Pack dry numbers, data and facts nicely and benefit new customers? It might sound questionable at first, but it is already being practiced victoriously in many areas of this industry, technology and IT. So-called Whitepaper convey complex information in an appealing way, create credibility and trust and have become an indispensable part of business-to-business marketing.

In this membership fee we show you why whitepapers are so victorious and how you can plan, create and market your own.

Download: Guide for good e-books that will help your customers (incl. 5 beautiful design templates)

When are white papers worthwhile?

in the B2B marketing white papers meet a queue of various functions. As a rule, processes, procedures, innovations in this industry or technical functionalities are complex in terms of content how possible solutions to each problem are explained. The aim is to convince the readership of this solution concept and to benefit them as well as customers.

A whitepaper does away with classic sales rhetoric. Instead, the proof is very impersonal and also draws on statistics, technical studies, and other verifiable facts. 

White papers are the perfect ones Content element for your marketingif you want to strengthen and expand your expert status. Casual for every who Lead generation are they excellent. If the content is convincing, it can also happen that readers share the whitepaper with their network and also use such procedures Range Increase your business. 

Creating a white paper: this is to be done

A whitepaper is a very high quality manuscript that you take great care of for each one should research and the time it takes to postpone at least some payment deadline from there. Before you move, do the following:

1. Define the target group

The later configuration of the whitepaper, the formulations, the tonality of the text and the marketing depends on your target group. Overpower yourself very carefully from there, to whom you want to judge yourself with the manuscript. IT specialists? Marketers? Managing Directors? In which industry? What problems do such a group of people take up that you can loosen up? 

Download: Free template for buyer personas

2. Decide on one subject area

As soon as you have your target group in front of you, you decide on a subject area for each. This should be configured to the problems and needs of this target group. 

It is helpful if you choose a subject area from which You have a lot of premonition yourself. Then it will be easier for you to exemplify processes and procedures in an understandable way, to find and prepare suitable figures and to present your readers with a solution that is convincing.

3. Research facts and figures

Next, research statistics, studies, and other useful facts that you want to include in your whitepaper. This can be information from your own company as well as secondary data from third parties. It is important, however, that they are empty Document sources precisely and cite validly later in the text.

4. Write the text

After you have gathered blank information, start writing. Use it to remind yourself of your target group again. A specialist audience has a different level of prior knowledge than non-specialist people. If you judge yourself from the managing directors, it can also pass that they neither study the manuscript themselves, but pass it on to their help.

The art is in the readers nothing to tell that they already knowRegardless, on this other side, don't be too much with technical terms or long box sentences. You should definitely refrain from active advertising.

5. Design this white paper

Finally, you take care of the layout of your text and an appealing design. Grab the colors and fonts from your home Corporate design in order to create recognizability. Incidentally, pictures and icons are allowed. Regardless of this, make sure not to overload the design. It should give a serious impression in every case.

Whitepaper thought patterns: which one has to go in?

This subject area, the target group and the content of your whitepaper are individual. In the form of the structure, a structure has just been tried and tested. Make sure to include such elements in your manuscript:

  1. A lovably designed one cover sheet with a meaningful title.

  2. A Abstract, which concisely summarizes the content of the whitepaper.

  3. One Explanation of the problemthat should be solved with the help of the whitepaper, including the necessary background information.

  4. the Solution concept of the problem, supported by facts and figures backed by reputable sources.

  5. An unobtrusive, meaningful one Mention of your offer in the solution part.

  6. One summary or a prognosis.

  7. A short performance Of your company including contact options.

White paper "AI in the automotive industry"

White paper "AI in the automotive industry

Source: Screenshots from the white paper "AI in this automotive industry" by Cluster Reply

Whitepaper Marketing: How To Get Your Whitepaper To The People

This best whitepaper is of no use to you if no one sees it. If you have finished the manuscript, it goes to you marketing - Keyword: Content seeding.

As a rule, white papers above a Landing Page In addition, those interested can order the manuscript while showing off their electronic mail address. You can incorporate the landing page into the food stream of your website to generate traffic.

In addition, you can use the whitepaper in one Newsletter apply insofar as the recipients of your target group are in possession of. Another way of marketing is to post in social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and XING.

If you Guest articles Write your whitepaper for any foreign blog you can point out there. May be secondary Press releases promising.

The traffic that you get through is also not to be underestimated paid representations Facebook, LinkedIn or Google can work beyond the thought pattern. The prerequisite for this, however, is that you are in this position to create very detailed targeting. You should therefore have very precise contact with your target group, know where they are and for each of which topics they are thirsty for knowledge.

Conclusion: whitepaper like wildcard of business-to-business marketing

Whitepapers are a real secret weapon when it comes to attracting corporate customers and generating curiosity about your own offers. They increase your Range, tighten your Expert status and create to trust. They are also excellent for generating leads.

It's nice to keep in mind that white paper need a whileuntil they get results. First of all you have to postpone several payment periods as long as days to include the creation for each, then the marketing follows - and then the readers may not buy immediately despite all the slavery.

Some will first get more information about you and your offer, compare your solution concept with that of other providers and possibly only make a decision a few weeks or months later. That one added valueThat you have created will be remembered and can have a positive effect on the purchase decision.

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