayPal violates the banking rules with the statement: "We are not a bank". Yes, PayPal, then give up your banking license and leave the EU.

            When I called to ask who most of the complaints were lodged with the CSSF, I got an answer. You can guess who gets most of the complaints.


          2. Status update #2: We've been unlocked. We were not told why we were blocked at all. For existing services we will stay with PayPal - for new projects we will rely on Paddle in the future.

  7. The complaint to US consumer protection is nice, but more feared at PayPal is the responsible banking regulator in Europe, namely CSSF (Commission de Surveillance de secteur Financier), Siège: 110, route d'Arlon, L-2991 Luxembourg, e-mail : [email protected]. Incidentally, complaints can also be submitted there in German.

  8. Great post, because you can see how many there are unfortunately today with the same problem. PayPal has become so big that all customers want to pay online via PayPal. A great feature for customers, but merchants mean nothing to PayPal unless you're a billion-dollar company. That's why they have the power to distribute it so rigorously and block every 10th. Now to my case. Last year in June I founded a sole proprietorship and do social media marketing, of course I offered PayPal as a payment method and PayPal also asked me at the beginning to tell them what I was doing specifically and should provide proof of performance. I did this quickly and was released again. Since the business boomed within 2 months, I decided to set up a UG with the same type of business. After 4 months of selling, the email came that all my accounts were blocked and I can never use PayPal again. At first I couldn't believe what I saw because 100% of my customers paid with PayPal. Now since the beginning of March I've been able to get my PayPal account unlocked again and now the hardest time is coming, the company is on the brink all customers are gone although I offer credit cards, bank transfer and immediate bank transfer. I really don't wish that on anyone and I hope for you all that you get your accounts back. But inside I really hope that there should be a solution to this problem and that another company should overtake PayPal because what happened was just catastrophic.

  9. Hello, same problem at my company. A previous restriction (last year) was lifted when it was proven where the incoming payments came from, that they were taxed and that the products were legally purchased and the dealers disclosed. Well, after a few months of growing sales, we received the following email:

    "The closure of your PayPal account will be initiated.

    After reviewing your account activity, we determined that you have violated the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy. As a result, your account has been permanently restricted and you can no longer use PayPal for business purposes..."

    Since PayPal is preferred by many customers, we had to offer it and most customers chose this payment method and it became the most used payment provider in our shop. Reports from other shop operators or start-ups made our stomachs queasy from day 1, because unfortunately it is no secret that this payment provider blocks accounts for incomprehensible reasons and you simply cannot do anything about it - the funds are therefore frozen and not available for at least 180 days. The support will not help you, since these are only first-level and therefore have no possibility to release accounts again. The positions that can make a difference are generally understaffed and you can wait several weeks or even months for the copy-and-paste reply and end up having achieved nothing.

    PayPal trusts their system 100% and will not do anything to accommodate you, this is the sad truth. Appealing to consumer advocates will come to nothing and bank regulators will dump your inquiries into the P tray. Why this is so is easy to explain: You are an insignificant retailer and PayPal is a billion-dollar company, why should anyone stand up for you? Companies of this size try to achieve the status "to big to fail" in order to be able to act worldwide as they want and not as the law may dictate.

    The only option that "we" and also "you" will have is to put pressure on the legal process:

    // Quote by :

    “There are two ways in court proceedings: One way is a claim for performance. Here one complains about the payment of the funds and, if necessary, the activation of the accounts.

    However, you can also go another way; consider an injunctive relief. PayPal is asked to refrain from blocking the account in the future as part of a warning. You can certainly base such a warning on general civil law, possibly also on contract law. More precisely: The right to damages from §823, paragraph 1 (BGB), in connection with the right of removal and injunctive relief from §1004 (BGB) as civil law.

    // Quote end
    This is a small ray of hope, but only if you are willing to do it.

    From my own experience I can say that unfortunately there is no chance of success if you try to convince Paypal with endless texts or phone calls, but please unblock the account again, you will only go in circles, since these are based on your guidelines be referred. The internal structures of which are designed in such a way that they do not act in a customer-oriented manner or contribute in a goal-oriented manner, but rather rigorously exploit their position of power. They send their first-level slaves to the front line to copy-and-paste the guidelines over and over again until you, the customer, resign in annoyed manner and PayPal can manage the frozen funds in the background - whether you as a customer may go bankrupt, who cares.

    Like so many merchants, we can only hope that customers will eventually switch from PayPal to a reputable payment provider, so that they are not constantly subjected to the patronage of these "monopolists".

    1. Hello Marcel,

      I have had exactly the same experience. Lots of ignorant employees, you are referred to others and in the end you say you know the guidelines. Two employees even advise me to set up a new account. Although that itself is against the guidelines. Funny, is not it?

      My complaint via [email protected] is out - with demand from the money. I will be unblocked anyway - never - although I had asked for it in a statement with business activities, documents, etc.
      I keep everything up to date here. If there is no response from PayPal, I will contact Luxembourg CSSF (banking regulator). If they don't do anything, the only option is to wait - or to sue/take legal action.
      I was really happy with PayPal up until the day of the lockdown. Just out of the blue. I knew there was an account review due to a dissatisfied customer reporting me, but I didn't think anything of it.
      I think it can happen to anyone. Even PayPal employees say on the hotline – PayPal may and can freeze all accounts at any time – without giving reasons – and withhold money for up to 180 days.

