New customers mean a lot of purchases, but existing customers generate the relevant sales volume. Either way this can be a homologous result study also summarize buyers and sales shares.

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It says that around 30 BC H. Existing customers of selected companies per merge share of sales of more than 65 per cent. H. care. It is therefore worthwhile to use them Relationship Marketing to play with a slur. But that's not the only advantage of stable customer relationships.

How you set up your relationship marketing and to what extent it pays off, you lecture in this obligation.

A high level of individual and needs-oriented customer focus should create coupling and loyalty here. The goal is a long-term increase in customer equity.

Advantages of relationship marketing: This contribution from existing customers is growing

The onboarding of new customers is becoming more and more complex, for a variety of reasons. Consumer studies show that a lack of trust, an almost unmanageable number of possibilities for comparison and increased customer demands, for example regarding the speed at which companies should react to inquiries, are related.

All the more so Existing customers become more valuablethat continuously generate sales volume without having to issue new acquisitions. Against this background, relationship marketing offers various advantages:

  • Relationship marketing promises to merge higher contribution to high-turnover existing customers.
  • The company likes them Customer data from existing customers. This facilitates many processes, from the presentation through this marketing to the uncomplicated payment.
  • The customer already has reports to trust taken into this company. Her or his good experiences with products or the tableware often result in more purchases.
  • Your customers already know the contact person, communication channels and important processes that they can use for consultations, returns and other interactions. While there is fewer queries or misunderstandings.
  • Satisfied existing customers recommend you. A private one still applies recommendation per most people because highly trustworthy.

Relationship Marketing: Six Proven Tips Per The Best Strategy

How can effective relationship marketing, however, be repotted? We have collected six starting points per you.

1. Put your customers first

If you have a relationship marketing strategy to thrive, yours should The main focus is on the customers. It is not this product or that tableware that plays the main role, but your customer base. For example, ask yourself whether your posts, ads or new product lines are of interest to your customers.

The key question here is: Are there any number of measures you should take for your customers? If you can answer yes to the question, you are on the right track.

2. Make sense of using social media channels for customer communication

In this day and age, many customers claim multiple channels per communication with companies to use. Include the device of messenger services such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages or WhatsApp in your customer communication considerations.

You practice the stand-by for your customers, making the interrelationship with your company as light as possible for them. In this way, you can effectively encourage your customers to get in touch with you and they will learn to have deeper contact with your company through the improved communication options. In the best case, the increased communication leads to more trust in your brand.

3. Post your content where your customers contain themselves

So that you can present specific content to your ideal clientele, you mainly have to find out where your clients can be found on the World Wide Web. Which platforms, forums or websites are per yours Buyer personas primarily interesting?

For example, if your clientele spends a lot of time on Snapchat or Tiktok, you should casually address them there. If your customers like to listen to podcasts, you can also think about audio ads, guest contributions or your own podcast format.

While your customers fetch where they prefer to move, proving your company amalgamate high level of gift and understanding per your target audience. That can have a positive effect on customer loyalty.

4. Open special campaigns for loyal existing customers

In order to establish a long-term relationship with your customers and achieve a high level of brand loyalty, you have to go after them casually after purchasing a product. Dominate yourself special promotions or a whole broadcast per regular customer, e.g. bonuses, vouchers, discounts, plus pre-sale promotions or events.

Such measures not only call your company back to the memory of those existing customers again and again, but also promise additional sales volume.

5. Make valuable content and an exciting history available to your customers

Handcuff your customers with content that offers them added value. Perhaps you will allow your group of customers to look behind the scenes or bring your corporate philosophy closer to your group of customers. Your content should do this though do not cause a significant sensation through an intention to sell, but much more roughly through the added value that it offers that target group.

Exciting stories that deepen the knowledge of those customers about your company and its products ensure a better one here Anchoring that brand in the memory and trust in your competence. At the decisive moment, it is presumably your product that occurs to that customer.

Then: Maximize your development opportunities in terms of sales volume through good content that will be remembered.

6. Get regular feedback from your customers

A good relationship is always based on reciprocity. In order to build a stable relationship with loyal customers, you need feedback from them. Ask your customers about it their wishes, their opinion and casually after criticism.

The information you receive is valuable because it can be used, for example, as a basis for improving your relationship marketing strategy. Subsequently, the customer information allows you to better assess those customer needs on various levels, from product properties to Customer service.

It is important that you usually deal with criticism in a constructive manner. Always view feedback as imponderability.

Interactive Relationship Marketing: Promote the interaction with your clientele

In the past, advertising was usually one-way. An ad was placed and then the results were waited for. This very one-way street did not allow any additional dialogue about this product or service, but only consisted of an offer that the customer accepted or rejected.

Interactive marketing pursued merge different ways: the clientele is explicitly invited to explain themselves. Feedback on the product, tableware and the company is just as welcome in Interactive Relationship Management as customer information on personal preferences and wishes.

The aim of this communication is always increased customer satisfaction and extended brand loyalty. Interactive relationship marketing is accordingly one in the pith dynamic interrelationship with your clientele.

Limitations in relationship marketing: Show sensitivity

Of course, every company wants a good relationship with its customers. But be careful: When building relationships with your customers, you should proceed with tact and your news personalize and only Send individually selected content precisely.

Your customers are not allowed to feel like they are being followed or annoyed with spam. The test is quite simple: ask yourself regularly what added value your measure means for the customer.

Conclusion: relationship marketing strengthens customer loyalty

Existing customers are worth gold. After all, they progressively contribute to the sales volume in context and do not require separate acquisition costs. Well, so that customers are loyal to you, you have to be turned on.

Thoughtful Relationship Marketing ensures that your customers are convinced that they have found the most competent partner in you and that they are therefore loyal to you. So it not only stays with you, but actively recommends you.

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