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Lucas Kleipödszus

Photography is my greatest passion. Capture the moment of your life. No matter if it's a birthday, a wedding or a simple portrait. I take pictures with my Sony camera and capture the moment.

I have been working as a freelancer since 2016. Actually, I started with the media much earlier - on a voluntary basis for clubs. I myself come from Rastatt.

My goal: to offer media services - and at an acceptable price. My customers know that they only need one point of contact: me. This is what my customers value most, in addition to my reliability, speed and quality. No annoying hotlines, overpriced agencies, hundreds of contacts.


Photography is something special

Photography is something unique - that's why we focus on quality. All of our photos are taken in the highest quality. We photograph portraits, weddings, events and functions and offer business photography. We take the necessary time for this and respond to special requests from our customers. 7 years of experience in the field of photography - and digital image post-processing make it possible for us to offer our services at the highest level.


You are looking for the right one Photographers for Rastatt, Karlsruhe or Baden? Give us a call - or write to us on WhatsApp and we will find an appointment for your shoot with us.

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Lucas Kleipödszus

Lucas Kleipödszus

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