A website with no matching keywords has very little risk of becoming truly triumphant on Google. The emphasis here is “on time” upwards. Because in this theory you can optimize your texts upwards with any keyword - then you will succeed in contrast to this among other people. Finding keywords that are really wanted by your target audience and understanding what content they are expecting from you is thorough Keyword research necessary.

For happiness you can go up to idea generation and study Keyword tools To fall back on. We present the 18 best in this membership fee.

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Keyword Planner: Why You Need a Plan B for Once the Number 1 Keyword Tool

This was many years away Google Ads Keyword Planner (formerly Google Adwords) this central tool for the benefit of the Keyword research. Since 2016, however, its functions can only be used to a limited extent. Only when you place ads will you get precise data on search volume and cost per click (CPC) of your potential keywords. Otherwise, you should be satisfied with estimated values - and these are not enough without interference in a world in which linking knowledge means having a head start.

The starch of the competition is also running under Keyword Planner Recognize only in favor of ads, not in contrast to it in favor of organic search results.

Keyword Finder: The Best Free and Paid Tools

Keyword tools can perform various functions. The links help you to find keyword ideas; others are roughly intended in favor of the more precise calculation of these ideas. We divide our tool-linked list into two parts and start with the programs that link them It also summarizes the flourishing of possible search terms procure:

1. Answer the Public

Price: Free for two searches per day

Answer the Public provides you with whole amount of link keyword ideas. Especially if you are Long-tail keywords you will find it here. 

Pour a word into this tool and get a breakdown of related search queries residing on Google. The suggestions are then questions and prepositions according to plan and sorted in clear mind maps.

2. Google Search Console

Price: Free

It is often easier to increase the traffic to your website because you think: Instead of writing new blog articles, you could also link to existing ones optimize and in Google ranking further forward to fetch. For the best of which term or keywords this is available, they will tell you Google Search Console

There you can look in favor of which search queries you are already ranking, upwards which status and how many clicks are associated with them. With this knowledge you can try to get into the specific point of view Search results (SERP) from page 2 up to page 1.

3. Google Suggest

Price: Free

the Google search itself can be a treasure trove in favor of keyword ideas. Google the related term and scroll down through the results. Under "Related searches" you can see which other searchers have typed in.

For some search queries you will also find a linked step “Similar questions” in the SERP. Under also ran this one is excellent because Source of inspiration.

4. Google Trends

Price: Free

C / o Google Trends is this name broadcast: With the tool you can keep track of how yourself Search queries on a topic in a given region beyond that, time will flourish. Up this path, you will recognize early on which topics will be important and divisible by two and can then write the same first. On this other side you can see in contrast under also ran, in favor of which terms an optimization is no longer worthwhile because the motivation is steadily decreasing.

Keyword Tool Google Trends

5. HyperSuggest

Price: Free of charge for ten search queries, furthermore € 11.90 per month

With HyperSuggest you can find out which users are in different search engines type in. That tool collects the unsolicited generated suggestions that search engines have ready, as soon as Leckermaul starts typing. The special thing: You can not only see the autocomplete suggestions from Google, but also ran from YouTube, Instagram, Amazon and a few more.

6. Keyword shitter (yes, really)

Price: Free

This Keyword shitter works in a similar way to HyperSuggest: you pour in a keyword and click the button upwards. That tool will now become so powerful for you Keyword suggestions until you stop it. The ideas come from Google Suggest and do not cover any other search engines. 

7. SEO Keyword Generator from Traffic Draft

Price: Free

A keyword does not have to consist of just one word: several words are strung together X times. The composition and exact order can now be decisive, because some word combinations are searched for more often than others. 

This SEO Keyword Generator makes it trouble-free for you, different combinations in favor of the later study put together. For this purpose, he provides five columns in which you can then submit words as you wish. After clicking the red button upwards, this tool combines any terms in column 1 with those in these other columns.

Perspective: In the first column write “TV viewer” and “Laptop”, in the second column “Comparison” and “Experience report”. Because you get the result:

Keyword Tool-Keyword Generator from Traffic Design


Price: Free

SEORCH is a free plan B to HyperSuggest. You type in a keyword and receive autocomplete suggestions from various search engines. In addition, SEORCH offers a Questions tool, with which you can identify multiple questions about your topic.

From Ahrefs to Ubersuggest: The best study tools

Not all of the ideas that you find with keyword finders are also promising. If necessary, there are terms in your linked list that are only ... rarely searched for and in favor of which the torture of optimization is not worthwhile - or the rivalry is so strong that you do not entail any real ranking risk. By a Study of important key figures Be more knowledgeable about your keyword ideas and can sift out the best terms walking pace in favor of walking pace:

1. Ahrefs

Price: from 82 $ per month

Ahrefs has because special tool in favor of Backlink analysis link made name, offers in contrast to it under also ran a huge keyword electronic card index box with billions of search terms. Beyond the Keyword Explorer, you can find new keyword ideas and evaluate them immediately. The tool provides you with, among other things:

  • this search volume, 

  • link signal how many clicks actually result from this search volume,

  • the CPC, 

  • Link Difficulty Value, this tells you how critical it is to rank and in favor of this keyword

  • Link the generic term to each keyword to make it easier to structure your findings.

