Around 1.85 billion users Facebook romps around the world every day. This huge range holds enormous potential for the benefit of online trading. And there is good news broadcast: With which textbook from Facebook shops makes it even easier for the social media giant to promote and sell their products on Facebook.

What is behind the online shop on Facebook, how you can use the Commerce Manager manage and which platforms you can synchronize with Facebook shops, you will be well versed in this blog post. 

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Which is which Facebook online shop?

With the Facebook Shop, a new platform was launched in May 2020 that enables companies to use their To offer the goods independently on the social network - in the form of a virtual shop window.

Existing customers such as Neben ... potential new customers have the opportunity to see a wide variety of products from a provider with just a few clicks from whichever social media platform they choose and to buy them (the remaining one is forwarded to the messenger or the company website).

This is the institution of such digital shop window Very trouble-free for the benefit of companies: all you need to start with is a Facebook account and a Facebook business page.

That shop feature was primarily in favor of the mobile use optimized and can be individually tailored to the look of your brand. With the help of personalized collections you can manage your products and organize and highlight them individually in the shop window. The Facebook storefronts are managed in a central location and can be played out on Facebook as well as on Instagram - the uniform look on both platforms ensures, among other things, a combination of professional gig.

There is currently the option of using the Facebook Shop procedure not yet can use. As well as that side ... is available for the benefit of your user account, you will receive an email or notification.

Linking a Facebook shop with the Commerce Manager

The central platform with which you can organize and manage your Facebook shop is which Commerce Manager. If you already have a combined online shop and live on one of the partner platforms of Facebook Shops, you can synchronize it with the Commerce Manager without any problems - more on that later.

In order to set up a Facebook Shop, the “Shop” tab must first be added to your Facebook page. Above these, the products are displayed that users can click and buy. The right of first refusal to freely sell Facebook and to complete the payment process on whichever platform is currently only available to companies in the USA. 

How to judge a Facebook Shop: 

1) Make sure you combine Business account own.

2) Only then can you add the “Shop” tab to your Facebook page. 

3) Move your Facebook page to Settings. 
Now click on “Templates and Tabs” in the menu.

Facebook shop page settingsSource: Screenshots Facebook website

4) Start the “Shop”.

5) If you would like to position the shop in a different location in which navigation, you can move it without any problems.

Activate Facebook Shop in the page settings

6) Now move your Facebook page to the shop and click the "To Commerce Manager" button to configure the Facebook shop.

Set up the Facebook shop in the Commerce Manager7) Select the amount of checkout. The right of first refusal to freely sell Facebook or Instagram currently only exists in favor of companies from the USA.

Set Facebook Shop payment optionsSource: Screenshots Commerce Manager

8) Then select the sales channels in favor of your Facebook shop. You can add Facebook pages and Instagram channels. 

9) In the next step you should link your company account with the Facebook shop. 

10) Now create a catalog for a holiday or a new one. Above the catalog you manage used up product details. Pictures, descriptions and information about the website are stored here.

Create Facebook shop catalog11) At the last walking pace you should only click “Complete institution”.

Create a Facebook online store: add products

If you have furnished the shop, you should only add your products - if you haven't already done so. You still manage the products that are displayed in the Facebook shop created catalogs. To add a catalog, use the Commerce Manager: 

In which navigation of the Commerce Manager move the tab "Assets". 

Under “Catalogs” click also “+ Add catalog”.

Now you can choose one of the catalog types: electronic business, travel, real estate, automobile.

Facebook Shop_7

Source: Screenshots Commerce Manager

In the next step you can add the product information or synchronize your Facebook shop using a partner platform.

Synchronize Facebook Shop products

Now click on “Create” and “View catalog”.

After you have been redirected to your catalog, you can add your desired commitment to it. You can do this manually, use the bulk upload or the Facebook pixel or synchronize one of the partner platforms with your Facebook shop. Do you want to combine commitment add manuallyyou should produce the following data collection: 

  • Drawing,
  • Title,
  • Explanation,
  • Website link,
  • Price and
  • State. 

After you have discontinued the obligation, Facebook users can still view your Facebook shop and will be redirected to your website if you intend to buy.

Synchronization of the shop procedure: Use the Facebook shop with partner platforms

For the institution of a Facebook shop, Facebook works with a few Partner platforms. The following Shop systems to be in possession of currently: 

  • Shopify,

  • BigCommerce, 

  • ChannelAdvisor, 

  • CommerceHub, 

  • Feedonomics, 

  • CedCommerce, 

  • adMixt, 

  • DataCaciques, 

  • Quipt and 

  • Zentail.

You can build your Facebook shop with all of these platforms synchronize. The administration is then made freely out remaining the partner platform. For example, if you make changes to a product in your Shopify shop, these will be automatically synchronized to Facebook.

To your Facebook shop with one of these shop software to tie together, move as follows: 

1) In Commerce Manager under “Catalog” move to “Commitment”. 

2) Select "Use a partner platform". 

3) Now click on your shop software. 

Select and link the Facebook shop shop system

Source: Screenshot Commerce Manager

4) Now click, for example, the button "To Shopify".

5) You will be forwarded to your user account and could complete the synchronization from there. If you have any questions, please contact the operator of your platform.

Organize Facebook shopping: Tag products in your posts

A popular way to advertise your products on which social platform and clock-controlled the To increase the reach of your shop, this is tagging. Posts are marked with additional information and made even easier to find.

By tagging your Facebook and Instagram posts, you will be able to concentrate on those customers in addition to ... those customers who do not stay in the shop tab in your profile and perhaps aside ... not yet heard of this. If a person clicks this tagged product When you arrive at the post office, it goes straight to your Facebook shop. 

Combining this has the advantage that you can put your products in inspiring content be able to embed and advertise. On the other hand, you increase the reach and traffic of your Facebook shop, which is likely to be reflected in which conversion rate as well as ... 

How to move before: To tag products in a post office, use the "Tag Products" procedure.

You can do this retrospectively while residing with old posts, as well as tagging products freely, as well as uploading a new post office. To do this, select the product you want to link to without any problems and then click on "Tagging locked". All products that you link to will then be marked with a price tag in your post office. 

How much does a Facebook shop cost?

A Facebook shop can be like free tableware used by Facebook. Whatever you need for this is a Facebook account and a business profile - and besides ... you can organize this free of charge without any problems. 

With the Commerce Manager you can also get insights on customers and popular articles as well Place advertising campaigns with which you can actively promote your shop products. Traffic Ads and Dynamic Ads are available here. the Advertisements are associated with different levels of value, depending on the duration of the campaign. 

Conclusion: Marketing products easily with a Facebook shop

With a Facebook shop, you can display and sell your products on Facebook without any disruption. However, there is currently no way for a German company to freely process the purchase remaining on Facebook. When checking out, customers are forwarded to your website or messenger.

Which Facebook shop can also be synchronized with many partner platforms and, on top of that, individually tailored to the corporate design of your brand. 

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Originally published March 29, 2021, updated March 29, 2021

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