      PayPal uses the power of the monopoly - clearly - from. I always thought PayPal was a 'different company' – but it's just one of the other big companies. Unfortunately.


    2. You are absolutely right Marcel. So far I had never heard that Paypal first released the activity or account and then blocked it permanently after 4-5 months. State banks wouldn't do that. The biggest problem is that an enormous number of customers pay with PayPal and trust PayPal, because in the event of a dispute you would get the money back. The biggest annoyance in my case is that I founded the ug and didn't stay with the sole proprietorship because I thought PayPal accepted my business. A huge problem for me, but PayPal doesn't care at all. They just say we can do it according to our guidelines and that's it. And now 80% of my business won't make it without PayPal, just disaster.

  10. Hallo,
    That affects me too. My account was closed immediately after a sale or the closure was initiated.
    I hardly had any credit in my account, so the 180-day ban isn't that important to me.
    Does anyone know if the closure will be passed on to credit bureaus?

  11. Hallo,
    I had the exact same thing last night...I was told by email that my account would be closed for violating the terms of use. In particular, for alleged sale of ammunition, firearms, firearm parts or accessories. I've been using this account for about 10-15 years and have NEVER offered anything like this, let alone sold it! Of course, an initial request to the hotline this morning did not result in anything was only referred to the [email protected] Address referenced for objection.
    I then did it directly and was actually hoping for an early reply until just now. After googling and reading your posts, I can probably forget that. So my savings there of a good 4000 euros, which I had saved extra for a specific purchase, are “frozen” indefinitely, or at least up to 180 days.
    I've also read that hiring a lawyer doesn't help much either, and that PayPal then becomes even more stubborn. I will still contact my legal adviser tomorrow and ask if they have had any experience in this direction.
    I would definitely be interested in new or further information here!
    Best regards

  12. Hallo,

    It was exactly the same for me. Account from 2011. Annual sales in the almost million range, but even that leaves PayPal completely cold. I got the following text:

    You can no longer use PayPal

    It is important to us to offer our customers a secure payment platform. We've noticed activity on your account that violates our Terms of Service. For this reason we can no longer offer you the PayPal services.

    You cannot remove the bank details or credit card stored in your PayPal account or use them to open a new account. You can still log in and view your account information, but you won't be able to send or receive money. Any remaining credit will be retained for 180 days. We will then inform you by e-mail how to withdraw your money.

    I called the hotline several times but only ever referred to aup. In the meantime they have also blocked my private account with PayPal.
    Here is the communication history:
    19.01.2021/19/30 XNUMX:XNUMX Email about account suspension
    20.01.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX call in the morning at PayPal. Then email directly to aup
    27.01.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Follow Up email to aup
    03.02.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Called the hotline because there was no answer. He opened a follow up ticket. Or shall we say he said so.
    24.02.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Post in the Paypal Community Forum (diputes & limitations)
    14.04.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX New account opened
    April 15.04.2021, 2009 New account closed and private account banned as well (existing since XNUMX)

    It's really unbelievable what they take out. If at least it would be communicated why the account was blocked.

    Did someone get an answer from aup?



    1. Hi,

      small update:
      23.05.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX – Absolutely no reaction from Paypal.

      It's just sad what Paypal delivers there.
      I have now switched to PayPro Global with the payment. Unfortunately higher fees but direct support and in addition to Paypal also other payment options such as credit card, instant transfer etc. including sales tax handling.
      I'm satisfied so far.



      1. Next update: The 180 days are over now, but I haven't received an email that should contain instructions on how to withdraw my remaining balance. Then I sent a message to Paypal (in the login area) that you have 7 days to pay out the money, otherwise the whole thing will go to the lawyer. It's really getting on my nerves!

      2. Hi,

        small update:

        After the 180 days were over, I didn't get an email asking how I could pay out my credit. I then used the internal message function and asked for a payout within 7 days. No response after 10 days. So I contacted support by phone. They then assured me that the remaining credit should be transferred to my account within 5 working days.

        That's the end of the PayPal chapter for me.

  13. Account also blocked because they want to prevent Paypal from financial damage. Funny because there is a lot of money in the account. no signs of financial damage. I want my account back.

  14. Just happened to me too. My daughter sells self-developed software products (extensions for forum software) and individual programming services. The PayPal account was suspended this morning with the reason:

    > Some of your products or services violate the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy. Because of this, you will not be able to do any further business with PayPal.

    The email states:

    > After reviewing your account activity, we determined that you have violated the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy. In particular, the sale of unauthorized file sharing services. As a result, your account has been permanently restricted and you can no longer use PayPal for business purposes.

    Of course there is no objection, but I have little hope that they will change anything about their decision. We're talking about PayPal after all...

    1. As expected, only a standard response from PayPal:

      > Thank you for continuing to use PayPal. However, we stand by our decision that we do not wish to do business with you again. The reason: If a PayPal account is used in a very risky manner, we reserve the right to close this account according to the terms of use.

      I responded with a longer answer. A few hours later I got the same answer (1:1) as before, but supposedly from a different employee.

