You are never unobserved on the web. Where you can immerse yourself in which neutral conductor of which people offline in a shopping center, the web records exactly when you were on which page, e.g. Hd. Which one you are curious about and which one you have done. From the point of view of data protection activists, this is dangerous. Hd. This own marketing.

Because the more you do more than the preferences and behavior Your customers know, the better you can advertising personalize. How exactly does this work and why personalized advertising is more efficient than conventional advertisements, we reveal to you in this commodity.

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How does personalized advertising work?

There are many ways of doing this Usage behavior which people dissect on the web. For example, knowledge is stored in the browser, end devices can be recognized and so-called cookies are used to track how users move from side to side.

When companies evaluate this information, it is much more routine than that Interests, needs and desires Your customers. They recognize the way of thinking, which questions they are looking for, which blog articles they read, which products they put in the shopping cart and which of them they actually buy in the end.

At the next walking pace you can Advertisements and their display can be tailored to those findings. The goal: Customers should only see advertisements that Hd. She is interesting. A man who z. Hd. Dog keepers on the lookout, gets advertising z. Hd. Dog food. A nullipara, which z. Hd. Traveling onlookers, however, sees where a monitor z. Hd. A sea voyage. The advertising therefore matches the content and offers that the person has previously interacted with.

An important key to personalized advertising: cookies

One of the most important data providers z. Cookies are used for personalized advertising. This is small text filesthat are assigned to users when they visit a website. The cookies are stored on the end device of the user and make them recognizable.

Cookies do not link personal knowledge like at the end of life and gender, in contrast to show how people feel set in motion through this webwhere to click and which pages to visit. For the best of marketing teams, this knowledge is very valuable. You can use it to better target the content or appearance of advertising to the desired target group, in contrast to second fiddle to only play it off to certain people.

In addition to marketing cookies, however, there are second fiddle to other pouring: Few save cookies like that settingsthat attract visitors to a website. This enables shopping baskets to be saved or form fields and passwords to be filled in involuntarily. These cookies make internet use easier, faster and more convenient. 

Personalized Advertising: The Biggest Benefits

The advantages of personalized advertising depend on which hand: Companies know exactly what content customers are looking at on the web, how long they take themselves to a standstill on certain pages, which one they buy and which one they don't, which one they click on, how they stand from Set in motion side to side and much more. Because of this, they can't just be theirs Refine offers or brand new products thrive, they can Ads second fiddle to tailor specific user groups and play out precisely to those.

The Increase conversion tariff significantlybecause only such people see the monitor, e.g. Hd. Which she is potentially interesting. In order to stay c / o our way of thinking from above: Let us assume that the nullipara, which z. Hd. Traveling onlookers, would not have a dog. Would she finish a purchase if she saw dog food adverts? Well-being hardly. Much as good as she would be annoyed to be confronted with inappropriate advertising everywhere. A monitor z. On the other hand, a sea voyage could result in temptation.

For this reason, people who are unlikely to buy a product or service will not get the ad displayed first. This has a positive effect on the second fiddle Advertising expenses off: Through personalized advertising you can get more results e.g. Hd. Expect the same budget.

Disadvantages of personalized advertising

Of course, personalized advertising is not all about the sunny side. Especially this topic data protection has sparked a lot of debate over the past few months and years. Data protectionists want to noticeably reduce this tracking of customer data and behavior. Google, the world's largest advertising company, announced in March 2021 that it would not wanting to use cookies in the future. Seen in this way, it is important to keep an eye on current developments and react to them.

Another difficulty is that Algorithms can generate errors. Perhaps it has already happened to you second fiddle that you order a washing machine or a culinary art online and continue to see advertisements for weeks, e.g. Got to see washing machines and kitchens? In cases like these, customers can react annoyed and associate this feeling with the advertising company.

Few people react second fiddle suspicious up personalized advertising. A widespread misconception is that Facebook eavesdrop on conversations because the portrayals there often match the preferences and interests of the users very well. Seen in this way, it is advisable to use retargeting campaigns with prudence and not to be too offensive in the presentations.

Four examples e.g. Hd. Personalized advertising

Personalized advertising is commonplace on the web. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving on social networks or visiting third-party websites: You can go anywhere, so to speak tailored representations to encounter. Few examples z. Hd. Advertising campaigns:

Personalized advertising on websites

Lots of web sites braid personalized representations from third-party providers one to make money. From which side of teltarif to the way of thinking, in which left and right sidebar as well as to the right of which top message ads z. Hd. A project management tool displayed.

Personalized advertising tariff project managementSource: teltarif.de

Personalized advertising on Facebook

In addition to Facebook, personalized advertising is often between organic posts in the feed played out.

Personalized advertising on FacebookSource: Screenshot Facebook

In contrast to the second fiddle in Messenger, it appears.

Personalized advertising in Instagram stories

Out of Instagram, personalized advertising appears in the feed just like c / o Facebook. In addition, it is used in the Stories played out. If users swipe up, they will be taken to the advertised website.

Personalized advertising in instagram storiesSource: Instagram screenshot

Personalized advertising on Amazon

Amazon shows everyone in, so to speak Product view Advertising z. Hd. Other products. The section “What other commodities did customers buy after they have respected this commodity?” Is particularly exciting here. It collects products that other customers with similar interests have clicked on. For this reason, Amazon excludes from one user group to another.

Personalized advertising on amazonSource: Screenshot Amazon

Conclusion: Personalized advertising is better for customers

Personalized advertising is not used in vain with pleasure by companies in all industries: It increases the Conversion tariff and by doing better results c / o the same financial security. It works so well in that way because your customers get you Advertising message can be addressed much more precisely. Not only that you only show off your performance to people who are e.g. Hd. Your topic and offer might be of interest: You can second fiddle the Tonality and optics Bend your ads to the target group so that they feel optimally addressed.

Google Ads Guide

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