Photographers, designers and stylists always use a familiar tool to visualize their projects: they use a Mood board. But in addition to ... for the good of companies, the collage of images, text and colors offers important assistance - for example with the structure of the branding, in the context of marketing campaigns or in the context of planning a new website.

Download: Practical template for your style guide

Which mood board is, which elements you can use for this purpose and where you can find inspiring materials and templates are routine for you in this product.  

A mood board helps with this: web design, marketing campaigns, project planning

Creating a mood board for the sake of your own brand can be supportive in many ways. It offers over and over again Inspirations for the benefit of new projects and start this Branding the brand forever visual one. Such a mood board, which is specially created for the best of a brand, is next to ... like Fire mainboard designated. A fire mainboard typically includes: 

  • logo and logo variations,
  • Font as well
  • Color palette.

Up the base of the mood board, important designs and graphics can be created that can be used in different channels and in different media: For example on that website, in that company presentation, on that business card and aside ... in the context of trade fair appearances. This fire motherboard ensures that one for this purpose uniform and professional style that embodies and protects the brand identity. 

Moodbards can, however, besides ... be used to Visualize marketing campaigns. Especially seasonal campaigns or those that require a special creative concept can be planned excellently with the help of mood boards.

The visualization helps here to get a consistent idea of the implementation in the team. For designers, this mood board also provides a solid basis for understanding the “look and feel” of that campaign and for letting it influence all of the graphics. 

How to create a mood board

A mood board can be created in many different ways: You can do both here physical modelsthat are put together with paper, pen and paper, use or ancillary digital solutions To fall back on. Digital mood boards are very suitable for any company, as they allow everyone involved to grab the source of inspiration at any time. 

Before you start with that conception, you should first determine which goal or project is to be captured with the mood board. Put together in a very lucrative way which message is to be conveyed. 

Then it's about suitable elements to find the best of this mood board. The web offers innumerable opportunities for research. There are no limits to this creativity in the context of this creation. Purpose you can for example: 

  • Pictures,
  • Color palettes,
  • Symbols or icons,
  • Words, proverbs or texts,
  • Fonts,
  • Textures and
  • To water.

Online services or template templates can then be used to bring the various representations together. With this, the main focus of the project should be kept very lucrative, because a good mood board is characterized by the fact that a clear line of aesthetics is recognizable.

Download: Practical template for your style guide

In the context of the creation, always split for the best of which target group the project is designed - pictures, graphics and colors should be selected in the sense of that customer group. Every graphic on the mood board must unequivocally fit your message. 

Elements for the best of your mood board: vision and inspiration

You will find different images, textures, fonts and many other elements with which you can fill your mood board Platforms on the web. Of course, besides ... you can use the Google search to look at pictures and other formats afterwards - you are not unconsciously legally protected here and you do not always have the permission to use the pictures for commercial purposes. 

With Online stock galleries however, you are on the safe side. There are both free and additional ... paid graphics that you have permission to use for various purposes. The most famous galleries include:

In addition to elements for your mood board, you can add ... after Examples for the best of its structure Looking for. This will give you a feeling for the best of the spatial distribution and possible structure of a mood board. You will find suggestions in well-known designer networks such as:

Mood board with dribble

Source: https://dribbble.com/tags/moodboard

Mood board: template and online services

After you pull together all inspiring elements for the best of your mood board, the point is to be able to use them on a digital wall. There are a variety of programs that you can use to do this. These are, for example:  

  • Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator,
  • Evernote,
  • Microsoft Power Point or
  • Microsoft Word.

In addition, however, there are ... Online serviceswith which you can easily create mood boards. Few of them even open up templates that can be enhanced with your own graphics. We would like to introduce our favorites to you below:


Pinterest may well be considered the general leader when it comes to the search for inspiration. The so-called "pins" contain suggestions, ideas and visualizations on all subject areas. In synchronicity, Pinterest gives you the opportunity to share all of your Combine pins into a mood board. With the help of the “Register” button, each pin can be saved on a separate pin board, which can be shared with others and approved for processing by others. Especially for the best of marketing campaigns or the implementation of individual projects, Pinterest is an excellent platform from there.

Mood board with pinterest

Source: Pinterest


Canva offers countless templatesthat can be easily filled with your own elements via drag-and-drop - this is how a mood board is easily created. In addition to ... the fact that several people can work together on a template - nothing stands in the way of teamwork.

Mood board with canva

Source: https://www.canva.com/search/templates?q=moodboard

Adobe Spark

The web application Adobe Spark can also be used to generate mood boards. The platform from the Adobe cosmos provides a variety of templates that can be tailored to your own needs afterwards. After that completion, this mood board can be used such as image file or Portable Document Format downloaded and so can be used individually.

Mood board with spark adobe

Source: Adobe Spark

Conclusion: mood boards as a helpful marketing tool

Mood boards are great for doing this Branding to calculate for the best of a company or to design marketing campaigns. Pictures, samples, fonts and colors can capture the mood of the project and how Point of inspiration and orientation for the best of the designer.

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Cover picture: Cadalpe / Getty Images Plus

Originally published March 25, 2021, updated March 25, 2021

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