WooCommerce is one of the most popular applications for linking Online shop with WordPress put on. The number of downloads for the open source tool is in the millions. And that is hardly surprising, because thanks to countless plugins, the platform can be set up individually to meet your own requirements.

Which functions the WooCommerce plugins ready and how you manage to improve the customer experience of your online shop, you will experience in this game of hide and seek. 

Forms, pop-ups, chatbots and live chat on your WordPress site: install the free WordPress plugin now!

This is how you can integrate WooCommerce into WordPress 

With the help of WooCommerce plugins an online shop can be set up very easily with the WordPress CMS. This plugin can be integrated into your own WordPress website be integrated and enables linkage complete online shop with shopping cart, categories and product pages. WooCommerce is an open source program. Thanks to those interfaces and the (remaining 400 available) extensions, the CMS problem solution can be configured individually. 

This WooCommerce plugin can be integrated into your own WordPress site in a few seconds. You can easily do this in your dashboard and install the WordPress plugin WooCommerce. After the installation is separate, that shop needs to be in the manner of can be configured. Choose a theme and layout, and adjust payment and shipping options. 

With the existing functions, you may come across their seams. In order to integrate special solutions (for the benefit of marketing or shop extensions), a large number of additional WooCommerce plugins are available, such as Plug-in can be connected. Nothing stands in the way of a seamless customer experience. 

Correct grade of the WordPress WooCommerce theme

Before you install WooCommerce, you should first select a suitable theme. Appreciate in the context of that quality class which one Your needs met the means of choice. WooCommerce itself provides a line of themes. Free themes from WooCommerce are: 

In addition, there is a quality class of paid themes. 

You can not last up to others WordPress themes To fall back on. However, always appreciate that some are compatible with WooCommerce. You can find more WordPress themes here: 

Improve the customer experience with these WooCommerce plugins

If the functions of the WooCommerce plug-in are not sufficient for your project, you can install additional plug-ins to manage the To expand the functions of your online shop. The extensions help you manage a CRM system, comply with data protection requirements, implement a wish list or even link LiveChat. 

Before you decide in favor of a plugin, you should be sure that you have the Actually need functions. There are few free plugins, but extensive functions are often associated with a price or subscription. Too many installed plugins can also reduce performance. In this respect, only target plugins that actually support the user experience of your shop. 

1. HubSpot

This is free HubSpot for WooCommerce plugin is the ideal problem solver to manage your customer relationship management. With the help of the plugin, that online shop is integrated into HubSpot. Mail marketing, lead nurturing and customer data management become even easier this way. Inbound marketing and electronic business transactions are synchronized and reciprocally reinforce their effectiveness. With the HubSpot plugin Automations in favor of shopping baskets, reminder emails, chatbot options, pop music ups and meaningful analyzes are at your disposal. 

2. WooCommerce Portable Document Format Invoices & Packing Slips

this WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin has 1,100 positive ratings left. Invoices and packing slips are a basic requirement for every online shop - the plugin enables Portable Document Format invoices to be sent automatically by e-mail and packing slips to be created and printed out so that they can be attached to the order. The base version is free, premium versions are available from 39 euros. 

3. WooHero WooCommerce Store Customizer

Depending on the template, the design options of the WooCommerce shop are limited - at least without programming knowledge. this WooHero WooCommerce Store Customizer plugin expands your setting options. Shopping cart texts, tokens and sale settings can be easily tailored (not least without a developer). The socket version of the plugin is free. Premium features start at $ 25. 

4. Germanized in favor of WooCommerce

Especially in the DACH region, legal and data protection has played an important role in online trading since that time. With the Germanized for WooCommerce plugin you create technical requirements in favor of a legally secure shop. Terms and conditions, cancellation and data protection instructions can be configured like template texts. This free plugin has even been certified by Trusted Shops. The Pro version is available from 69 euros. 

5. Checkout Field Editor

With the Checkout Field Editor plugin you can do the checkout custom fields Add. Especially in the business-to-business domain, the required data accumulation during the checkout differs in many places. If, in addition to the classic purchase data (name, address, e-mail), you would like the job position, team size or company orientation to be routine, you can easily add the fields to the checkout using the drag-and-drop editor. 

Even that Layout of the purchase completion can be sorted as desired and tailored to the needs of your customers. This socket package of the plugin is free of charge. In order to be able to pack on more functions, a payment of 49 dollars is due. A German version of the plugin is not yet available. 

6. LiveChat - WordPress Live Chat Plugin for WooCommerce

Providing support and advice to these customers during the buying process gives them an enormous competitive advantage. Through the Integration of a live chat Your customers always have the option to contact you on your website. this LiveChat plugin enables you to equip your WooCommerce online shop with a chat window. 

The chat box can be tailored to the look of your shop. In addition to the chats, this dashboard also contains meaningful analyzes in order to always optimize the customer relationship. Standard answers can be answered using templates. If the customer service team is in the evening, will Chat requests saved like ticket. The price of the plugin in the starter package starts at $ 16 per month. 

7. WooCommerce Membership

With the WooCommerce Membership Plugin can be Member systems create. If you aim to sell your products and services using a subscription scheme, WooCommerce Membership will help you to create discounts, drip content or shopping carts for the benefit of certain member groups. 

SaaS companies can benefit from the subscription functions. This plugin costs $ 199 a year. Before you decide in favor of the plugin, you have the option of testing the tool for 30 days free of charge. 

8. WOOF - Products Filter for WooCommerce

Product filters offer website visitors an individual shopping experience. With the help of WOOF - Products Filter for WooCommerce Plugins can you specific filters such as colors, material or product type. This makes it easier for customers to search in the shop. This plugin is available free of charge. Upwards CodeCanyon can be purchased in the premium version for $ 39

Conclusion - Individual online shop thanks to WooCommerce plugins

With WooCommerce plugins, the Easily expand the functions of your online shop. Integrate a link with LiveChat, the Hubspot CRM platform or product filter to improve the customer experience of your WooCommerce online shop. Always appreciate more secure plugins and not to overload the performance of your website with too many extensions.

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