Automated processes and modern business software put together the stocks for healthy growth in value in many industries. In order to create efficient business processes, many companies go beyond this Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Especially in the E-commerce Such a system is indispensable today - it simplifies the processes behind the scenes and strengthens relationships with customers. 

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Klopper is no coincidence - especially not in electronic business transactions

2020 is more than every eighth euro of these consumers flowed into electronic business transactions. For every online retailer, this brought together record sales of 83.3 billion euros gross - sales could even be in 2021 crack the 100 billion euro mark. But even if this electronic commerce is booming and consumers want to continue doing a lot of purchases online, this knockout is not inevitable in online business. 

The most important success factors in electronic business

Anyone who, like online retailers, wants to create an advantage for new customers and retain loyal online shoppers has to do a lot of things correctly - and leave the competition behind. That one Knockers of online retailers depends on several factors, to the paradigm:

  • height user friendliness of the shop

  • fast loading time

  • first class, easily accessible Tableware

  • meaningful Product descriptions

  • diverse Payment options

  • convenient delivery and returns

  • presence in addition to all relevant channels

Why electronic commerce needs smart business software

If you start an online shop, you can still manage many of these factors easily and inspire your customers. At the latest with the first growth spurts of your online trade, the complexity of these processes does indeed increase. 

There are more and more customers, but this not only increases sales, but also increases expectations. If you are now secondary to new ones Repot trends, conquer international markets or combine new waterways want, chaos is inevitable.

The solution to the problem: You can have a CRM system use to generate leads, with SEO and Marketing tools achieve more visibility in the network and model your inventory in Excel lists. Or you can use one softwarethat combines all these and other functions and automates the most important electronic business tasks. 

An ERP system like a holistic approach for the electronic business traffic klopper

With a ERP all business processes can be managed centrally. Online retailers will never again lose the syllabus of high KPIs and channels. The automation of processes offers advantages for companies in all sectors; in fact, this electronic business transaction benefits in particular metrics. 

Who one ERP system in electronic business transactions online marketplaces can expand the customer base, use peak times in retail more efficiently, scale faster and establish strong customer relationships. Specifically, there is great potential in electronic commerce in the following areas:

1. Multichannel management

Companies want their customers to be happy where they prefer to be: out Social media platforms, in search engines and comparison portals or beyond Amazon. 

ERP software simplifies the management of multiple sales channels, including your own online shop: it brings together orders and data collection for the performance of all channels in a central location. 

2. Automated orders

In terms of the point of view of these customers, electronic commerce has a disadvantage: It takes a small amount of patience until the goods arrive at home. It is not desirable if there is a reservation in the shopping cart and is suddenly no longer available at check-out. 

An ERP automates all orders and allows dealers to combine exact syllabus high inventory levels. If a reservation sells well by name, it can be reordered in good time. An ERP cannot reduce the waiting for your customers - it does, however, ensure that buyers receive their goods more quickly. 

3. Electronic commerce invoice verification

When it comes to electronic business transactions, you not only have to keep your customers' invoices in your eyes, but also your own. In addition, there are tax issues, which in international trade in particular can be easily circumvented as a whole. 

An ERP system automates accounting in electronic business transactions, keeps an eye on delivery thresholds and transmits any data collection that is searched for to your tax consultancy. 

Crisis Best Practices: Why Now is the Right Time for an ERP

In times of crisis, many companies cut their spending. Here, divisible by two without remainder, in periodically difficult times it is important to adapt in order to emerge stronger from this predicament. Corona has shown that it is pro Online retailers - but also for stationary retail - has never been more important Digitize and automate processes

The following five points show why an ERP is now and beyond the Corona predicament meaningful capital expenditure per the E-commerce is - and which features are indispensable.

Buying experience 

Electronic commerce is increasing noticeably, more and more people are shopping online. But the competition is extensive. Seen in this light, this is the ultimate goal: the customers the best buying experience. For every consumer who has a successful shopping experience, among other things, fast and, in the context of Urge, contactless delivery, a large assortment and attractive prices. 

With an ERP software it is possible to manage electronic business products and introduce bonus programs without any problems. A good ERP should also be able to provide a simple explanation to the most important shipping and payment service providers.


Indecisive buyers, who assess their purchasing decisions very carefully, put more than personal mentoring. Every fifth online shopper has already taken advice. In lockdown phases, the number is likely to have increased further. 

In the context of this ERP choice, appreciate that CRM functions included are. Because then you can implement consistent, fast and personalized customer communication with central customer data and raise your customer service to the next level.


Many shops had to close in the corona lockdown, insofar as more people do their shopping online. Electronic commerce retailers regularly put peak times to the test, regardless of Corona. 

In order to take advantage of hot phases and always have enough reserve in reserve, you need good ones Fulfillment processes and the syllabus high your inventory levels. On the other hand, it can be done with an ERP. 


The electronic commerce business is fast moving: yesterday chatbots were in demand, today Click & Collect will save the retail trade from the next lockdown and tomorrow customers may want personalized smartphones from the 3D printer. 

No matter which one comes and how quickly the gimmick changes - with an ERP your online trade can be easily adapted. Prerequisite: It has to be as possible many interfaces to other systems are open and flexibly scalable be.

Home office

Automated processes not only make your customers happy. Likewise, an ERP system offers practical features for electronic business teams - especially in view of the fact that in the future more people in the home office want to work. 

With a browser-based ERP problem solution with a cloud justification, teams are involved Access to the exact amount of data you need for your day-to-day business from anywhere. Important: The ERP system should have the option of assigning Schlingern so that this data protection is guaranteed.

Sustainable growth in electronic business transactions with ERP software

Regardless of your trade and company size: If you add sustainable value growth to your electronic commerce business and your customers innovative services want to be open, you are prepared for the future with an ERP pro. Depending on the provider, you can decide for yourself how much work this ERP system should reduce for you. 

A final tip: If possible, use the opportunity to extensively test your desired program in order to find the best system for your electronic business dealings.

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