      I've now turned the tables and also just re-sent my reply. Let's see when I get the first individual answer, or whether they just stop answering at some point.

      1. That won't help - because the answers are always ready-made. They press a macro and the text is sent. With so many closures, they would have a lot to do.
        So: mail to [email protected] – Give 4 weeks time, then turn on CSSF. That's what I did and now I'm waiting for an answer.
        Incidentally, I'm also about to take action with consumer protection.

        1. Hi,

          Today I got a different, but equally unsatisfactory answer:

          > Unfortunately, we cannot give you the details. Your account is permanently restricted.

          E-mail to [email protected] goes out during the day. Incidentally, the behavior borders on an insult (according to § 185 StGB), because in this form it is nothing more than a personal expression of a negative value judgment (or the assertion of a defamatory fact, i.e. already the borderline to slander). After all, I'm accused of committing a criminal offense, or at least knowingly violating their terms of service, but nothing of the sort is the case. Every product offered is legally absolutely safe and every sale is properly taxed.

          1. Hallo,

            great. The more people get in touch and complain, the better action can be taken against it.
            This blog post will be authoritative for that - I will update you on how I proceed against PayPal.
            The current status is the CSSF. Let's see!


    2. Good day,
      sorry for the late reply!

      Yes, this is PayPal's Brand Risk Management approach. They'd rather block 10x too many than 1x too little.
      Let's see how long PayPal can/may go on like this!
      The best thing to do is to complain to the CSSF.


  15. Hello! I got caught yesterday with closure being initiated. After only 4 weeks PayPal time. There is 520€ on it. A lot of money for me. The first 2 weeks I had always transferred the money to my bank account quite quickly because I was suspicious. But not towards Paypal, rather my customers. Then I didn't do that anymore, because it was said that Paypal helps with problems. I was reading for 3 hours yesterday when I came across this blog.
    I'm appalled what's going on at Paypal and I'm still trying to understand it!
    Now I'm considering whether I should resist it at all, whether I should email/call Paypal at all, if it doesn't help in most cases. A lawyer is hardly worthwhile for me, because I have legal protection insurance in my case. almost €300 deductible. And on the PP account are €520.

    I urgently need something like PP for my second job. Is there another way? I do not want to give my bank account data to my customers for the online service. How do you do this? Do you have an idea? It would have to be something that many customers would then take part in.

    1. Hi fable,

      write a complaint about the ban [email protected].
      You then send the reply to the email to the CSSF and write a complaint about it.
      This is the most effective way to take action against it at the moment, in addition to going to court.

      PayPal alternatives: Stripe, Klarna

  16. Hello. We are medical device dealers and mainly sell orthopedic syringes based on hyaluronic acid. Business got off to a good start in the first few months via Google Shopping. The main means of payment for our customers is of course Paypal. At the beginning of May, our GmbH received notification that the PayPal account was being closed. The account was deactivated with immediate effect and the money on it was "temporarily" frozen. No reason and no deadline. From one day to the next, the account was simply closed. The most specific feedback we received from multiple requests was that there is too much risk in doing business with us and Paypal reserves the right to have the account blocked irrevocably. Now, of course, the assumption is obvious that orthopedic syringes may violate any PayPal usage guidelines. The whole thing is spicy because there are other online shops that sell exactly the same products as we do and (lo and behold) also use Paypal as a payment service. So this only reinforces the impression of an indiscriminate suspension of our account. In fact, we don't sell anything that other online stores don't sell. And by refusing to comment on the specific reasons for the closure, the whole thing gets a pretty bland aftertaste.

    It's incredibly bitter. We will now also try to send an email to the CSSF or consumer protection. But we don't hold out much hope at this point. Now it's time to wipe your mouth and... see how and if you can continue. However, if 9/10 customers have used Paypal as a means of payment, this of course now creates a huge leak, which must be plugged first.

    you are not alone

  17. Hi! It got me too on 18.05.21/10/2. Received email saying "Initiating the closure of your PayPal account". After more than 20.05.21 years only with the information that I had violated PayPal's usage guidelines. Not even an exact category against which directive was mentioned. Called the hotline on the same day, but of course didn't get any further here. The support lady said she was filing an internal appeal for me and I should receive a message within 24 days. After nothing happened on XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX message written to customer service via messaging system in PayPal account with contradiction. This was rejected within XNUMX hours with a generated text.
    Then I came across this blog entry while searching the internet. This helped me a lot, also with the knowledge that I am not alone with this problem.
    Then on 21.05.21/XNUMX/XNUMX email with objection/complaint [email protected] and [email protected] written.
    On 26.05.21/XNUMX/XNUMX the objection was submitted [email protected] rejected with the same generated text as before. (This message was received in the message system in the customer account, but the quoted text was the email to [email protected] was sent)
    How will the answer from the [email protected] looks? So from which e-mail address is this sent and is it also answered here with a generic or an individual text?
    I got an email from this morning [email protected] obtain. Content was the same generated refusal as previously when objecting to customer service via the messaging system and the [email protected]. Is that the answer [email protected]?

