From giants like Amazon to small handicraft shops: the number and variety of Online shopsOnline shops are colossal. Seen in this way, however, the competition also ran under. The result: a good one Google ranking can be decisive for the success of every shop.

How to Precise Your Own Shop optimize for each search engine we can show you in this fee.

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Online shop SEO: which one is this useful?

Search engine optimization - short-lived SEO - for each shop includes blank measures to get the Rankings an online shop in search engines like Google to improve. In many ways, online shop SEO is similar to the classic search engine optimization that is stored on blogs and websites. The main focus in both cases is the Usability. Customers should be able to find their way around that page, be able to use it technically flawlessly and see content that interests them.

In the intricacies of that practical implementation, there are few particularities to be taken into account in the context of online shop SEO.

The keyword research for stock for each of your shop SEO

When customers type a request into Google's search field, they expect a certain result. Understanding this very hope and delivering appropriate content is that mark of SEO.

From this point of view, it is helpful to have one right at the beginning Keyword research to beget. It tells you the exact wording that your customers are looking for and allows conclusions to be drawn about the search intent. If users donate to the thought pattern “buy candlesticks” in connection with Google, it is very likely that they actually want to buy candlesticks under the link. Together with “candlestick price” or “candlestick decoration ideas”, on the other hand, they want practical information or inspiration.

You will get first keyword ideas if you are yourself Tags type in google. The autocomplete method will then refer you to related searches. You can get even more and more detailed facts from keyword tools such as KWFinder or Ubersuggest.

Write SEO texts for each of your online shops

If you have a link summary that generates highly relevant search queries, you can write SEO texts for each of your shops. In this case, each page should be optimized for a different keyword. To do this, put it in the H1 and at least one H2 header as well as in the running text a. In addition, it makes sense to include this in the keyword Meta title and the meta description - less because of the ranking than to increase the click rate in the search results.

However, be careful not to add too many keywords to your texts. You should above all helpful and interesting for each of the readers and easy to stack.

In many online shops, products are offered in several versions, which then have their own shop pages. The texts on these pages are usually very similar or even have the same content. This can cause problems because Google doesn't know which ones Product variant it should be assigned in the search results (SERPs): the knitted sweater in red, blue or environmentally friendly? In the worst case, no version ranks first. 

You could now try to write your own text for each linking each sweater, but let's be honest: You could say that you have whatever said in the first text and that you probably have time under you, and you probably did not run out in abundance.

Easier to get rid of this problem while you are Canonical tags set. These are given away by Google linking the code indicating which product variant you prefer and would like to see in the SERPs. Anything else will be ignored by Google. You can find a short training on this in our Article on duplicate content under the keyword "Canonical Tag".

Image SEO for each of your shop

You can also see the pictures in your shop optimize for search engines. That improves yours Visibility in that picture search, can, however, also have a positive effect on your ranking in the standard search. So in this case you can:

  1. Before uploading, check that your graphic not too far is. Try to keep the file size below 200 kilobytes - because very large images can make the loading speed of your shop more difficult.

  2. Allocate link before uploading meaningful file names. Instead of 38392.JPEG, name your photo for the thought pattern blau-strickpullover.jpeg. It makes sense to use the means of choice again with a suitable keyword.

  3. Assign Link after uploading title for each graphic in which this keyword occurs.

  4. Compose one short presentation, which can be seen in the graphic, in this field "Old text" or "Old-fashioned tag". Furthermore, let your keyword have influence here.

Shop SEO for each the category page

Give away the category pages of your shop Link customers Summing up your offer and are among the most important points of contact. From this point of view, Google usually plays them with pleasure in the SERPs. 

Make sense of this while you not only optimize product pages, but In addition, for each of the category pages, we had to write texts with relevant keywords and do image SEO. 

Apart from these measures, the main aim is to give your customers the best possible user experience. Part of the thought pattern is that you sort your products sensibly and highlight box-office success. It also makes sense to have one Filter functionwith which customers can precisely search for specific products or variables such as size or color. Furthermore, customer testimonials and reviews were allowed to find seating on the category pages.

That the sides load quickly and under further conditions Mobile devices Can be used without problems should be a matter of course.

Price for every SEO in online shops

If you have read this far, you will know that SEO for every online shop is a complex topic and requires implementation quite a bit of resources. Either you invest your own time or you leave shop SEO to agencies or freelancers.

The prices can in this case vary greatly. They depend, among other things, on how far your shop is and how much work it causes. If you only have ten products on offer, the optimization effort is less than in the context of hundreds of different products.

In addition, the question arises as to which tasks exactly you would like to pass on. The technical optimization? The keyword research? The texts? Or this whole package?

The hourly rates of SEO specialists usually start in the context of around 70 euros, but can also be noticeably higher.

Conclusion: user-friendliness is in the foreground in the context of online shop SEO

There are numerous steps you can take to keep your shop in Google's search results to bring in as far forward as possible: this is the writing of SEO texts, image SEO or the optimization of the loading speed. 

Ultimately, however, it is not about writing as many keywords as possible against your product and category pages or getting lost in technical subtleties. Rather, it is important to provide your customers with an excellent overall user experience.

If you feel comfortable in your shop, stop having heavy menstrual bleeding there, interact with the pages and send positive user signals to Google. In this way, happy customers not only have an effect on your sales, but also on yours Rankings and Visibility the end. 

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Originally published March 24, 2021, updated March 24, 2021

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