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SEO freelancers

I offer you these services

Have you ever thought about how many people are searching for your products or services on the internet?

I'm sure your answer is, "Absolutely!"

Then there is only one thing left to do: Make sure you're found on these searches. But how do you do that? That's where I come in!

As a professional SEO freelancer, I work with companies that want to be found on the internet. My work as an SEO freelancer helps you to be found exactly where your customers need you. You will also receive a report on the measures. By the way: With me you benefit from transparent prices, no contract terms and a partner at your side.

For companies, companies, startups and SMEs

As an SEO freelancer with many years of experience (since 2010), I would be happy to support you with your project and my expertise in the field of search engine optimization. My goal: Improve your online visibility!

I'll introduce myself briefly: My name is Lucas and as an SEO freelancer I have focused entirely on the area of so-called search engine optimization. That means: More online reach for you. Your website is beautiful, modern and helpful - but it's also important to be found exactly where your customers need you!

As an SEO freelancer, I help you to be found on Google and other search engines. I also create a report on the measures I have taken. In addition, with me you benefit from transparent prices, no contract terms and a partner at your side.
Of course, I also adhere to them in my work Google Webmaster Guidelines.

By the way, you benefit from me transparent prices, no contract periods and one partners at your side.

Direct contact via WhatsApp included

You can also write me directly via WhatsApp. Direct contact is included with me.

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This is how I work with you as an SEO freelancer

About me and my experiences

My experience as an SEO freelancer goes back to 2010. Even then I tried to get to know and understand the Google algorithm. Starting with smaller projects, the ranking of local driving schools and retailers, or even lawyers, it continued with online shops and large companies. I developed a great passion for good rankings very quickly. I've found that you can make good money (and customers) just by ranking a website. I am very happy to pass on my know-how and have therefore decided to offer my service professionally.

To date, I have supported numerous retailers, companies and even agencies with my knowledge as an SEO freelancer. I have also ranked my own projects on the Internet thanks to my technical know-how. As an online marketer, the focus is on measurable results: With my skills, I was able to help websites to several million hits.

What drives me: The different requirements and industries of my customers. I love adapting and discovering new things. When a customer tells me about their company and product and how they want to best market it. This is very interesting for me. I also look after many customers personally and advise them accordingly directly and personally.

Google search queries will continue to play an increasingly important role in the future. Because everyone googles these days – and then finds something. Google is constantly changing and you just have to keep up with the times. That's why I'm happy to advise and support you as an SEO freelancer!

What does a good SEO freelancer need to be able to do?

A good SEO freelancer must be able to adapt. Although the techniques of search engine optimization are always the same with which he works, the industries are different. There must be a clear line of communication, because without talking to each other, the expert can hardly know which keywords are used for which industry. Also, one is playing years of experience plays a major role in SEO. But even years of experience does not mean that you can rest on your laurels: Google trends change just like the technology of SEO freelancers. And this is where the ability to adapt is required: only those who adapt can keep up.

And here I am happy to support you: I have all these skills and can therefore call myself an experienced SEO freelancer.

Frequently asked questions about the service

I have put together a collection of questions here.

How long does SEO take?2022-03-21T11:29:21+00:00

Search engine optimization is a long process takes a few weeks and months. It is best to stay on the ball in the long term. The first results can already be seen after a few weeks.

What services do you offer?2022-03-18T13:21:03+00:00

I offer the following: The creation of websites (web design, Wordpress), search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), the creation of graphic design/corporate design of any kind!

What does SEO cost?2022-03-21T11:28:17+00:00

Since I have to plan my activities with each customer individually, I cannot give a general price statement here. Before ordering, I will make you a non-binding offer, of course with a price. You then decide whether you hire me or not. Just contact me without obligation!

How can you be reached?2022-03-18T13:22:04+00:00

Telephone: 07229 6979358
WhatsApp: 07229 6979358
Email: info(at)

Do you also offer maintenance contracts or further support?2022-03-18T13:25:11+00:00

We will continue to look after you, yes. Basically, I offer all customers regular maintenance of their website. We recommend this of course, as you still have to maintain and manage a website. We also maintain advertising campaigns (Google Ads) and Facebook/Instagram ads.

What about data protection?2022-03-18T13:25:40+00:00

Our websites are data protection compliant. That means: Including encryption, data protection declaration, various settings on the server for the purpose of storing IP/cookies, etc. pp. If you have any questions about applicable data protection laws, please contact a lawyer or legal expert.

What is "Google SEO" and why is it so important?2022-03-21T11:27:26+00:00

SEO is the short form of the English word "search engine optimization". Long word, short sense: This includes all measures that ensure that the website is found well under certain search queries. You optimize your own website for specific search terms and equip the page/s technically in such a way that they are well rated (ranked) by Google!

Attention: All of our websites include initial optimization!

SEO is an important tool to bring your website to the top. You set yourself apart from the competition and bring your website into the rankings.

Lucas, SEO Freelancer

SEO Freelancer, Lucas Kleipödszus

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Customers win through search engine optimization from an SEO freelancer

Google has various ranking factors that are used. Most users click on one of the first three search results (top 3 ranking).

Most people on the internet use Google or Bing. As an SEO freelancer, I optimize your website so that it ranks high in various Google queries. Matching your requirements and search queries, of course. We will discuss these together in a preliminary meeting.

For example, if you are a dentist in Kiel, I will rank you for the terms "Dentist Kiel". As an SEO freelancer, I naturally also take into account other technical SEO factors as well as other, similar search terms.

Google SEO

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

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What does an SEO freelancer do?

