Not yet so much experience with project descriptions? If this is the first time you stand still in front of those promises, one Project description making it can be intimidating. However: A successful project description is not magic, but thought work and craft.

As you encourage a coherent project description, we have gathered this commitment for each of you.

Download: Practical template for your project plan

Project description of the superstructure: a guideline

Many buyers, third-party funders and managers testify to the content of the project description. From this point of view, each project description is somewhat different from the other.

The defaults provide a synchronous Pre-structuring that you can use for orientation. In contrast, some elements should always be included in the project description. We have summarized these for each of you:

  1. Company information, that individual or that Project management answer the question of who is behind the project. Complete the names with data on career, fruit core qualifications, goals, previous funding and practical experience.

  2. the Normal position describes the current state of the company or those involved. If, for example, it is a question of merging agricultural production facilities who want to expand their range of self-produced organic products, they can be run as a part-time or full-time job. Even the previous style of the production and marketing of those products as well as the topic of sustainability are part of the status quo.

  3. At the heart of that project description is the description of the Project plan. Here you present the actual idea, your goals, the target group and the process. In the following you will find an overview above the most important questions that you can use as a guide:

  • Describe yours Project idea impersonal and pictorial. Your powers of persuasion can go beyond that Stakeholders skip and convince their game positively.

  • Clearly explain what this is target Of your project consists. Now focus on what is most important.

  • Donate three to five concrete, realistic, measurable Sub-goals Of your project.

  • Outline that Project progress and his steps and milestones.

  • Quantitatively, you determine the necessary investments and a budget that you assign to the course of the project and the associated measures.

  • Move out that target group of the project. Score through precise knowledge of companion, gender, development, places of residence and needs.

  • Is the target group for that evolution or implementation of the project involved? If so, characterize how you proceeded. How do you ensure that your project reaches the target group and that they take up your offer?

  • Present a final reflection of those Paths and Risks of the project. What measures are provided to Risks to meet?

  • which Communication measures are planned in relation to the project? Who is responsible for each planning, implementation and budget?

  • Name them Success Criteriayou have favourited for each the Evaluation the success of the project as a basis. In addition, characterize specific measures with the help of which you will measure success.

Create a project description: This is how it makes sense

Before you start writing the project description, a few are worthwhile Preliminary considerations. Answer some basic questions for yourself. This will allow you to bring together red braid that will help you start your project represent plausible can.

  • What do you promise yourself from the project, why is it important? 

  • Where do you want to go with the project, what is this goal?

  • Who exactly is your target group?

  • Which resources (location, staff, budget) do you need for this purpose?

  • What kind of support is already available on site?

The Paroli also offer such essential questions can now help you c / o the tone of the project description to appear bright and illuminating. Remember that the aim of that project description is this project to be able to realize.

Conveying knowledge: Put yourself in the position of the reader

Do you have the draft bill or have you already completed the entire project description and are now wondering how it affects the decision-makers? As you write the document, keep imagining how an objective third-party winner, such as a sponsor, would lecture your project description. Like outsiders, can she imagine which one you are planning to do?

Remember that the other person only has the information that you give them in writing. Seen in this way it is advisable to take into account the or that imaginary third party the positive game through enough meaningful information and descriptive explanations to simplify. 

Project description template: form or your own design?

There are numerous free ones on the WWW templates for each project description, including Word and Excel bases. Even Foundations, Universities and other institutions there are guidelines and samples available that you can use c / o tendons.

Since every project has a different focus, it makes sense to Adapt prepared templates to your own project or to develop your own template for each project description. It is therefore very important to take into account the possible specifications of those potential clients. 

Like a quality feature, it generally applies to a project description if the specifications of those stakeholders are meticulously answered. A Samples for each of your project description could look something like this:


Start date:





Download: Practical template for your project plan

Conclusion: A successful project description is the result of careful work

As part of that preparation, you should put number on that Idea, relevance and goals Define and formulate your project with light. Certain elements that give the reader access above the most important key figures and framework data of the planned project are in possession of in every project description. Since the purpose of the project description is to convince potential participants, it is important that you take into account the specifications of the respective companies, persons or institutions. If your project description sounds conclusive for each of the decision-makers, this is the first step towards a successful project.

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