    1. Dear Christopher,

      sorry for the late reply.
      That was exactly the same for me! Messages to the "back office" or the "specialist department" are sometimes not processed at all, ignored and internal tickets are automatically closed. Departments don't communicate with each other.
      A complaint [email protected] to Executive Escalations or Timothy Minall is a good solution. Then forward this final answer, which comes within 30 days, to the CSSF (Luxembourg) and write why you are dissatisfied. Everything else is on the CSSF website!

      [email protected] is the back office or Brand Risk Management (AUP)

  18. Hi all,

    We had the same thing and then got worse. First the usual described here several times. Block for no reason. No chance of activation. Almost 10.000 EUR frozen. We thought about filing a lawsuit, but in the end decided to wait it out. The EUR 10.000 hurt, but luckily it was bearable. Our naïve thought: After 180 days we get the money and then never, never, never again PayPal.

    Well, unfortunately nothing happened. At the end of the 180 days, our credit was debited. Path. Transfer to PayPal with the note "damages". When asked about support: "I have no idea, it only says compensation, that's all I see". We're supposed to contact the never-answering AUP.

    It's really adventurous what's going on there. There is no information or even evidence that PayPal has suffered any damage. Not to mention a court decision.

    We will now take legal action.

    1. Hi Torsten,
      thank you for taking the time to share your experience here. We've also had over €20.000 detained and we're still waiting for money.
      My tip: mail to [email protected] – and inform the CSSF at the same time. PayPal will never let anyone look at their cards - let alone change anything. So complain about the banking supervision - and also let us know how the legal process looks like or how it went on.
      We will gather all the information.


  19. Hallo,
    I too have unfortunately just had the case of having been blocked. Actually, I wanted to complete an online purchase only with payment via PayPal and hey presto, after the system didn't respond and I tried again, I allegedly violated the terms of use and my PayPal account was blocked. The telephone service can not do anything and from the mail address [email protected]…. not even an acknowledgment of receipt comes back! It's been 4 weeks now and nothing happened! Of course, I can't access my credit either.

  20. Hi all,
    First of all, a huge thank you to Lucas and all the writers for your experiences and help! One of our PayPal accounts (business account) was then blocked from now on and the closure initiated. None of the possible procedures and objection options described in the PayPal email worked. The PayPal business customer service could not help us either, the links mentioned lead to nowhere. Other contact, objection or clarification options are either not possible, not available or the service staff have no authority.

    I then put on as you described [email protected] written, asked to be checked and activated, explained what we sell in the shop, asked to know which transaction was responsible for the fact that we were blocked and immediately announced my next step - the complaint to the CSSF. After a few days, a non-automated email actually came back from PayPal that my request had been forwarded and they would get in touch. In the meantime, if you have any further questions, I can contact you [email protected] turn. I gritted my teeth and took a chance, knowing that some customers might drop out... Unfortunately, this payment method is very popular. Surprisingly, the day before yesterday I received the information that our account has been unlocked, they apologize for "any inconvenience" (very funny) and I can use my PayPal account as usual. VICTORY! Thank you!

    The timeline is summarized again:
    2.7. Closure was initiated, multiple attempts to get help through the service on the same day
    3.7. mail to [email protected]
    7.7. Notification of escalation to Executive Escalation Officer
    13.7. activation

    I don't know why the account was blocked and why - fortunately for us - the blocking was reversed quite "quickly".

    One more thing that might help others: The email about the unblocking mentions this option to complain:

    "If you do not agree with this final statement from PayPal, you can contact the following authorities to make an official complaint against PayPal:"

    European Consumer Center Germany
    c/o Center for European Consumer Protection eV
    Station Square 3
    D-77694 Kehl

    Financial Sector Supervisory Commission (CSSF)
    283, road of Arlon
    L-1150 Luxembourg

    Thanks again for your info, it's about time people learned more about this tyranny!
    Best regards,

    1. Hey,
      unfortunately it hit us today too. I'll save the words because it's absolutely the same as everyone else's. Completely for no reason :(.
      Would it be a problem if you share the mail you wrote? It seems to have been very effective.
      Thank you and best regards

  21. Hello 👋🏻

    Unfortunately, the day before yesterday, my Paypal business account was also blocked, with a moronic reason, allegedly we would sell cigarette and tobacco products via Paypal, although we don't even have anything like that in our range. We have been working successfully with PayPal for 2 years, making 6-digit sales via PayPal every year, so far we have been totally satisfied with PayPal.

    80% of our customers pay via Paypal, and currently our sales have collapsed.

    Our balance was also blocked for 180 days, luckily it was only €2.000

    We're at the end of our nerves right now.

  22. Received my permanent ban yesterday for allegedly violating the terms and conditions.,.
    Yes, yes... since 98% of my customers pay via PayPal, I'm now facing a big slump.
    Thanks for nothing. I'm curious how this all turns out.

  23. Hallo,
    I am a private buyer and unfortunately had to find out the day before yesterday that my PayPal account was also being closed. Unfortunately, I can't explain why it happened. Of course I'll join you right away [email protected] reported, but the experiences here show me that I should not expect an answer. How should I go about it?

    Thank you and best regards

  24. One should not fail to mention the proximity to the American NSA via the subsidiary Palantir with the whole data storage frenzy of PayPal.

    Laws on data storage are certainly an argument, but more significant is the almost complete screening of payments made via Paypal.

    That's why there are much better alternatives today, which are really data protection compliant and far less complicated than PayPal -, for example.

