What's the best time to post on Instagram? Which content has the potential to be considered as a social media virus ...? And where do your followers really come from? These and other questions can be answered thanks to that Instagram insights respond. They open up exciting summary data on reach, interactions and target group.

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Whatever data collection is available to you in Instagram Insights, what do you do to be access get on it and why you are using that statistics You can get to know your target audience better if you knowledgeably in this fee.

This is how you can see Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights are a free feature of the Instagram app. You close in yourself Key figures on reach, interrelationship and your own target group. To get insight into the Instagram Insights, do your profile first switch to a business profile and have at least 100 followers. Because only business and Creator accounts result in access to the analysis area.

Open Instagram Insights in the Instagram app

Source: Instagram app screenshot

If you have already done this, you will find the "Insights" counter under the menu (≡). On the desktop, you can even get the insights left over from the one Facebook Creator Studio look inside. The Instagram Insights are summarized in: 

    • Current highlights (affects the tracked performance), 

    • Overview of the accounts and content interactions reached,

    • target group,

With one click on the respective category, even more detailed data on the measured key figure is given. Qua period the last 7 days or the last 30 days can be selected. In the individual views under (i) you will also find definitions for the evaluated statistics.

View Instagram Insights for the last 7 days

Source: Instagram app screenshot

Below you will find out more precisely which key figures you can look into and parse in Instagram Insights.

Evaluate your reach: profile views, impressions and top posts

A summary of the evolution of that range will help you in this case, yours Measure growth goals. Both positive and negative developments can be viewed and evaluated. This provides you with important information on which content is responsible for each increasing and which, if applicable, each decreasing number. Under "Achieved accounts" you will get precise data on the reach of your profile and your contributions. In this case, the following key figures are measured: 

  • Impressions: Donate to the number of times your posts have been seen. 

  • Account activity: Gives unlocking leftover profile views, mail or website clicks.

  • Top Posts / Top Stories / Top IGTV Videos: Show the top posts with the greatest reach. Additional posts and evaluation parameters can be analyzed under “View empty”.

View Instagram Insights range of the last 7 days

Source: Instagram app screenshot

Measure your content interactions

So that you know which content is popular in that target group, you should also look at the Engagement metrics throw. Particularly good results also help you gain more visibility, because the Instagram algorithm includes post and story interactions in the prioritization. In order to quantify the salvation of your contributions, click on "Content interactions" in that overview: 

  • Post interactions and IGTV video-Interactions: Indicates the increase in engagement compared to the previous week. "Like" data, comments, saved and sent content are measured. 

  • Story interactions: Indicates the increase in engagement compared to the previous week. It measures how many interactions have taken place and how often the story led to a click on, to the next story or to leave. 

  • Top Posts / Top Stories / Top IGTV Videos: Based on the interactions. Under “See empty” you can see the interactions of all your posts.

Instagram Insights content interactions over the last 7 daysSource: Instagram app screenshot

Learn how to get in touch with your target group with Instagram Analytics

In addition to reach and interrelation, you can even get to know your target audience better with the help of Instagram Analytics. This is especially essential in order to create content that unites the followers offers real added value and hits the tone of that target group. The statistics contain important socio-demographic information such as location, mate and gender. Under "Your target group" you will get the following data collection:

  • Subscribers: Total number of those followers.

  • Increase: Measures the evolution of those total subscribers, new subscribers and terminated subscriptions over a given period of time. 

  • Most popular locations: Can be analyzed on cities and country bases.

  • Mate: Is displayed separately for each subscriber as well as for each male and female. 

  • Gender: Gives unified insight into the distribution of male and female followers. 

  • Most active times: Can postpone payment deadline and days base can be evaluated. 

Instagram Insights target group insights from the last 7 days

Source: Instagram app screenshot

Don't forget about the post interactions

In addition to the general analysis data for your profile, you can even evaluate individual contributions more precisely. This will help you in this case, yours Planning content and producing content that will be well fictional by your target audience. It is helpful to compare different formats and contents with one another. the Calculation of the engagement rate development can donate the quality of the previous content. 

In order to view the insights on individual contributions, you can come to the respective post office. Under the graphic or video, click on "View Insights" and receive analysis data on interactions and reach: 

  • Interactions: "Like" data, comments, "shared" and "saved", profile views and reach are visualized under interactions. 

  • Discovery: Under Discovery you will find information on how the user found the way to your fee: Above the start page, hashtags, your profile or other other sources. This is where valuable insights lie: If you succeed in hashtags like few users left over by name, you can optimize them in order to maximize your reach even further.

In favor of story insights, open the respective story and swipe up. If the story is no longer active, then you have to look for the desired story in the document collection. You can also see with a click on the summary icon Interactions and Discovery Metrics. Know whether users like uff unite have stickers clicked or have other interactions carried out in your story.

Under Discovery you can even see how many users clicked “Back”, “Next”, “Next Story” or “Exit”. If your stories are clicked over as always, then your content may not be entertaining enough. 

Evaluate performance data collection with the Professional Dashboard

If you have a Campaign on Instagram If switched on, the Professional Dashboard is also available to you. To get there, you have to go to your profile. The button "Show professional dashboard" is located above the profile picture. 

You will get all of them under “Promotion” Promotion insights. You can innovate the promotion insights even under the highlighted fee. Be evaluated: 

  • Interactions: Promotion clicks and the percentage ratio of those clicks to the profile. 

  • Discovery: How many people were reached, impressions and new subscribers.

  • Promotion: Gives an overview of how strong the doctorate is already going and how high the expenses are up to now. 

  • Target group: Demographic data collection such as gender, mate and most popular locations.

Instagram Insights Promotion

Source: Instagram app screenshot

Conclusion: Valuable insights into your target group with Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights are a valuable tool to precisely parse your own content and its performance on Instagram. Metrics on reach, engagement and, last but not least, even the target group help in this case, your own Optimize Instagram Marketing Strategy. In this way, content can be produced that has a solid database and is precisely tailored to one's own followers and their interests.

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Originally published on the 8th fourth month of the year 2021, updated on the fourth month of the year 8th 2021

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