It is also useful to be able to examine other websites to determine in favor of which keywords they are ranking. So you can gain new insights and ideas as you practice your Watch rivalry.

2. Karma Keyword Tool

Price: Free

That one Karma Keyword Tool is a very trouble-free program: You pour in a keyword and get this search volume, the cost per click, the starch of the competition and the number of these current search results in a small table. 

This tool is suitable if you can only divide by two without remainder start with this keyword research and would like to get acquainted with this principle before investing any money. For the best of larger projects, it is not practical, because you have to type in each keyword individually and get comparatively little data for this.

3. Keywords Everywhere

Price: from 10 $

C / o Keywords Everywhere is it a Extension for the Google Chrome browser and Firefox. It supplements the data from other tools that only provide keyword ideas with search volume, competitive value and CPC. In the course of this you can, for example, in Answer the Public and this Google Search Console no longer just seeing the search terms by yourself, but also the data material ran straight to them.

Keywords Everywhere is a useful little broadcast to save time residing on this keyword research. But it does Core up English terms. For the best of German keywords, it only has a very small electronic file box.

4. Keywordtools.org

Price: Free of charge for the best of 5 requests per day

Keywordtools.org is operated by the SEO giant Seobility and is an extended form of the Karma Keyword Tool. You can also determine the search volume, the cost per click and the competition here. You will now not only receive data in favor of this keyword, which you typed in, but also ran a Linked list of topic-related keyword suggestions including all numbers.

5. KWFinder

Price: from € 29.90 per month

This KWFinder convinces with his Wealth of data. In addition to keyword suggestions, search volume, CPC and keyword difficulty, you can also see how this motivation for the keyword has developed over the past few months and which pages are standing still on page 1 of these search results. 

It is extremely practical Import method: With this you can upload a linked list with keyword ideas and have it evaluated all at once, instead of typing in every interesting term individually. This KWFinder is the perfect complement to tools like Answer the Public, SEORCH or the Keyword Shitter, which are only brought up to generate ideas.

6. Searchvolume.io

Price: Free

Searchvolume.io shows you this monthly search volume of your keywords. As with the KWFinder, you can upload a previously created linked list and break it down with a pair of flares. The free basic version covers 800 keywords per day. The data material will not be possible beyond this search volume. For example, for the sake of CPC and competitiveness, consider using a different tool.

7. SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

Price: from 99.95 $ per month

The Keyword Magic Tools is just one of many professional SEO-Toolsthat you have with this booking of SEMrush obtain. Unfortunately, it cannot be purchased individually, but must be purchased in a package.

C / o SEMrush you can, among other things, submit any domain and see in favor of which keywords it ranks up Google, how much traffic is connected to this ranking and which subpages are the most successful. That one Magic Keyword Tool indicates search volume, keyword difficulty and CPC. Which one does it by name: The tool classifies long-tail keywords into thematic categories. This helps you to understand connections between terms and to make use of the search intentions of these users.


Price: from € 100 per month

SISTRIX is one of the top dogs on the German SEO market with billions of keywords in this electronic file box. You were also well versed in this tool Search volume, competitive starch and CPC. In addition, you can look upwards to see which SERP features Google is currently playing out in favor of a keyword. For various subtopics, you can intrinsically pull up the program's keyword lists to keep the summary.

9. Surfing SEO

Price: from 49.20 $ per month

Surfer SEO clearly stands out from the other keyword tools in this Linked List. Because it does not just analyze the usual key figures without interference, but rather examined under also ran the SERPs for a keyword upwards your physique there. In the course of this, you can see how far the currently ranking pages and pages are, how often this keyword occurs in the text and how many internal and external parameters have been set. You can use these values as a guide when creating your content in order to cognitively outdo your rivalry.

It is also interesting how wave rider SEO generates new keyword ideas: It is now based on similarities in the search results. This means that if a page that ranks in favor of your keyword residing on Google at the top, under also ran in favor of another keyword, you can see this - and also optimize this technical term upwards.

10. Ubersuggest

Price: from 29 euros per month or 290 euros excellent

That keyword tool Ubersuggest can best be compared with the KWFinder. The two programs are very similar in structure, the way they are handled is the same, and they provide the same key figures. In contrast to the KWFinder, Ubersuggest does not have an import method. You should have a linked list of keyword ideas there, accordingly, counters in favor of counters. 

In return, you can submit the URL of a rivalry website to Ubersuggest and see which keywords it ranks in favor of. This tool also shows you which pages this Most of the traffic comes to your competitors.

Ubersuggest is the only one of the tools presented here that not only offers a subscription version, but also one that ran One-time payment at.

Conclusion: There is no such thing as the perfect keyword tool

Several keyword tools compete for your goodwill in the market. There are no clear winners for clubs: Each of these SEO tools has its advantages and disadvantages. Where this SEORCH generates tons of new keyword ideas for the point of view, the Google Search Console focuses on up terms, in favor of which you already have a ranking.

While this KWFinder offers a useful import method, the Keyword Magic Tool from SEMrush can unsolicitedly divide keywords into categories. 

In general, it can be stated that although you can pull up keyword lists for free, in contrast to this study, you will quickly run into the seams in this study. Well worth it from there, in at least one of these paid study tools to invest. Many are opening a linked free trial period so that you can try them out at your leisure before you decide.

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