  25. Here today the same case, alleged violation of the terms of use. I've gone through this 3 times now and can't find any errors, even under Prohibited Activities, nothing. When asked why, you always get the same answer… Violated Acceptable Use Policy.

    Called customer service in the morning, they didn't want to give an e-mail address, but referred me to the message function in Paypal.
    There you will also be left standing in the void.

  26. Hello Lucas

    My review:

    I have been using PayPal privately for payment since around 2000. At that time still on eBay and in Germany with Barclays credit card...

    By 2020, with an estimated 2000-3000 payment transactions, everything ran smoothly with around 1.000 eBay purchases, around 1000 'standing orders' (Skype, subscriptions...) etc.

    My wife also had a PayPal account. I can't remember if I set that up or PayPal. Never used, but somehow linked to my account, as a joint account at a bank in D.

    In all those years only one complaint, someone had sent the wrong goods and was stubborn at first, but was then refunded via PayPal, which took a bit of time.

    Then in 2020, on a Friday in the middle of the night, a debit of exactly €60,00 was made to my wife’s never-used account.

    Definitely nobody else knew this account apart from me and PayPal! As of Monday, no one could be reached at PayPal. Several days easily 2 dozen unsuccessful chats/emails/calls at PayPal.

    Just stupid excuses and no information about the 'seller' or a suitable account statement... data protection and nonsense.

    After several days, after a long back and forth (data protection), I got an excerpt from the service of my credit card bank, with some completely unknown Greek name and a booking number: "35314369001 DEU" and exactly 60,00 €.

    Searched for this number "35314369001 DEU" on Google and found 1.140 hits. Always with the same number: 35314369001 from several countries and any debits and other texts. But always have this number with you.

    When I then got energetic with PayPal and pointed out the thousands of Google hits with this same number and several different years and threatened to use a lawyer. Was my money refunded and my account (not my wife's!!!) blocked. Without further information. I later deleted my wife's account with no problem. However, mine is permanently blocked. Thank heavens, with a balance of €0,00.

    My assumption, this special number (test number?) 35314369001 runs through all the controls and safeguards at PayPal and thus allows fraudulent PayPal employees to tap any accounts.

    PayPal is obviously unable or unwilling to close this loophole. Because again, this account was only known to me and PayPal, not even my wife. And we sleep at 2:00 a.m. and are guaranteed not to place any orders.

  27. Another personal report: I sold a couple of silver spoons of low value on ebay as part of an estate liquidation as a private individual and offered Paypal as a payment method - as was very common on the ebay platform until recently. This was an UNBREAKABLE ERROR because PayPal lists "trading in […] precious metals" as "activities requiring authorization" in their Acceptable Use Policy. Of course, as a user of such a payment service, you have to know something like that! Several things are odd about this:
    (1) The companies “ebay” and “Paypal” share a common corporate history. It would indeed be "nice" if ebay would point out this pitfall to its customers when posting items in such "sensitive" categories.
    (2) Paypal processed the "payment not permitted" according to their terms of use and then delivered an account block in the style of a spam mail. A real bank would inform the customer that they will not make the payment - although I don't think that the private sale of a couple of silver-plated spoons for 40 euros violates the terms and conditions of a German district savings bank...
    (3) The PayPal company cannot be reached by post. My objection was NEVER taken note of by this company.
    Tips: If possible, do not use PayPal because it creates "pitfalls" that private individuals (and business customers hardly - as your case shows) cannot overlook. If you use Paypal: Any credit on the Paypal account will be debited from there immediately. Do not store a credit card as a payment medium because it is less flexible than a checking account (debiting of credit is not possible).

    1. Dear Reinold,

      Thanks for your contribution.
      I've had exactly the same experience: you're blocked, there's no communication and there's no (or bad) internal communication.


  28. As of today, my Paypal account has also been shut down. After yesterday I submitted my provisional identity card, today I get the message (so far no email or anything) You can no longer use PayPal, you have violated the terms of use.
    I have never done anything that would have violated them (I read through every point again. The lady from the phone support was also incredibly rude and impudent, almost yelled at me. When I then said I would like to speak to her supervisor, it said: He is not in the house but if I want to she will leave a callback message for him, but she cannot tell me when this will be.
    649 € credit is on my Paypal on which I urgently need and now I should wait 180 days for no reason? Just before Christmas......
    I am also writing an email to the AUP email address with the contradiction, even though I have no more hope after what I read here.
    But I will also initiate every step that is available to me.

    1. Dear Dominik,
      this is PayPal's strict, cool policy. No information, just a ban.
      I have more information that I will gradually add to.

      The best thing to do is to write an official complaint [email protected] (to Timothy Minall) and will then receive an answer within 3-4 weeks. If you are dissatisfied, you forward this to the CSSF. The CSSF monitors PayPal and the entire financial sector in Luxembourg, including PayPal.

      I'm currently on my second complaint, tomorrow all my accounts will be blocked again.


