Three, two, one, mine. Bought! Your customer has just blocked the purchase. Which marketers are you creating with this moment? Just say “thank you” smoothly? A reaction like “Thank you, next” does not by any means exhaust the potential that a thank you page has. One optimized exit experience offers companies the opportunity to strengthen customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Like you the Customer experience after purchasing positively per your E-commerce- Design a department store, hold your lecture here.

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Many thanks for your purchase: the template for a positive asshole sales experience

An important component in strengthening those customer relationships is that Designing that customer experience after the purchase, true to the slogan: "After that booking is before that booking". This truism of marketing is in favor of implementing this Exit experience, that is, that second after the purchase was made, that perfect moment. If you make this customer experience constructive, buyers will be happy to come back. They witness this final of the buying process to an emergence per more as it also went under ours Flywheel represents.

HubSpot flywheel cycleIn order to make this “consequently” shopping experience a well-rounded affair for your customers, you should empathize with them. Because if your customers feel understood and valued, they are at hand to reunite in the future to make a purchase in connection with you. We have put together for you what options you have to give your customers a positive experience after the purchase.

1. Make your customers feel good

After buying online, many customers perceive a brief angle of discontinuity and doubt. Is this offer really as good as I thought? Have I compared enough prices and picked the right one? Does that tableware work as promised? This phenomenon, which psychologists also ran under "Post mortem analysis“Refers to the fruit core Justification of the purchase in front of yourself.

Like companies, you should become one of your customers quickly help to perceive their actions positively. Give your customers the security of whatever it is that is done correctly. Your thank you page should provide the buyer with a sample summary of the booking and transparency about the next steps. 

2. After the purchase: indicate which one will happen next

The Lieferando company uses their food tracker to keep their customer base up to date. As soon as the booking is blocked, the food tracker appears on the thank you page. He informs customers well current status of that booking and contains a small countdown display that shows how much time is left before delivery.

Depending on the program used, Lieferando also sends push messages by email or SMS, with which your customer can track the booking. And wisely, because it gives many people a good feeling, the To be able to follow the process in real time and not to wait without a unified temporal reason for suspicion.

Lieferando food tracker

Lieferando Food Tracker, Source: Vegansandfriends

3. Finished what you bought? Open more products

True to the slogan: “After the purchase is before the purchase”, you should use the moment after the purchase to provide your customers with more inspiration through other suitable products. Show that customer suitable additions to what has been bought so far, there is also the possibility of generating additional sales (Cross selling).

Example of cross selling

Sample per cross selling, source: Zalando

4. Donate help: Show the FAQs about the return

Who does not know this: You have ordered a gender word, it arrives and is very different from what you thought. Now it's time to return, which can be more or less complicated. Since many people already have experience with cumbersome returns, one is simple and transparent returns processing has become a reason to buy that should not be underestimated.

Zalando For example, it has a help page that customers can use to find out about relevant topics in advance. This gives the security of buying from the right company.

Thank you for shopping example from zalando

Source: Zalando FAQ

5. Present a newsletter opt-in and social media channels

A purchase is always made with a leap of faith from that customer. This increases potential motivation for discounts, promotions and new articles of yours Online stores. When you reunite your customer after making a purchase significant added value by receiving your newsletter Communicate, you can enlarge your ways up more customer loyalty. That textile company Hallhuber for example, his request for a newsletter is artfully combined with a small welcome voucher.

Thank you for shopping example hallhuber

Source: Hallhuber

6. Ask your customers to prioritize

A few clicks should be enough for your customers to have permission to prioritize the order process or the entire purchase. You can the Integrate prioritization on the confirmation page or up a tunnel entrance like Proven Expert redirect where the reviews are collected and reflected back up your page. Does your news or customer have a good one? valuation given, this creates further trust.

Many thanks for your purchase: by text or a creative idea

You should always crush your appreciation for the trust of those customers who shop in connection with you with a short message of thanks. Show your customers how much you value them with a text or special steps. In order for your “thank you” to go down well with customers, there are a few things to consider.

Put number up one personal salutation. A thank-you letter that begins with the name of that customer has a much more cordial effect than a form of address such as "News, as far as possible ..." 

One handwritten, stylish road map may seem "old school" at first. So it is now something special and exclusive. It is important that the text is TRUE and private to the customer.

Small gifts get the camaraderie. As a thank you, there are small goodies that you can send to your customers. In this case, it is up to you whether it is a surprise package with biscuits, spirits, stimulants, tea or chocolate. Small vouchers for Amazon, Douglas or Subway are also largely always well received. Or you can discount the next bill like clockwork.

Well digital gifts You can use a suitable webinar, coaching, whitepaper or eBooks to make your customers happy and to strengthen customer loyalty.

Invite your clientele to an exciting one Event a. Regardless of whether it is an in-store event, barbecue party, asshole work long drink, gintasting, late night shopping, live music event, VIP broadcast or workshop - look for the digital and analog options that will suit your customers Suit you.

Conclusion: An appealing thank you page can strengthen customer loyalty

A thank you page represents a great imponderability for a company To further strengthen customer loyalty and to give away a good feeling to those customers. So every purchase can be clock-controlled Start per unite new purchase be.

In this case, suitable measures and texts that positively reinforce the customer experience can help you to build up more trust and an even more positive perception of your brand in the context of your customers.

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Originally published on the 14th fourth month of the year 2021, updated on the fourth month of the year 14, 2021

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