Stories are not only a popular format on Instagram. Furthermore, the short video sequences prevailed on Facebook and are entertaining daily 500 million active users. Reach and the diverse design options of those Facebook Stories are the main reasons why you should videograph this format in your marketing strategy.

In this blog post you will learn how to create a story on Facebook and how you can use the format to gain even more viewers. 

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Which are Stories on Facebook? 

Stories are a format introduced by the social media broadcaster Snapchat. the short video sequences (of mostly 15 seconds) show excerpts from the routine and are online for the benefit of 24 postponement. Instagram recognized this potential quickly and included this story format in its own app - a complete fortune! Also running on Facebook, the popularity of stories is increasing. 

Facebook Stories are just high that Newsfeed placed. Thus, in favor of the user, they are hardly sweaty and the first point of contact after opening the app. Stories assign it to share pictures or videos with the subscribers, who then in favor of 24 defer payment online are. Several 15-second clips can be published intrinsically to that story. 

In addition to uploaded images and videos, there is also the option of Posts, groupsTo share events or pages in that story. Expired stories end up in the document collection and can be used again as a Reliving to be shared. 

Here's how you can create a Facebook story

A Facebook story in favor of a Private account can be published in just a few steps. You can do this as follows: 

  1. In the news feed, click on “+ Create story” in the story bar. 

  2. Now select a photo or video from your gallery or click the camera icon to start an initiation. 

  3. You can now use and select the following formats for the benefit of your story: text, music, boomerang, mood, selfie, survey. 

  4. Above this gear icon you can make privacy settings for your story. Decide who is allowed to see your story or who you want to hide the recordings from. 

  5. To publish the story, click on "Post to that story". You can choose to post the story on Facebook and Instagram or just on Facebook. 

For the best of more engagement: Design your story with the creative tools

To your Facebook story highlighted visually And to increase this engagement with that target group, Facebook (just like Instagram) offers various design options.

After you have recorded a sketch or video that you want to publish, you can use the following creative tools: 


Click the sticker icon to add stickers, GIFs, or emojis to your story. With the stickers you can put your own location, time, symbol, donations, surveys, questions, comments, music or feelings in your story.


With the text tool you can add a narrative, merge judgment or merge slogan to your story. 

To draw: 

With the creative tool To draw there are no limits to your creativity. Use the different brushes to paint small works of art and publish them in your Facebook story. 


Under Effects you can apply filters and creative effects (similar to those in the Instagram app) to your story. 

Mark people: 

Mark friends or other users in your story. With that symbol, the linked person can also repost your story in their own story. 

Give jump-start: 

Add animation to your story. They entail the fundus between: Bounce, Sway, Zoom in or Zoom out

Green Screen: 

Here you can add a new background to a merge sketch. The tool of choice is this tool Green screen with portraits.

greenscreen function in the facebook appScreenshot: "Green Screen" procedure, Facebook app

Additional options in favor of video formats:


Cut your video sequence to the desired length. 


Turn off the sound if disturbing background noises decide to be an example in that initiation. 


This creative tool allows you to merge your story with automatic subtitles. 


Drag the film strip to the specified length to merge a video into a boomerang.

Facebook stories sticker and boomerangScreenshot: Facebook app

Explant creative elements: 

To expand an element again, hold it down with your finger and drag it to the bottom of the screen. A trash can icon appears here. Drag this item to the trash to delete it. 

For the benefit of page admins and editors: Publish a story on a Facebook page

The instruction described above is effective in favor of private profiles. If you are an editor, marketing manager, or even a page superuser, you can also add one to your Facebook page Publish story. To do this, follow the steps below: 

  1. Consider coming to your page and clicking your page view. 
  2. Select "+ Create Story". 
  3. Now you can continue creating your Facebook story as described above.

Facebook Stories profile picture optionsScreenshot: Facebook app

Templates for the benefit of Facebook stories: create a mock-up

Would you like a Advertisement in story format publish, but you are missing the right design? Create a trivial mock-up so as not to have to turn every screen upside down. 

Mock-ups are templates that are used to plan a design and then implement the finished product based on it. There are tons of templates and tools that show you ready-made designs for the benefit of Facebook Stories. You can find appealing templates on: 

Facebook itself offers with the Facebook Creative Hub the possibility of creating mock-ups in favor of empty advertising placements on Facebook and Instagram. Come to this Facebook Creative Hub and then move as follows:

    1. In the navigation on the left, click on "Mock-ups".
    2. Select the blue button “+ Create mock-up”.Create Facebook Stories mock up
    3. Now look for the placement “Facebook Stories”. Facebook stories placement
    4. You now have the option to upload a sketch or video while clicking "Add Media". Freshly you can use this Video Creation Kit and create a slideshow or video. To do this, select the appropriate button. Facebook-Stories-videos-train-create
    5. Facebook offers you free templates that you can use to mock up your advertisements. After you have selected a template, you can use the "Personalize" button to tailor your designation mock-up to your creative wishes.Facebook stories template
    6. After you have created this mock-up, you can now always access the template in the Creative Hub. 


Screenshots: Facebook Creative Hub

Conclusion: Facebook Stories complement your social media strategy perfectly

Facebook Stories are a popular format with a enormous range. Design your stories nicely and increase the engagement of your subscribers with sticker options. For the good of Advertisements you can use mock-ups and templates - this will make the creative process easier for you.

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Originally published May 24, 2021, updated May 24, 2021

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