  29. Hello Lucas, I got it too. I am a private user and tried to purchase an item on ebay classifieds last weekend. I even received a notification via the PayPal app as to whether I actually wanted to carry out the transaction. To be honest, I didn't think anything of it because I relied on the buyer protection. The payment was booked back by PayPal the same evening and I received a warning via ebay classifieds the following day that I should not make any payment. At the same time, PayPal asked me to submit my ID, a bank statement and a statement about the last 4 PayPal payments. The check lasted two days and received the info about "The closure of your PayPal account will be initiated". I then contacted customer service by phone. There it was said that there was probably a problem with the ID check. An appeal has been initiated. Today I received the message again that the objection was rejected. Since I only have a two-digit amount on the account and only use this account for private purposes, the whole thing doesn't hit me as hard as some other users here. However, I find the way quite hard. I end up getting penalized for using PayPal. Unbelievable!

  30. First of all thanks for the detailed article. Unfortunately, I have had similar negative experiences with PP, my account was also blocked.

    But I still have one question, what about the money that is frozen on PP? Will this be made available for debiting after 180 days at the latest, despite the final block? And can it then be debited to his account normally?

    Because that would be really great if I never see it again...

    1. Hello Jom,

      PayPal writes about this in their own terms and conditions:

      - "A violation of this Acceptable Use Policy constitutes a violation of the PayPal Terms of Service that apply to you (see the Prohibited Activities, Retentions, and Liquidated Damages section of the PayPal Terms of Service)."


      "If you use your PayPal account primarily for your trade, business, or occupation and are violating the Acceptable Use Policy:
      you acknowledge that $2.500 (or the equivalent in the currency of your country of residence) per violation of the Acceptable Use Policy:
      "We can deduct such damages directly from your PayPal balance."

      Therefore, PayPal may deduct the money if you used your account primarily for your job. This has already happened in many cases - simply google "PayPal aup damages 2500".

      Best regards,

  31. PayPal blocked account and withheld money for violating their terms and conditions. money is gone $2500 per violation. Paypal expropriated me for €12500.

    1. Hello
      sorry to hear that
      Please follow the instructions on to get your money back. Otherwise, wait for the class action lawsuit

      You can also consult an amwt


  32. Hello – Thank you very much for this useful page and the informative comments. Well, it seems this is a new one here: I set up an account last year, didn't use it, accessed it last week to close it and boom - You can't use PayPal anymore...We noticed activity on your account that's inconsistent with our User Agreement...yada. Of course, I'm unable to close it.

    To reconfirm: there is NO activity on my account. None. The account was set up without issue, so there cannot be anything wrong with the account information.

    Further, I had a PayPal account in a different country for many, many years without issue (I closed it last week voluntarily, because I was fed up with PayPal's awful CS and afterwards, I tried to close this banned account – which is when I discovered this ridiculous situation). As per everyone else, I just get cut & paste emails from CS. I know that if you have financial transactions on any account (not just PayPal), then it needs to be kept open for 10 years – but any other financial institution I have dealt with will let you close your account if there is no activity. Not good old PayPal. They want to keep an account open for 10 years with absolutely no activity on it. Glorious.

    Thanks to this page, I emailed [email protected] today, explaining that all I want to do is close my account and never use PayPal again. Let's see what happens...

    Thanks to PayPal and their behavior on both accounts, I am close to a nervous breakdown. I really feel for people who had money in their accounts; I hope you get it back.

  33. That link is really helpful, thank you Lucas and there are some really useful steps there that I will follow. I cannot believe some of the stories on here; I cannot believe a financial organization can - essentially - steal people's money on a whim. It's unfathomable. I hope you are all successful in getting it back

    1. Hey Sarah again,
      hope you're doing fine!

      Yeah, I can't believe it either. It frustrated me that they banned my account without any reason, and never cared about me. How can a financial organization - in Europe even a BANK - do that to a customer. It threw me into a psychical mess and I was really bad for weeks.
      I hope you will solve your matters with them – if you have questions, also feel free to contact me via WhatsApp +4972296979358


  34. Thank you Lucas. I completely understand the mental burden this must have caused. The worst part is feeling powerless.

    I would encourage everyone with PayPal issues to have a look at and also to click on “Discord Server” there (top right), to join the discussion forum. There is some really interesting discussion on there, including from those taking part in the law suit and from Lucas. If nothing else, it helps to share your issue.

    I read the law suit submission and was shocked that one of the plaintiffs had over $100,000 stolen from him by PayPal. This has to stop

  35. Jens Eckervogt

    Hi Lucas, my goodness PayPal is so stubborn. When I'm deaf I complained to the community on PayPal that I couldn't make calls well because I'm deaf. I wanted to transfer my money from PayPal to my girlfriend in the Philippines using Xoon. My girlfriend and I have been meeting at Manila Capital Airport ( NAIA ) since June 2015 and I have already met her extended family. That means proof. And after the money transfer solution on Xoom I discovered and I think cheap is good. And happened Xoom own months ago and declined against my transfer and I dealed (transferred around) via Wise (TransferWise). And I'm surprised that PayPal's new transfer option to GCash, a Philippine capital company (looks similar to a German checking account) and I've often argued with PayPal that I wasn't good on the phone. How should I account for PayPal because I can't do with phone. But I only write email or SMS to PayPal. I find it arrogant that PayPal has banned me from making transfers using Xoom. I have not violated any PayPal Acceptable Use Policy. I only violated NR on Xoom that PayPal didn't believe me if I sent the money to scammers. That's wrong. My girlfriend from Philippines is not a scammer but she is legal Filipina and she loved me very much. I'm disappointed that PayPal is typically arrogant. But I find successor Wise or Skrill
    Wise can be transferred:
    Wise to Wise
    Wise to bank account or GCash
    Wise to pickup destination similar to Western Union
    Bonus for Booking Website for Inexpensive Flights.

