It has been known for years that backlinks are one of the largest and most important ranking factors for Google. Therefore, it is even more important that your website good linkt is. There are links that you can easily get by spending a little time registering on portals and citing your website. We'll show you where you can do that in this blog post today.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a "reference back" to another page. If I have a website, I can create a link that points to another website. Example: I write an article about the best shoes and then link to Nike. Then Nike received a backlink from my website. Links can be placed on texts or pictures. The text that is used for the link is known as the Anchor text. This can be “click here”, enter the link directly or contain individual words such as “the best shoes”. The better your website is linked, the better it will be ranked by Google.

This is how you get top backlinks

What is important is the links are not spam links. We therefore advise against buying links or creating them using tools. These links are rated as toxic by Google and this can lead to a poor ranking, in the worst case even to removal from the Google index.

Make sure the links fit your topic and make sense. In the gaming industry, for example, links from technology websites or other gaming platforms, as well as Twitch, would be useful. The quality of the website linking to you is crucial. The bigger and better known the site that links to you, the better it is for your site. In addition, the links should always be 'DoFollow Links', because only these count for Google and are therefore decisive for the ranking.

10 Free Backlink Websites For DoFollow Links

Here we have put together an overview of fast and free backlinks that you can use for your website. Log in to the pages and use your profile to set the link on your website. You don't have to do moreto get a free link back to your website and boost your page's ranking!

Giphy (ahrefs DR 91)


Giphy is an online bulletin board for GIFs and MP4s. The site surprisingly also offers you a backlink on your profile!
Here's an example:
On the left you will find the link to LK Media.

Google Business site (ahrefs DR 92)

With Google MyBusiness you can create a website that is hosted directly on Google. Through this you can link to your website. (ahrefs DR 94)

It is particularly interesting for musicians (DJs and bands)
This website is a music publishing platform and offers you one free backlink.

Soundcloud profile

Soundcloud profile


Here on the right-hand side is an example of website links.

Microsoft / MSN Social (ahrefs DR 96)

Microsoft gives you three backlinks if you are on their side register and indicate your website.

You will receive three backlinks in the form of these pages:

Proven expert (ahrefs DR 90) is a site that enables you to get customer ratings. You can also get a free link by registering on their site. You don't even need the premium version, which is free!


Twitch.TV (ahrefs DR 93)

Twitch.TV is a platform for streamers. This link option is particularly interesting for creative people, bloggers or musicians.

You have the option of setting links in your panels and you can also add your website to the link area. All links are DoFollow and help you to improve your ranking.

Twitch website backlink

Twitch website backlink: Easily via the channel


Google Sites Creator (ahrefs DR 93)

The Sites Creator from Google makes it possible to create websites. You can set the links there as DoFollow.

Example of a page: - Gaming Websites (ahrefs DR 73) is a platform that allows modders for GTA to publish their mods. If you register there, you can, among other things, indicate your website. This link is a DoFollow link.



Linktree (ahrefs DR 91) is a service for creating small overview pages for links. The peculiarity: Each link is a DoFollow link.

You don't have to buy a package, you can take the free version and simply create link buttons. Every link you post counts as a backlink to your website.

Flickr (ahrefs DR 95)

The "old" social media platform Flickr still exists. In a new design and with a free backlink to your website. Strong, right?
All you have to do: Register on Flickr and submit your website. Upload a few pictures and include your link. Complete!

Click here to go to Flickr

Other simple link sources

There are also other options that simply lead to links:

  • Business directory entries
  • Contact with other website owners (pay attention to topic relevance)
  • Create blog posts that are helpful. Others will link to it as the post becomes more popular.
  • Use our list to get off to a good start

SEO takes time and perseverance

Don't worry, but be aware that a decent optimization of your website costs one thing above all else: Time. You won't land in the top position straight away the next day. Depending on the keyword difficulty, it can take a long time. The rule is: the higher the keyword difficulty, the more high-quality backlinks you need.

Also, be aware that no matter how many backlinks you have, your content or website must also correspond to other factors:

  • Loading time is important. Make your website asap. (For WordPress use a caching plugin)
  • Optimize the usability of your website!
  • Offer your visitors what they are looking for. Your texts must interest the searcher!
  • Update your content if necessary. Nobody likes outdated content!
  • Keep your website with the Search Console in the eye.
  • No spam links!
  • No keyword spam. Don't repeat keywords too often.

Building a domain authority takes weeks - sometimes years. Use the time and never forget one thing: It's an ongoing process. And it takes a lot of time.

New links: The Google Search Console

Backlink opportunities

New links for your website can be seen via Google's Search Console as soon as they have been indexed. Just click on the left below Previous tools and reports on Left.

Note that your new backlinks may take a few days to index.

Void spam links

If you encounter spam links, you can use the Google Disavow Tool invalidate. This tool was specially made available by Google. These links then no longer count towards your ranking. You can easily identify spam links with tools like Semrush or Ahrefs.

Do you have any other suggestions / ideas for backlinks?

If you know of other sites that make it possible to get free backlinks, feel free to post a comment on this blog article. If your tip is good, we'll include the corresponding website here. And before we forget: A little hint! If you want to see what your competitors' links look like, write to us and we will create a link overview for you. We are also happy to support you in your link building and ranking.

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