The simple practice and diverse expansion of the WordPress CMS make it a popular problem solution for websites, blogs and magazines. Self Online shops can be created with WordPress thanks to powerful shop plugins.

Which plugins give you per the mechanism of a Web shops with WordPress Stand still available and what you should appreciate, you will be well versed in this blog post. 

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So you can create a linked WordPress store

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS systemsto operate websites. 

But not only company pages, blogs or magazines can be developed with WordPress. Even an online shop can use them Open source platform to be created. 

WordPress offers countless Plugins to expand which standard functions. Various electronic commerce plugins have also been established among the tools, which convince with a wide range of functions. WooCommerce e.g. B. is one of the most popular electronic commerce plugins for WordPress. 

Even inexperienced users will hardly have any problems in the context of creating an online shop with WordPress - in the context of questions they have a huge network of developers at their side. Although the value is kept in seams. Many Plugins are already available free of charge in which basic version.

However, a disadvantage in creating the web shop with WordPress is which one Scalability: Very large online shops come up against their seams here.

Choosing the right WordPress shop theme

If you want to link your online shop with WordPress, then you are forced to get pro a plan to decide. The look of a WordPress website is largely determined by the installed theme. Themes are templatesthat contain the superstructure, structure and layout options per the respective website. Colors, fonts, graphics, sliders and other elements can be configured intrinsically with the theme options. 

As a result, between which range of WordPress themes should you value the fact that the template contains empty features that you want to use for your online shop. In favor of a link webshop should include: 

Most WordPress themes can be used per e-commerce plugins (such as WooCommerce). If you are behaving, you can simply go back to a theme for the respective electronic commerce plug-in. 

Advantages and disadvantages: cloud solutions or WordPress plugin? 

Some Cloud-based SaaS providers (such as. Shopify) have also developed their own solutions to set up a link online shop with WordPress. Shopify is fully functional software, easily scalable and contains a wide range of functions that are desired for each linked online shop. 

Plugin solutions SaaS applications stand still for nothing after WordPress. What you should appreciate, however, is that the range of functions has to be increased with the help of additional plug-in plug-ins. SaaS solutions already contain most of the functions - but here, too, additional value falls if you want to expand the range of functions.

Some plugins (such as Easy Digital Downloads) are only effective for certain products. Always remember that this e-commerce plug-in fits your business area. 

The most popular WordPress shop plugins

After you categorically per one theme, you should only have one Select plugin, with which you can furnish your online shop. There are both free extensions and fully-fledged premium plugins. Between which assortment you should always value that it fits your products.

Dedication: There are few niche solutions that are only used in certain product areas and may not fit your business model. 

1. WooCommerce

Without a doubt, this is the most popular plugin for creating a WordPress online store WooCommerce. It impresses with its exciting functions and countless possibilities for expansion. The basic version of WooCommerce is free. 

In order to adapt the webshop to German conditions, this is additional Plugin WooCommerce Germanized to disposal. In addition, there are many living in favor of WooCommerce Customization options through add-onsto optimize the customer experience in the webshop. The only disadvantage is that which shop can quickly become expensive due to the many extensions. 

2. wpShopGermany

This plugin wpShopGermany is - as the name suggests - specially developed for Germany. Thus, you require yourself around GDPR and data protection don't worry. In terms of price, this plugin is in the context of 45 euros. Additional packages such as invoices, statistics or customer groups can be purchased as modules. Before you decide to solve the problem, you have the opportunity to test this plugin for 14 days free of charge. 

3. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy digital downloads is a shop plug-in, only for each Sale of digital products is effective. If you want to sell whitepapers, eBooks or studies above your online shop, this plug-in offers an excellent problem solution - and even free of charge. When a news item or a customer has purchased a product, a download link is sent. Premium features can be upgraded to packages starting at $ 299 per year. 

4. Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Ecwid is not only suitable for WordPress, but can be installed as a plugin. That free plan only contains 10 products. Most online shops will quickly run into their seams here. You can top up from $ 15 a month. 

In the controversy over WooCommerce, Ecwid does not require any add-ons, but is already equipped with all functions. However, this plugin is not yet available in Germanic

Legal and GDPR-compliant plugins

In the DACH region, you should rarely value legal and data protection-compliant solutions in the context of which mechanism of an online shop. Every online shop desired: 

  • Right of withdrawal, 
  • Data protection,
  • Cookie Notice,
  • Showing delivery dates,
  • Transparent prices and tax information (in accordance with the Price Indication Ordinance) as well 
  • a complete imprint.

Many plugins provide assistance on the points mentioned. It is also possible to Install add-onsthat are specifically focused on the legal security of your online shop. When dealing with customer data, plugins should always be standardized according to the GDPR, since improper handling of personal data material can result in legal consequences. 

Conclusion: Assess your online shop quickly and easily with WordPress

An online shop can be set up with WordPress thanks to numerous Plugins easy to furnish. Add-ons provide more functions and an individual problem solution according to your business model.

Mainly to consider: Online shops are subject to legal requirements, especially in Germany, which must be observed. Therefore, always select GDPR-compliant plugins in order to avoid criminal hearings.

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