    Skrill behavior is like Philippine website
    Skrill can be transferred:
    Skrill to Skrill
    Skrill to bank account or cryptocurrency but I haven't seen yet if Skrill has no connection with others like GCash ( within EU only )

    I think it's a shame that PayPal ruins everything. Kind regards, Jens Eckervogt

  36. Dear Lucas,
    now our family business has caught a PayPal ban (no conflicts and over €3.000 frozen). On March 29.03th we received the following e-mail "We still need some information from you." - All submitted on the same day. Followed up by phone every day. Depending on "luck", a clever employee was drawn and the process discussed.
    – Until April 05th, it was said that the block would be removed automatically after 72 hours and the account would be free again, or manually by calling.
    - From April 6th, the telephone business customer support cannot obtain this activation - only the back office.

    Constantly dropping the line in the queue or forwarding loop seems to be a norm with PayPal. Nonetheless, I spent almost 2 hours on the phone each day trying to get any meaningful answer. Also a confirmed and not a complete different than the day before.
    Today, April 11th, I checked by phone and finally received something in writing, meaning that the case department has released it and is processing it very promptly. What "promptly" means hours, days or even weeks is not limited. Because when I called, I was told that such a ticket now has a processing time of 142 hours.

    Thanks to you I will wait until Wednesday to make a complaint [email protected] send and go the recommended way. Our customers also pay more than 80% via PayPal. This is an absolute monopoly position and we are definitely considering any legal step 1. to get our money free and put PayPal in the legal barriers. A European banking license must also fulfill the values ​​and responsibilities of a regular bank.

    As entrepreneurs, we are used to and want to work in a timely and transparent manner. PayPal probably has its own rules here.
    For me, a blocking of the credit borders on a temporary expropriation without a court order.

    Friendly greetings to everyone

    1. Hallo,
      thank you very much for sharing your experience.
      I can confirm that the "performance" of customer service often depends on the employee behind it. This “back office” that we are talking about is the Risk Analysis and BrandRisk department.
      I can also confirm that calls drop off very often, especially with "Your connection is on hold", after a while (3-5 minutes) you are thrown off the line. I too have had to experience this more than 10 times. No joke.
      I point out that a complaint about [email protected] has a processing time of 2-4 weeks. And there is no guarantee that the restriction will be removed.

      The CSSF in Luxembourg has a complaints procedure that you can use if your complaint via the CRC email was unsuccessful. This further complaints procedure then takes another 4-12 months, sometimes longer.


    2. Hey 👋🏼

      Wow that's awesome, I thought we were the only ones whose account just got blocked..
      With PayPal since September 2021, never had a conflict, the account was repeatedly increased for the immediately available amount, restricted 1 month later, then unlocked, amount increased, restricted, unlocked and the whole thing 3x until it was blocked today at around 22.45:2 p.m.. How also with you, violation of the oh so holy guidelines (which by the way change every XNUMX weeks 😅)

      Well, I've now written two messages within 4 minutes to 10 different email addresses from PayPal (copy and paste, like PayPal does 😅) you can find all the email addresses here.

      Let's see, will now call PayPal every day until I have someone who has something to say. There is already an appointment with a lawyer 😎

  37. This blog is good just because you realize that you are not alone with the problem. Unfortunately, over €28.000 was frozen for me. Based on my experiences here, it seems very likely that I will never see them again. The higher the amount, the sooner it will be withheld. THAT IT IS POSSIBLE IS A MYSTERY TO ME. This is about existence!

    1. That sounds so loosely written, but that's all my money, which I saved with my self-employment. I am at the end of my strength and do not know how to continue. Not just the money, but also the customers who are now gone (as so many have described). I hope that we can somehow manage to achieve something together, possibly with a class action lawsuit. Something must be possible! That's cheating.

  38. transport consultant

    Hello! For info …

    My private PayPal account, which I only use for Ebay and Aliexpress, was blocked without any reason and is to be closed. Luckily I don't have any credit on it from a refund. I kept asking why and how to unlock it again. I'm only getting rude copy/paste replies from various PayPal staff.
    I have carried out all the information in these answers and always end up in Nirvana or I get the answer: Sorry, I'm not trained to solve your problem right now, but I'm learning new things every day. Pease try rephrasing the question. – Thank you for contacting PayPal. have a nice day". The end.
    I called twice at my expense and didn't get any information even though I even gave my Visa card number (the last 4 digits).
    The employees are poorly trained, unfriendly and hang up when you ask for an answer.
    It seems to me that it is purely arbitrary !!
    I, too, am now forced to contact the financial supervisory authority CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, Luxembourg).
    Something called a bank or money service provider ??
    Best regards

  39. Account has been permanently banned for no reason

    Account has been permanently suspended. At one point because of alleged violations of terms of use the same problem 385 eur keep after 180 days and now the wilten komplet keep the money without proof of fraudsters

  40. Subject: Final statement on your complaint to PayPal dated 30.08.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX regarding your PayPal account with the registered email address [email protected], complaint reference number 13057620/CG, hereinafter referred to as "you" and "your complaint".

