If you work in an office, you surely have drawn from it Slack belongs: The cloud-based tool for collaboration and communication has taken the business world by storm. Since the tenth month of 2019, Slack has had more than 12 million daily users and the demand has increased dramatically during this COVID-19 worldwide epidemic.

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If you have only recently started using Slack and are not 100 percent familiar with this platform - or if you are not yet sure whether the tool is the right choice for your company - we have a brief introduction to you here. You can find the best here Tips and tricks to get you started with Slack.

Which is Slack?

In principle is Slack a Chat broadcast, the company for internal communication to use. Sometimes it is used secondary to external replication with partners. But secondarily if it mainly serves this simplified communication, it is so much more than "just" a tool for sending instant messages.

The platform has more than 1,500 integrations, including Google Docs, HubSpot and Trello. Slack is a powerful tool, with which you can share documents and files, manage projects, measure team progress and distribute important information company-wide.

A user-friendly interface enables teams to to communicate efficiently with each other and to share important documents without any problems - this means that confusing electronic letter threads can be dispensed with internally.

In addition, interactions among colleagues are documented and thanks to these extensive search and marking functions, you can quickly find specific threads or photos, files and files. Slack is therefore secondary to a border… practical internal Knowledge base. In addition to questions in the team, you can quickly and easily check Slack to see whether the person who likes to eat sweets has published the information on it.

The tool is available as a mobile app, desktop software and web app, so that you can stay informed on the device of your choice beyond important company conversations.

With this pricing in mind, Slack offers a free plan and three paid plans: Standard, Plus, and Enterprise Grid.

Z. Who is Slack suitable for?

Many companies have far too many different applications that they may not need. That can negatively affect internal communication as well. If there are too many tools and channels for internal conversations, information can be lost and important newscasts will be missed. Without one central source of communication fragmentation of information occurs quickly.

Such a mish-mash can be prevented with slack. The tool offers a central platform for optimized communication in the company. In addition to this use in the office, Slack is secondarily ideal for pro Teams, the work remotely.

There are numerous alternatives to Slack, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Chanty, and RocketChat. Each tool has different functions beyond and is also tailored to different types of businesses.

Opt for Slack if the following points apply to you:

  • They work with several team members who often exchange files with each other.

  • Your communication finds mainly by email instead of. You spend hours every day looking through company news and find it hard to find.

  • They work in a team, but working together on projects often turns out to be difficult because team members create notes in different ways and the information is not reliably shared.

  • You want to simplify your workflows.

  • You want to optimize the collaboration.

If all of this seems somehow prominent to you, a tool like Slack can help you once and for all to improve collaboration and communication in the company.

The benefits of Slack:

  • Communication in the team is optimized and contributors benefit from increased transparency of those projects that they work on.

  • Decision-making processes become simplified.

  • Documents and conversations can found quickly and easily - You should no longer rummage through mountains of electronic letters and various tools.

  • Slack can qua central news source work - integrate additional apps and drive notifications into Slack so that you no longer have to constantly switch between the applications to stay up to date.

Get started: How to get started with Slack

You have already done the first step, you categorically have to go for Slack. Now that tool has to be furnished which is pretty simple. Move out that Slack homepage and click “Start Slack”> “Create New Workplace”. Donate your electronic letter memo to in the interface.

Enter your email address at Slack

You will receive a confirmation program code by electronic letter. Then simply complete your data collection, including the name of your company. Now you can Receive individual team members via electronic mail to Slack.


If you have a workplace created, you can use channels per die different departments and areas of your company equip with furniture, such as B. #Accounting, #Varketing, #Sales, #Ops, #Ageneral etc. In this context you should judge your personal requirements. You can create secondary channels that have nothing to do with this work, but encourage replication among employees, e.g. #food, #filme or #lustigeGIFs.

With channels, you can Organize information and determine exactly which topics will be discussed where. As soon as your team members have joined Slack, you can receive them on the relevant channels. You will then be informed beyond activities in these channels and will receive a notification if they are mentioned by name.

In March 2020 Slack made a major update to add new ways to organize Channels in a workspace to open. So you can now sort from marketing-relevant channels under "Marketing", from channels that have nothing to do with this work under "Fun" and so on.

Direct messages

Of course, you can send your colleagues in the workspace secondary direct messages. Direct messages are private news broadcast, homologous as in the context of an instant messaging service. In these private conversations, you can send documents of secondary importance or search for points of discussion in the document pool.

By default, your current conversations are shown on this left side in Slack. If you would like to start a conversation with a new person, simply click on the little plus sign next to "Direct messages" in this sidebar and start with this entry of the name of this target person.

Slack's new user interface offers a syllabus beyond people in your company's workspace. Click out "People" in the sinister menu and search for members. If you click on the name of a member, a profile will appear on this right-hand side with the right of first refusal to call such person or send a message.


Slack can notify you each time there is a new message in one of your channels there or you written unchanged became.

All channels with unread news bulletins are hard to show up in this sidebar by default. A red insignia will also appear if you have been mentioned by a team member.

You can see the notifications all over according to your preferencesso that you can be notified on your desktop, by e-mail or on your mobile phone. Decide for yourself where, how and if You want to receive Slack notifications while you click out your name and select Personal Settings.

personal settings in slack

In the field that is displayed, you can then select your preferences for notifications (secondary to certain channels).

settings for notifications in slack

Here you can select the notification tone for each message as a secondary option. Should it give channels that you shouldn't keep an eye on forever, you can mute them. You also have the opportunity to Threads notifications who you are chasing after or where you are mentioned.