The term SEO is English and means Sarch E.engine Optimization, which means search engine optimization in German. This includes any long-term measures that are intended to increase the positioning of the website in the long term. As an SEO freelancer, you take care of the better Google positioning of a website. You implement measures that lead to Google rating the page better. It is difficult to rank, especially in competitive industries or popular search terms. And this is exactly where I come into play as your partner: I advise you and implement measures for your website so that it ranks higher on Google. Together we manage to push your website and thus increase your overall web ranking.

I offer these services as an SEO freelancer

With many years of experience as an SEO freelancer and planned strategies, I will bring your website forward. I am happy to offer you my work as an SEO freelancer. We will find a tailor-made solution that is individually tailored to you. My calculation is transparent, simple and comprehensible, so you always know where you stand.


As an SEO freelancer, I offer you my targeted search engine optimization measures. This includes on-page and off-page optimization. That means: I implement the SEO measures specifically on the website (OnPage) but I also take care of link building externally (OffPage). Because the more good links a website has, the better and more important it is viewed on Google.


As an SEO freelancer, I also take care of SEA measures. This includes all “paid advertisements” that can be booked on Google. I create your Google Ads campaign and I am happy to manage it for you on an ongoing basis.

Local SEO

Local, or location-based SEO, is search engine optimization targeted for your location. This is particularly advantageous for regional and local dealers if you are listed locally. Here I create a Google MyBusiness entry and position you for proximity to your customers. This also includes Google Maps.

SEO consists of OnPage and OffPage

In short: OnPage SEO are measures that are implemented on the website itself. OffPage SEO are all outside actions.

I am happy to offer you my work as an SEO freelancer. We will find a tailor-made solution that is individually tailored to you. My calculation is transparent, simple and comprehensible, so you always know where you stand.


The measures directly on the website are numerous. The focus is on content components such as so-called keywords (i.e. search terms), images, texts, technical features, URL structure and title and description, better known as metadata at Google. The metadata of the website consists of the so-called title tag (title) and the meta description (description of what the page is about). As an SEO freelancer, I optimize these two sub-areas for keywords/search terms and optimal readability for the Google search robot. As an SEO freelancer, I create a preliminary analysis after we have agreed on a conversation. This means that in the very first step we find out what your customers are supposed to enter into the search engine and ultimately find (you). And above all, I define focus keywords (i.e. main search terms) in consultation with you, which will be particularly important for me in the optimization. I optimize your website text because that is important too. A normal text is usually not as extensive as an SEO text and does not contain any relevant search terms. The creation and maintenance is also taken over by me. Of course in consultation with you. Since Google only wants the best for its users, as an SEO freelancer I optimize your website as a basis so that you only get the best.


OffPage SEO includes all measures that are carried out outside of a website. This is mainly about the measures to generate links to your website. Links from other websites that are thematically relevant are set up on our own website. This is how Google knows that your website can be trusted. Whoever has the best or most relevant ratings, i.e. links, will ultimately also get a better positioning on Google search. But not only the link quantity is decisive here. Above all, the quality, topic relevance and topicality of the linked pages play a major role. Because Google is constantly evolving and quickly recognizes bad and incorrect links (including purchased ones). But things like the Google Search Console or the Google MyBusiness entry also fall into the area of off-page optimization. I would also be happy to create a Google MyBusiness profile for you.

Therefore SEO

Search engine optimization is extremely important - because the competition never sleeps. If you have your own website, you also have to make sure that it gets clicked. And this is where I come in as an SEO freelancer. It's all about standing out from other websites - and being well positioned. In recent years in particular, it has become increasingly important to be well listed. I'll bring your website into shape and, as an SEO freelancer, I'll also take care of the steadily growing success of your site.

SEO is one of the most important marketing methods. Flyers, offline campaigns and other advertisements can hardly keep up. An increasing number of users of mobile phones, PCs and tablets can also be seen, especially during Corona times. People who search for a product online and find yours become your customers. Search engine optimization gives you important market shares and does not leave sales to the competition. Take care of your future and a secure marketing channel. Talk to me and enjoy my SEO measures.

My achievements as an SEO freelancer

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Local SEO for local/regional service providers (with local target group)
  • Creation and optimization of Google MyBusiness entries
  • Keyword research and market analysis
  • On- and OffPage SEO (long term)
  • Web design support and advice
  • Creation of SEO texts and articles

The prices

As an individual SEO freelancer, I can offer lower prices than large agencies. It is not possible to give a general indication of the prices, since the services are usually put together very individually. Feel free to contact me for a free quote. SEO is a lot of work, but it needs to be done urgently if you want to be successful on the internet in the long run.

The advantages of an SEO freelancer

It takes a lot of work to be successful on the internet. Being found at all is often a challenge. And this is exactly where my real work as an SEO freelancer begins: I support you with my professional knowledge and expert tools from SemRush, Ahrefs and other well-known manufacturers. I adapt to you individually and take care of your marketing on the World Wide Web. Together we will find ways and means to bring more traffic (and thus visitors) to your website.

Of course, you could also commission a large agency to do this. But why should you hire a single SEO freelancer?

Quite simply: with me you have a contact person. In addition, I cost less than a large agency, which usually has an hourly rate of several hundred euros. I have one very direct and open communication, wage costs and ancillary costs as well as rent for the office space do not apply to me either, which is why I can offer lower prices.

As an SEO freelancer, I work on a freelance basis, mostly from home or on the road. Here, for example, I save on rental costs. I myself work alone or with my own partners and take care of your constant success on the Internet. I am extremely motivated and want to achieve success for you. In contrast to large agencies, I work very individually and not like on an assembly line and I respond to individual wishes. A relaxed working relationship is part of everyday life here. As an SEO freelancer, I am very motivated to push your success. Let me get to know your company so that we can work together here. I look forward to getting to know you and I also offer an appointment in advance free consultation at.

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