    Hello Munever Tutnjic,

    We have received your letter dated August 30.08.2022th, 385.31. You have complained that PayPal withheld the amount of XNUMX EUR for monetary damages according to the PayPal Terms of Service from the account with the registered email address [email protected] (hereinafter: the Account) and you are requesting the return of those funds. We take all complaints seriously and use this information to continuously improve our services.

    background to your complaint

    The account was opened by you on 12.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX. Upon opening, you agreed to the PayPal Terms of Service (Terms of Service) and PayPal Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) as part of the “Paypal Services Terms and Conditions”.

    PayPal routinely reviews account activity to prevent fraud and ensure PayPal system security and compliance with the Terms of Service and AUP. On 26.02.2022/2/XNUMX we carefully reviewed a number of factors which, taken together, indicated that your account was at high risk. In particular, we determined that the account was being used to accept payment for the sale of products that infringe copyright, trademark, rights of publicity or privacy, or other proprietary rights under the laws of any jurisdiction. This is prohibited under the AUP. Specifically, the AUP provides that "You may not use the PayPal Service for activities that: XNUMX. involve transactions relating to... (h) items that infringe copyright, trademark, rights of publicity or privacy, or other proprietary rights under the laws of any jurisdiction … have to do".

    Therefore, we have restricted the account according to the points "Prohibited Activities" and "Actions We May Take If You Engage in Prohibited Activities". We informed you about the account limitation on the same day.

    Please see “Actions We May Take If You Engage in Prohibited Activities” below:

    If you use your PayPal account primarily for your trade, business, or occupation and are violating the Acceptable Use Policy:

    you will be liable to us for damage caused by your violation of the Acceptable Use Policy, in addition to the penalties set out above,

    you agree that $2.500,00 (or local currency equivalent in your country of residence) per violation of the Acceptable Use Policy:

    represent a reasonable minimum amount for the damage actually incurred by us, taking into account the respective circumstances and are proportionate to the damage that we could reasonably expect,

    are reasonable and proportionate to the performance of the PayPal Services on your behalf, and

    Necessary but no more than sufficient to safeguard our legitimate interests in compliance with the Acceptable Use Policy

    we can deduct such damages directly from your PayPal balance.

    Accordingly, and because we determined that the account was used to accept payments for products that infringe copyright, trademark, rights of publicity or privacy, or other proprietary rights under the laws of any jurisdiction in violation of the AUP, on 20.07.2022/385.31/XNUMX debited the amount of XNUMX EUR from the account balance to recover the damages caused by the above AUP violations. You were notified of this by an entry in your PayPal transaction history under the heading "PayPal damage caused by violating the Acceptable Use Policy".


    Our re-examination of the account is now complete and this is our final opinion. Unfortunately, the objections listed in your complaint will not be accepted.

    We believe that PayPal acted in good faith and in accordance with the PayPal Terms of Service and AUP when suspending the account and debiting the account balance to settle damages caused by violations of the AUP. These measures were appropriate and proportionate. Accordingly, we reject your request for the return of funds.

    If you have any further questions, you can contact us at the e-mail address [email protected] Contact.

    The manager responsible for the EU complaints procedure at PayPal is Mr. Fabrice Borsello. If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint has been handled, you can refer your complaint to him by emailing him at [email protected] .

    If the outcome of a complaint about our Services is not satisfactory to you after the Complaint Escalation Procedure has been completed, you may pursue the complaint further by contacting one of the independent bodies listed below (for this purpose, this letter shall be deemed our "closing Opinion"):

    – the European Consumer Center (EVZ-Netz), which is available to consumers as a contact point:

    – the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)

    The CSSF is the supervisory authority responsible for companies in the financial sector in Luxembourg. You can contact the CSSF at 283 Route d'Arlon, L-1150 Luxembourg. For more information about the CSSF and how to contact them, see or by visiting the EU Online Dispute Resolution website at call. For more information on the out-of-court settlement of complaints procedure at the CSSF, go to

    Please note that an application to the CSSF is only admissible if it is submitted within one year of your first complaint to PayPal. Should you choose this route, we ask that you use the same email address or provide it to the CSSF that is linked to your PayPal account.

    Please see the Complaints section of our Terms of Service for more information on other ways to resolve disputes.

    1. haha your posting is awesome, if I understood it correctly, it's like using a boomerang email addy that's already there and then the same turtur again, it's bordering on bullying.
      good that i don't have any money on it and will never use paypal again because i prefer the immediate transfer than to throw my money down paypal's throat, even with my most limited account violation because of blah blah blah and the whole thing at the expense of my nerves I found paypal unreliable and on a scam to get my hands on account money. I was also told that I should read the terms and conditions and that some information was still missing in order to use the account completely (I just forgot the old password and wanted to renew it. there is not even a case, not even that and changing the new account details is also not possible. well then i'm smarter now and paypal can answer me crosswise with their ever so nice down and drop paste. that's how you see the paypal again is not right in the head or not accepted at all if there are problems and the burden of proof is there -

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