If you want to fully summarize the work and want zero employment, then drive the mode "Please do not disturb". This means that all Slack notifications are postponed for a few minutes, a payment deadline or even paused for days. Simply click “Pause notifications” under your name and select the duration from the drop-down menu.

Your colleagues will see that you have paused your notifications, divisible by two, and will receive their message when this "Do not disturb" mode has been deactivated again. For urgent matters, however, you have the option of contacting you, although unchanged.


On social media, you can like every postal service or react to it with an emoji. The same principle applies secondarily to Slack: You have the option of adding every fee in a channel and every private message respond with an emoji. To do this, use this mouse to move beyond the message and click to the right “Find other reaction” to select an emoji.

If you're using Slack on your cell phone, simply press and hold the message with your finger and choose a reaction from the bar that appears. You will see the emojis that are used the most. If your desired emoji is not in this context, simply tap “Add reaction” on the right in this bar to see a larger national team.

In this sidebar you can display the reactions of your team members beyond the menu item “Mentions & Reactions” as well as your news broadcast.

Automations and integrations per Slack

The quantity of automations and Integrations are a significant benefit per die business use of Slack. They allow you to share documents and files, manage and track projects, precisely share important information with the right people and automate various workflows. Let's look at the most popular options to do this:


Slack offers a variety of automation options, including the virtual savior as a secondary option Slackbot.

This Slackbot will help you in this regard, your Answer questions about Slack, Set tasks and reminders for yourself and your team members, add custom auto position related and much more. Would you like to try the Slackbot? Just send him a direct message or access him on other channels.

A good rule of thumb is to simply ask the slackbot when in doubt. Use the Slackbot to judge automatic position and include common questions in the channel.

Slackbot for common questions

Make sense of the commandment / remember in any channel or chat to set personal reminders and tasks. In addition to the bid, you can place secondary reminders for your colleagues.

Slack memories

Workflow builder

In the tenth month of 2019, Slack introduced the Workflow builder one, an automation to optimize tasks. With the tool you can standardize the merging of inquiries from the team, report failures and problems, share welcome messages and relevant documents with new team members and much more.

Slack workflows

Secondarily, you can combine and centralize forms from your team (such as travel inquiries) in a Slack channel Storage location pro create incident and problem reports.

Slack channel for workflows

This workflow builder can be used as a template to carry out daily check-ins with your team members. If you have filled out the form, it will be published in a channel for the project, in which the participants work without the rest being divisible by two.

Slack channel to a project


Slack impresses with a variety of Integration options with third party apps. In addition, the lightning bolt symbol at the bottom of the text field of your direct messages or channels gives you access to shortcuts and a queue of helpful apps. All integrations are listed in this sidebar in Slack under "Apps".

Some of the most useful integrations in your Slack workspace include Google Drive, Google Time Calculation, Zoom, Trello, Dropbox, and Outlook Time Calculation.

The Giphy integration the ability to add a queue of creative and uplifting GIFs to channels, threads, and direct messages. Simply start in the text field with this entry / giphy followed by a keyword and select a suitable GIF.

Slack keyboard shortcuts and commands

If you like Slack Use it in a time-saving and efficient manner as possible then keyboard shortcuts and commands are just the thing for you. You can use it to format texts in no time at all, control threads and channels, set your status, add reminders and much more.

In the following, we have included the most helpful slash commands, formatting options, and general keyboard shortcuts to help you get started.

Slash commands

Slash commands work qua Shortcuts per specific actions in Slack. Here is a linked list of these most useful commands for everyday grind:

  • / dnd: Pause all your notifications for a certain period of time.

  • / remember: Set reminders for yourself or colleagues and select the time and time.

  • / status: Set the status or explant your current status.

  • / invite @user: Invite a new person to a channel.

  • / leave: Leave the channel.

  • /Send Message or / dm: Send direct messages to other people.

  • / search: Make searches.

  • / apps: Look for apps in the Slack app directory.

  • / keyboard shortcuts: Open the overview of these keyboard shortcuts.

  • Subscribe to / feed: Manage RSS subscriptions.

  • / poll: Create a new poll.

  • / hide: swipe out files in the current channel.

  • / expand: Expand the subordination of all files in the current channel.

As soon as you enter the slash "/" in the Slack text field, you will be presented with a linked list of the frequently used Slack commands displayed. Scroll through the commands to get an idea of what actions are possible.

Keyboard shortcuts and formatting

You can save time and effort not only with slash commands. Below we have a quick recap of those most handy keyboard shortcuts that Slack created for you.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Press ⌘ + Shift + M or Ctrl + Shift + M to see mentions of your name.

  • Press Ctrl (or Cmd) + ↑ to jump to the last message you sent on a channel.

  • Press Ctrl (or Cmd) + J to jump to the last message in the channel.

  • Press old-fashioned (or pre-emptive key) + ↑ or ↓ to click your way through your direct messages and channels.

  • Press Esc to mark read from unread news bulletin.


Slack works with the formatting of texts Markdown. This is a good coordinate source to understand the process in the tool. Here some examples:

  • Put the text in underscores italic to write.

  • Put the text in asterisks to see im Bold type to write.

  • Put the text in tilds (~) around it to cross out.

  • Add> before a line to indent it.

  • Add >>> before a paragraph to indent it and keep the line breaks.

  • Press Shift + Entry to add a line break to a message.

Conclusion: effective communication with Slack

In times of zoom fatigue or an overflowing electronic mailbox, Slack is a helpful communication tool for exchanging short news programs and status updates with your colleagues.

With the help of helpful commands and integrations, your day-to-day work can be made more effective and more productive design.

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